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Baby constipation here is a cure for that constipated child

Constipation is a common problem with babies. To help, put enough prune juice to just cover the bottom of a babies bottle and then fill the bottle with formula or breast milk. Tipking says, Go easy on the prune juice just try a little at first to see if that gets things moving. Corn syrup will also help free baby's bowels, but also be warned that a little goes a long way. We put our corn syrup in a dropper bottle and keep it in the diaper bag. Just one dropper full of corn syrup in an 8 oz. bottle of milk or formula works for our kids.

Another tip submitted by Sana Khan

Don't get worried if your young one is constipated. In luke warm milk add a few drops of butter and see what a relief your young one has. This is very effective in infants. For the first time add only two or three drops of butter and see how it works ,if doesn't show much of a progress then next time add more. I have used this tip for all my three kids and it really works

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A fully breastfed baby won't get constipated Comments By: Susie on 2008-10-30
I just wanted to note that if a baby is fully breastfed then constipation is unheard of.

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