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Hotel rooms

Are you worried about slipping in a hotel bathtub? You don't have to take up precious suitcase space with sandals or flip-flops for the shower. Just lay a hand towel in the bottom of the tub.

Groping through the darkness to find the bathroom in a strange hotel room can be dangerous. To be safe, bring a night light with you on your travels. Plug it in before bed to shed some light on any nighttime bathroom trips.

It doesn't take much to make youxself feel at home in a strange hotel room. Just bring along a scented candle. It will replace the sterile smell of a hotel with a pleasing and relaxing scent.

A hanging shoe holder comes in handy if you're staying in one place for your whole vacation. You just fasten the holder's Velcro strap around your room's closet bar and let it hang there. But you don't have to use it just for shoes. The rectangular slots can also be used to store belts, underwear, socks, and pantyhose.

European hotels and bed-and-breakfasts rarely provide washcloths, you could bring your own. But it gets tiresome lugging a wet, soggy washcloth in a plastic bag from place to place. Instead, buy a package of disposable cloths, like Handy Wipes. Cut each of them in half, and you'll have a fresh washcloth each night of your trip. You can even use it to wipe your shoes before tossing it out the next morning.

Clothespins can be a big part of your trip. Bring a few clothespins with you you'll be amazed how handy they are. You can use them to hang up your clothes or wet swimsuit, clip your receipts together, and close partially eaten bags of chips or other snacks.

When packing a skirt, throw two clothespins into your bag, too. Make sure they're the kind with springs. You can use them to turn a regular wire hanger, like you find in a hotel room, into a skirt hanger.

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