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Burping a baby. Tips to burp a baby

If your baby needs burping but you need to move around and keep one of your hands free, try one of these walking-burping techniques. Remember to protect yourself with a cloth, or carry one with you to clean the child's face - he may bring up some milk when he burps.

  • Set the baby on your hip, facing out, with one of your arms securely around his tummy, then walk around a little. The slight pressure of your arm plus the movement of your walking will help bring up the air bubble.

  • Strap on a baby carrier that attaches to your front and put the baby into it, after a little walking around the burp will come.

  • If the baby is over 4 months old and can hold up his head, put him in a backpack carrier - the movement of your walking will help a burp develop.

  • If you have time on your hands and your baby is having problems bringing up wind, place him on your knee face down with his head looking down at the ground, and stroke and rub his back towards his head.

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