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Baby crying here are some tips and advice

Babies cries can be the most traumatic thing endured by any parent. I am convinced that the noise is in direct connection with my brain. Anyway have a look at the following ideas to help baby when he or she is in distress

Keep calm. Look on a baby as a small person who is crying because he wants to tell you that something is wrong - he or she is not being intentionally difficult. If the following remedies don't work for you, ask your partner or friend to take over for a while. They might have more success.

Feed him, change his nappy (dyper) and check that he's not hot, cold or ill. If in doubt, ring the doctor.

Crying babies are often tired. Rock him to sleep in your arms or in a portable baby seat (holding the handles firmly). If desperate, take him for a car ride (the motion can work wonders).

Has he got colic? Lie him, tummy down, on your knee and rub his back towards his head with stroking movements. Try a bottle of cooled, boiled water. Keep a record of his diet (and yours, if you're breastfeeding) and consult the health visitor.

Is he teething? Try a water-filled ring (cooled in the fridge); rub his gums with a clean finger or flannel; apply teething gel to his gums to soothe them.

Sing. It soothes both him and you, even if your voice isn't up to scratch.

Put on the vacuum cleaner or hair dryer. Try taping these sounds and playing them back to him. The mechanical noise often helps. Some stationers sell 'baby soother' tapes with the same kind of sound, but these are usually effective only if played from birth.

Play finger/toe games, such as This Little Piggy Went to Market. Even if the baby's too young to understand, the smile on your face can be catching.

Massage his arms and legs with baby lotion for reassurance.

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