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Baby wipes Homemade baby wipes

Submitted by Rachel Baden, PA, USA

Here is a recipe to make your own baby wipes. You will need:

1- round Rubbermaid container (#6 or 9)
1- roll of good-quality ALL WHITE paper towels, cut in half. (I use Bounty, because they're sturdy and I can buy them in bulk.)
2 cups warm water
2 tablespoons baby shampoo
1 tablespoon baby oil
1 teaspoon rubbing alcohol, (optional)

Mix water, shampoo, oil, and alcohol in container. Add 1/2 roll of paper towels, cut side down. (Save other half for next time.) Put on lid and let soak until all liquid is absorbed. (About 5- 10 mins.) Turn container upside-down and leave it for about 30 mins., to make sure liquid is completely absorbed. Turn it back over, wait a few minutes, and they're ready to use!

I like these wipes better than store-bought because they're cheaper, bigger, last longer, and they're made of stuff that you already have on hand if you have a baby.

Visitors comments

should you rinse? Comments By: madel on 2005-01-26
since your solution is made partly of baby shampoo, shouldn't you rinse it off after wiping baby's bottom?
baby baby baby Comments By: J.S.T on 2005-07-29
I assume you could also use liquid baby "bath" instead of baby "shampoo".

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