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Partner, Husband, Wife. Five Steps for Loving Your Spouse

If you are married or if you are dating a person, sometimes you can feel as if the spark has left your relationship because you have become so accustomed to what is going on in your life or in your friendship with this person.  If you are looking to add a little sparkle to your life, we have some of the best ideas to put a little love and caring back in to your relationship. 

You might find that you are having a bad day, or maybe your spouse is having a bad day, and using any of these tips to brighten someone elses day is going to make you happy in the end as well.  Never be afraid to show your spouse how much you care about them, even if you havent been really very intimate lately because sometimes in life you need to get to know each other all over again so that you can still be best friends and more!

We thought it was important that these ideas shouldnt cost a lot of money so anyone in any situation could use them, and these ideas should be able to work both ways from the man to the woman or from the woman to the man so you will find these ideas may be written in a certain gender, but they are great ideas for both sex needs.

1. First off, realizing that both you and your spouse are in very busy positions, you can relight the spark in your life by making an appointment with your spouse!  While it may sound funny, all you have to do is call his/her secretary and schedule time in the office.  This could be lunch, a quick break, or for your own time to sit and just talk on the couch for a while.  This little alone time is a great boost for your relationship because you are without the calls, and because your spouse is in a meeting, the phone wont interrupt the two of you.

2. If your spouse works in a position that requires no personal contact for the entire day, no matter what, you might be able to get around this by leaving a love letter in their lunch, in their email or on their phone.  Just this little gesture lets them know that you are thinking of them and that you love them.  A note in the lunch box is always special because you never know who they are going to open it up in front of and even though they are going to be embarrassed a little, it is quite exciting.

3. When you want to spend time alone with your spouse, sometimes you have to get up a little earlier in the day and do it.  Evenings with the children, the activities, the homework or the work that seems to never end can be frazzling, so take advantage of your extra time in the morning and all that energy and focus on your spouse.  You could draw a bath, even put bubbles in it if you like, make breakfast for in the tub, or put some soft music on the radio and turn down the lights while you invite your spouse for ten minutes of alone time!  Even if you are not joining your spouse for this luxury time in the bath, you are going to be so loved for giving him/her this wonderful break first thing in the morning, which is really a lovely start for the day.

4. When your spouse is watching television, just lie down beside him/ or her and watch television with them.  Sometimes the feeling of someone just being close without ever saying a word makes your and your spouse feel so much closer together.  You dont have to know what they are watching, you dont have to like the show, but sitting together for just five minutes is a relaxing and emotional time that you should both welcome.  Imagine how much you just wish someone would give you a hug once in a while this is an easy way to give a hug and so much more which will keep your relationship on a more intimate level, a personal level that the two of you will enjoy because you both will feel loped more often!

5. In the course of your relationship you might feel that you are drifting away from your partner as your days get busy and your nights are tiring but adding just one thing to your life can make all the difference and put spark back into your life at the same time. Be sure that you kiss each other before leaving each other in the morning. Never let yourself leave the house without kissing your partner you will find it very refreshing and it will bring you closer together every day as you remind each other that you are a couple. You can also do this every night, kissing each other every night before you get ready for sleep or when you lay down to sleep, no matter if you are fighting or not, this is something that you should do so that you always remember that you are there for each other and love each other.

Adding something that you may think is just small for your relationship to your daily life will improve your love life and improve your relationship because you are showing that you care about each other no matter how busy life is and that you are thinking about each other every day even when you are running in different directions!

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