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Babies Names. Choosing babies names get it right

Choosing a name for your child can be one of the first big decisions that comes to the new parents. The name you choose for your child must last for ever (unless he or she changes it when adult). So take time over this matter and all will be well

Choose a name which will grow with the child, not something that they may grow out of. They will use the name more as an adult as a child.

Write down the name to see how it balances with your surname.

Consider how many other Sandra's, James' etc that you know. You might prefer your child to have a more unusual name. Don't overlook the old names like George, Harold (Harry).

When drawing up a short list of middle names, check that the initials don't result in odd spellings. Include plainer middle names in case your child hates the more original first name.

Think of possible nicknames that can be created and abbreviations.

Imagine calling the name at the top of your voice to summon your child. It can be quite amusing to hear a mother shout a unusual name at the top of her voice

Check that the name goes well with that of any brothers or sisters.

Money Saver:
Have ever been tempted to buy a book of babies name to help you choose? Well before you go wasting money use something closer to hand. Your local phone book is full of names, in many countries the phone company lists first names as well as family names. So check that out first.

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