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Games to Get Children Exercising

With the age of technology, busy parents, and the age of where children are starting school earlier and earlier, you often have to find or make time for your children to play and to play hard so that they get the exercise that they need. Sometimes this will mean that you have to a little extra running if you are going to put your child in a more physical sport or if you are going to sign them up for a physical activity.

However, there are also a few activities that you can do from your home that you will confident about, without costing a lot and you are going to ‘raise’ the bar in the amount of exercise that your child does get everyday in their life.  You might even find that your child is going to love some of these new activities and they will do them without having to be told!

A few activities that you might have forgotten about that will add exercise to you and your children’s life is gardening, walking the dog, going to the park, and washing the car. Gardening gives you the bending, walking, breathing and lifting exercises that you are not going to get when you are watching television or playing games in the house. Walking the dog around the block or anywhere is going to be great exercise when you are not even thinking about it. Taking your children to the park is another free activity where playing on the swings, running around in the grass, hanging on the monkey bars, and even running through the obstacle course is going to be exercise.

While you might not think about washing the car being too much fun, on the hottest days, the bending, reaching and walking around the car is going to be great exercise. Getting your children to help on those hot days a water battle and then you have all the running that comes with the water battle is going to get your children moving around a bit!

Another great activity that most all of us have done when we were kids is jumping rope. If you buy a couple of jump ropes, some for you and the kids, or longer ones that a number of kids can use together, this is going to get kids creating their own games, jumping for fun and getting exercise. When kids realize how much fun jumping rope is and they have a space to do it, they will make games out of who can jump the longest, the fastest and so on. You can find various types of jumping games that are similar to jumping rope like the little twisties that attach to your one foot and you swing it around so that the other has to jump. There are twisties that have counters on them so you can count how many times you jump and how long you are jumping.

If you live in a summer like environment, you can find swimming in many places the won’t cost anything to go to, or if you live in an area that isn’t always as warm outside, you can join local gyms or YMCA’s and you can find swimming just about anytime of the week. If you live near a college or a high school where swimming is offered, there are many days where the public is invited to go swimming in their pool. This is great exercise that will get your children moving, exercising and all the while, they are just going to love it! The kids will be begging you to take them swimming and you will know that this is great for their bodies as well.

If you have a few dollars to spend, you can buy roller blades, roller skates, basketballs, hulla hoops, bikes, and so much more. Playing outside, in the basement, in the yard, or in the park, you and your family is going to find that exercise doesn’t have to cost a lot of money but it can be great fun.

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Getting Children Exercising Comments By: Kathy on 2004-07-13
My very young kids are strictly limited in their TV viewing - they are allowed around 1/2 hour 4 days each week. Usually we provide this via a video after their naps - but here's the fun part. It must be a music video (Hi 5, Wiggles, etc) and they are not allowed to sit or lay down to watch it.

This gives them 1/2 hour dancing exercise and is also a great family fun time. We all know the words to the songs and all the dance moves.


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