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Sending and Making Messages of Love and Affection

Many unexpected things can happen in life. Most often when you are missing someone that you love, a message of life, love, and caring is something that you want to send to another person. If your grown son or daughter moves away but you want to send them a special message you can use these ideas. If a family member is in the service and away from home, or if you want to leave a message long after you are gone for those that you love to most to remember, there are many ways that you can do this to convey your message with style, grace and to show your love.

Ways to leave or send messages include cassettes, videos, and photographs and even in letters. If you wanted to, you could make a message, convert it to mp3 and store it on a computer or send it to another computer so that your message could be played and relived as often as needed for this special person to hear exactly what it is that you have to say to them. 

Some of the reasons why special messages are being made for loved ones everywhere include: when you know you are dying and you want to leave special messages; when you are planning your own future Ė which is always uncertain. Or times like when you know your child is going away to college Ė to work or to live somewhere else, and just because you want to create a time capsule for those that you love in your own creative way

Cassette tapes, mini or regular sized are a very popular way to make messages and send them long distances that can be saved for years to come. Many cards, trucks, home, and home stereos still have cassette decks, and this is an inexpensive method for creating those long messages that someone can listen to for long times or over and over again. Cassette tapes are easy to store for years so you message can be played this year or five years from now or even twenty years from now. Be sure to make a list of things you want to talk about so you donít leave lots of open space on your tape and your conversation to the person will flow easily from there on the tape.¬†
Letters are messages that can be read repeatedly no matter how old the letter might get to be. You can put a letter in a book for years, in a safety deposit box, or in a jewelry box or hope chest. A letter written to anyone in your family, for your friends or for those that you want to know that truth someday Ė the written letter is a great way to convey your message. There is no limit to how long your letter has to be, just that you get to say what you want even if you are unable to say it aloud. A letter is a great way to express any of your feelings when you want to say something but donít want to have to say it face to face.

You can send photos to anyone anywhere to convey how much you miss them and what you want to really tell them. You can send photos of your family, of yourself or of something that the both of you had always done together. Photos bring families together while they think about each other no matter how far apart they really are.

Videos are a wonderful way to convey a message for a special friend, a family member or for any number of reasons. Using a video camera you can make a message yourself, your entire family can make a message for another person or you can even make a time capsule for years to come. If you are separated by states or by countries, videos are a method of using your face and your voice to say anything you want.  Using a video, you can send it online, in the mail or by any method of delivery. A video can contain messages of love, friendship and of caring among other things. Videos can also show a growing family over the months or weeks, special times that you want to share and so much more!

Where to store these messages is always going to be a question if you are making the messages for sometime in the future. A chest in the attic or in the closet is a good place to store your messages or you can keep them in fireproof boxes or vaults in the home. If you like you can store your messages in a safety deposit box in the bank if you like. Storing messages for when your child is an adult to be used like a time capsule can be stored in any of the same manners or if you have a special place where you store things in the home, you can put your message there as well. Be sure that you donít put anything in a message that you donít want others to know or read about unless you are very careful about where you are storing such messages. Your lawyer can also keep personal and private messages, if you like, for a time when you specify that the messages can be read or revealed.

When you have a child that is living away or that has moved away you can send a personal message. Perhaps your spouse has to work away, sending a message using any of the methods above is a wonderful way to make them feel more at home and to let them know that you and the family sends love to them no matter where they are!

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