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Discounts, deals, benefits and perks

Curiosity can help travelers save money. Get the phone numbers for state and local tourism offices in areas you plan to visit. Call and ask for any free material they can send you. While you have them on the line, ask about any discount coupons or booking services all great ways to save money.

If you had a pleasant stay at a certain hotel find out if they are in a chain of hotels, seek out the same hotel chain on your next trip. That loyalty might pay off. Many hotel chains have frequent-stayer programs that offer discounts and other perks. Ask about the program when you book your room.

Next time you're taking a trip by car, stop at a state welcome center. It's usually one of the first rest stops off the interstate once you enter a new state. Often, welcome centers offer discount booklets for hotels. You might be able to find a real deal.

Celebrate your birthday with free perks. Are you traveling to celebrate a special occasion? Maybe it's your birthday or anniversary. If so, let people know. You might get an unexpected gift. Many hotels and cruise lines offer free perks for these special occasions.

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