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Mustard for burns

I have been in the resteraunt industry for 10 years and the one thing I hate the most is getting burned. A good quick fix for releif is to spread mustard on the burn and let sit! Trust me it WORKS!

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Mustard really does work Comments By: painfully burned on 2004-10-03
I burned 7 of my ten fingers on a very hot casserole and the pain was immnense, I read this on the mustard and was willing to give it a try. Amazingly it works - thank you so much for the great tip.
mustard for burn Comments By: Willy on 2004-11-05
i burned my thumb on my spaghetti o's and i couldn't sleep and the mustard made the pain go away instantly.
thank you very much Comments By: Anonymous on 2004-11-06
i burned my hand lighting a firecracker and the pain was excrutiating. no one was home so i didnt know what to do so i looked for help on the internet. i found this advice very helpful and thank the person who found this out.
Painful at First but Very Effective Comments By: Anonymous on 2004-11-12
I was told this by my mom when I burned 3 fingers on an exhaust pipe. It is painful at first, but it draws all of the heat out and you do not blister. I could touch and use my fingers just a few hours after it happened.
works great Comments By: anon on 2004-12-14
i got hot grease on my face and didnt know what to do, found this tip on the internet and it works great...worst part is i gotta go out to dinner tonight and now i'm gonna have a burn mark on my face. doh
you saved my evening. Comments By: emily on 2005-01-05
i fprgot the utensil i was using to cook smore's with i had scaoched to clean the marshmellow off was scalding, i cleaned it off with my finger and thumb and was in agony. my sunt told me mustard, i lloked on the internet too and read your comment, the pain has gone down alot,thank you so much.
i'm a idiot Comments By: Shaky on 2005-01-22
I was kidding around and lighted a paper towel on fire on the way to the sink I burned my thumb trying to put it out mustard really made it feel better and i fell like a real jackass.
Eh, It was aight... Comments By: Abby on 2005-05-30
My friend burnt her finger on the rack of a stove and used the mustard remedy from this site, and only found the mustard relieving her pain temporarily...Anything else REALLY work?!?
Yeppers Comments By: Brita on 2005-12-28
When I was about 10 years old I was making a pizza and managed to drop the rack it was on , on my arm. Mom lathered me up with some mustard and weirdly enough it helped the pain and soothed the burn. No one seemed to believe me when i said it, glad to see it's on here!
i.m a dumb guitar player that grabs hot cast iron Comments By: ftbg on 2011-06-27
I have 2 rehearsals and a show this week. I LOOOOOVE MUSTARD!!!!
does wonders.... Comments By: georgie on 2006-06-28
I burnt my hand getting a pan out of the oven and I seen this site and mustard really works. I let it harded and washed it off. Nothing bothered it afterwards.
Colonel Mustard, with the third degree burn, in the kitchen... Comments By: Jared on 2006-09-03
Believe it or not, it actually works. I watched my girlfriend burn three of her fingers on a pan and the mustard trick did the...uh...trick.
Exhust Pipe Comments By: Lynsi on 2006-09-08
I burned my leg on a harley. When my step dad pulled out a bottle of mustard I thought he was crazy. I had no skin left in the area so when the mustard was applied it stung. Minutes later the pain was going away. This really works!!!!
Curling Iron mets forehead... Comments By: Yeouxleigh on 2006-10-25
Will mustard work?
IT IS WORKING NOW Comments By: Debbie on 2007-01-10
I got a steam burn on three fingers and used this remedy. My famil thought I was crazy. It BURNS for a few minutes to draw out the pain, but I am in no pain now.
wow Comments By: Brandi on 2007-03-12
mustard works awesome who would of ever thought mustard try it it is the best
Did Zach Woodburn post this?? Comments By: anonymous on 2007-06-28
Who said that mustard on burns works?
Relish Anyone? Comments By: Russell on 2007-07-27
Wowzers! This works. i burnt my wrist on a lawn edger's carborater, and voila. the best thing is the remedy is edible. can't wait to burn myself again!
eh.... Comments By: Anon on 2007-08-07
It worked at first, but the throbbing came back. I burnt my thumb opening a container from the microwave, and the steam got me...
mustard??? Comments By: Heather on 2007-08-14
I was waxing my upper lip, and pulled the first layer of skin off. My fried at work told me to put mustard on it, so I did..I think the pain was so intence when I put the mustard on it, that I forgot the pain I had before.
Be sure to give it enough time Comments By: Kelli in Louisiana on 2007-08-26
I found this remedy about an hour after I had burned my hand on the stove. By the time I put the mustard on it had already blistered. I left the mustard on about an hour. It continued to burn and throb off and on. After leaving it on an hour I washed it off. Burning and still blistered I was VERY disappointed. Within 5 minutes the burning and the blister both were gone!!!
Do not put mustard on a burn! Comments By: Jonica on 2007-09-11
If you read any of the medical advise about burns you will not do this. When you are burnt even if you do not have broken skin you are much more likely to get an infection. You are not supposed to put any sort of food, butter, grease on a burn. If you work in a restaurant you know nothing is clean; and there are probably tons of germs in those bottles. Just think, how many times have you married those condiments? you can put cool water on the burn, but if the burnt area is large you dont even do that because you can get hypothermia (sp?) sounds crazy but true. you should see the doctor very soon after if it is a large area (ex: your entire arm) or if it is blistering badly.
Believe it or not it works! Comments By: kris on 2007-12-09
I was blow drying my hair before getting into bed. I was just about to pull the plug from the wall, and the blow dryer just exploded! Sparks of fire flew everywhere, and one landed on the palm of my hand! Ouch!! I kept my hand in cool running water for about several min. I had the idea of looking on the internet for home remedies and "mustard" came up. Begging for the pain to STOP, I poured a generous amount of mustard to the area. It stung for a few seconds but afterwards, it felt soothing! Maybe about 5 min or so it started to throb again, but I just blew air on it and it instantly felt better!
IT WORKS Comments By: MUSTARD CHAMPION on 2007-12-26
i grabbed the iron! Comments By: audra on 2008-01-27
wow it works
mustard Comments By: Hollie on 2008-02-08
so my friend kelly told me to put mustard on my burn and i did and it burned like 10 times worse it hurt ALOT! i dont see how i could have let it sit like they said!!!
mustard Comments By: jhaylora on 2008-02-08
OMG i tried the mustard thing it only made things worse! i burned my self on a pot and then i put the mustard on the burn and let it sit and all it did was burn way worse then it started to bleed and wouldnt stop and then i had to go to the hospital and i had to get 15 stitches this didnt work out for me at all!
you betchyer bootie Comments By: Myra Bee Madsen on 2008-03-03
wul I was cookin' some country fried chicken and I went ta flip it in the oven and done gone and burnt my hand. It hurt like a calf kickin' ya in the shins. So I ran to the fridge and got meself some mustard and sprayed it all over that dad gum burn. And boy howdy did it stop that ailin' burn. Love it.
second degree burns. Comments By: Sarah Price on 2008-04-08
today while i was making hot tea i spilt a pot of boiling watter on my thighs. a friend of mine whos mom is a teacher grabbed mustard out of the fridge and immeditaly started tending to my burns. mustard brought temporary relief to my legs of fire. at the hospital the nurse and docter were calling me the human hot dog, apparently they had ever herd using mustard to take the heat out of a burn. what the hell did you do in med school sir? my skin is still yellow and it stinks pretty bad, but when your in pain anything that will help is worth it.
Burned my finger on a lamp Comments By: Rachel on 2008-05-02
I burned my finger when touching a lamp by accident. I looked up remedies for small burns and tried out this mustard tip. I was surprised to find out that it does work. Thank you. I am only 7 years old.
Thanks Guys Comments By: Haydee Burned at Work on 2008-07-11
After leaving my finger in ice water for forty minutes, I was desperete for relief. I had a pack of Gulden's from a previous lunch and spread that bad boy on. Within minutes, relief.
ouch! Comments By: Anon on 2008-08-12
left it for 5 minutes
the burn got bigger ouch!

