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Partners. Put More in Your Relationship

Life is hectic, very hectic. We are busy running from errand to errand, store to store, and from home to work and to activities for the children. We do not get much time to spend with our spouses and this makes us feel alone, detached, and sometimes just sad.

The ‘we’ here, doesn’t matter if you are man or woman, or from what country you are from – we all like a little spice in our lives, and we all love knowing that our spouse loves us.  So, how have you let your best friend, or your spouse know exactly how much you love them lately? If you are having a hard time thinking back to the last time you made him or her blush, try some of these little ideas that are sure to get your message across!

First, does your spouse have a bag, lunchbox, or a brief case that they take with them every day? What you can do is simply take a napkin or a paper and draw a big heart with the words – love you, thinking of you, or have a great day – written on it. This doesn’t have to be something fancy just a few words that is going to catch their attention and let them know how much you are thinking of them even though you don’t get a lot of time to spend together.

Does your spouse take the car to work, to run the kids or what ever they do all day long? It might seem a little silly, but take a little ribbon with a post it attached to it and stick on the steering wheel. Just with a few short words attached that mean something between you and your spouse. It could be any thing like – happy Monday – happy birthday – see you tonight – or just I love you, to make your spouse realize that you are thinking of them and that you took that extra minute to make this a special meaning.

Pretend you are dating again, call your spouse at work and ask them if they would like to go out. Don’t just say ‘let’s go to the movies’ ASK – and if you are a woman you can still do this! Asking for a date is a great way to express that you want to spend time together and that date time is important for continued communication no matter how long you have been married!

You can send an ecard no matter what day of the week it is to your spouse. It can be funny, serious, or just playful – but taking those five seconds to send that ecard is going to make a difference when someone is having a bad day.  Just because you both work long hours does not mean that you can’t take time to remember those that you love the most.  This could just be enough to help your spouse through a tough time even when you don’t realize that he or she is having a bad day!

Do you get up and leave before your spouse does? Leave a pot of coffee brewing for them, or make a kettle of tea. Have breakfast ready and waiting with a cover over it – do something unexpectedly, even when it is not your anniversary or their birthday. Leaving your husband or wife a little letter on their pillow saying – I will miss you all day – when you have never done this before is going to really mean so much to them, even if they have a hard time expressing it!

Want to make a big impression after the two of you have had a fight but you haven’t had the time to get together and actually say that you are sorry? Have lunch delivered to their office, or at home, and make it something that is their favorite. So you have to pay five dollars for the extra delivery – it is all worth it!

Want to make an impression after the big fight? Rent their favorite movie, get their favorite drink, and get the kid to bed early. Make time to spend with each other even if it is difficult to do. Learn to say what you mean while you have the time so that you are never mis-communicating or misunderstood.

What is the best thing about surprising your spouse by telling them how much you love them when you can and when you want? The look on their face when they tell you about how they felt when they read their letter or ate their lunch or just because they realize that you really were thinking about them!

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