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Breakfast Memories. Creating memories for your children

Your family is the center of attention first thing in the morning, getting every one off to a good start with a healthy breakfast that will keep their energy levels high all day Ė so you must make your breakfast time together one that will pull memories together. Think back to when you were young, you most likely have memories of a certain meal, a way that some of your meals where made, the smells of eggs, bacon, and other recipes floating through the house as you were getting ready for your day.

Maybe you dad did the cooking, your mom, grandma or maybe you had a housekeeper that made breakfast every morning Ė the one thing that you will take to your future, or give to your kids for their future, is the memories of meals together. So, letís talk about breakfast for a while!

If you are trying to create memories for your childrenís futures, you need to start with the foods that they like the most. If your children are into cold cereals and pop tarts you are going to have to make a few choices so that they can start liking a few of the things that you are going to be cooking. Making them at least try what new creations that you are going to make for them so that you can continue to make memories for their futures.

Using eggs in your breakfast can be an important part of making something that every one is going to love. Omelets are a great addition to those special breakfast mornings. So many ingredients can be added to omelets like ham, cheese, beef, peppers, onions, carrots, even chocolate chips! If your children are young, you can make colored eggs using just a few drops of food coloring or you can add a bit of yogurt that is going to make your eggs soft and fluffy.

Another quick trick that you can use to make eggs that your young children and your older children alike will just love is taking a piece of bread, ripping out the center putting the bread on the pan, and then putting the egg inside the bread. Add a little butter to the pan so that the bread doesnít stick and it adds a great taste at the same time. You can make this egg inside scrambled by poking the center or you can make it dippy by just flipping when the one side is finished cooking.

Making pancakes is a special occasion all by itself, as many of us donít have home made pancakes any more, we just take out those frozen bags and pop them in the microwave. If you are going to make home made pancakes, donít forget that you can put just about any type of fruit in the pancake for a really great taste. Blueberries, strawberries, kiwi and so much more can be added when you are cooking the pancakes just by cutting them up into smaller pieces!

Pancakes are a great addition to your special breakfast times and they are inexpensive to make! If you are going to make pancakes for a birthday, Valentines Day, or Easter, or just because you want to, you can make pancakes that are in shapes and your children are going to find this wonderful!

Some people like to add biscuits, cornbread, or another type of bread like toast, bagels, or muffins to their Ďbig family breakfastí, but you can add one or not depending on what you are in the mood for on this particular day. Another addition that some families use in their family breakfasts is the fried potatoes and gravy. This can make meal rather large but some children actually love this part of breakfast more than the eggs!

There are many types of sausage, spicy, maple, original flavors; patties, links, and even loose sausage that you can make to please your family. Adding a bit of sausage, ham, or even bacon to your breakfast is going to make the meal complete. If you find that this is more than what your family can eat for a breakfast meal, make it brunch, both breakfast and lunch for a get together meal that will mean something to everyone as they rise from their late sleep.

Why are making these memories for your family and your children important? Because it will show your family and your children, how much you do love them just because you are cooking for them and you are sharing new foods, new recipes and you are opening doors for their taste buds!

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