it works!!! Comments By: cassy on 2008-08-27
once i playing and there was a pot of very hot water on the floor i didnt know so i sat on it and the top opened and i fell in and burnd my butt cheeks my mom put mustard on it and the pain went away!!so it really works.
Mustard works Comments By: Dano on 2008-08-31
I was working at my shop with a grinder and touched hot metal burning 2 fingers. I checked this site for tips and found that the only thing I had on site was mustard. I put it on the very painful fingers and found it worked very well allowing me to work pain free the rest of the day.
It really worked Comments By: Anthony on 2008-09-11
I was being an idiot and trying to show off when I knocked a candle that was full of hot wax on the floor. Not knowing what to do I ran to the internet and saw that putting an iron to it helps, so as I was cleaning my mess up my hand touched the iron and burnt. It was this huge burn on my hand. It hurt and my girlfriend did as i did and ran to the computer hoping for a remedy and found that mustard was the case. We tried it and it hurt really bad for like 30 seconds and then it just quit, yes it still hurt but you got to let it sit... genius people that came up with this!!!
mustard is perfect! Comments By: Sophia on 2008-09-17
Thank you so much! I picked up a glass jar on the oven and burned 6 fingers when I was just finishing dinner. my boyfriend found your website and as strange as t sounded . . . it worked great! I was able to finish after about 3 mins with my fingers in a bowl of mustard. Thankyou so much it saved dinner!
IT WORKS! Comments By: Sam on 2008-09-23
I have burnt myself several times on a motorcycle muffler.... First time, I used burn ointment and the pain did not subside. Found the Mustard tip, and since then, mustard is my first go to remedy. Try it, it works.
scalded my fingers Comments By: sandy on 2008-10-19
was in alot of pain read this about mustard. It was alot of relief was ugly but the relief felt good. No blisters was scared my whole hand would blister. Didn't hurt at all after that.
chicken and dumplings ( and hand)! Comments By: angel on 2008-11-06
pastors grandmother told me about it. So today when I ended up with my hand in the pot, I tried it. At first I thought ouch its hotter but after about 45 seconds of heat it eased up. Less then an hour later all redness is gone and I do not hurt. I cann't believe it either but it worked.
yay! Comments By: smee on 2008-11-15
IT WORKED! Thank u, thank u, thank u! The throbbing pain has stopped. Feel like a fool with mustard on my hand, but WHO CARES! :)

Yep! It works! Comments By: bia on 2008-11-29
I've been reading series oif books that mentioned this tip and that's what I thought of tonight when I inebriatedly touched my knuckle on the stove. I now type this on my iPhone pain free. Mustard rocks!!!
it is working 12-07-08 730 am when it happens Comments By: carla aka chikis from nj on 2008-12-07
well i was makin cofee and put it on the microwave and torally 4got about i know i know what an idiot lol anyways i took it without noticig the handle was very vey hot i run to the sink and put a really realy cold water for 10 min then put toothpaste and i dont like pain so i look @yahoo annswers and from there i got this site and now i put mustar on my finger and still have it now letting it dry now it is workingg it dont hurtt anymore its very cool im gonna used thiss when i get burn i get hopefully i hope i dont
owch mustard mustard attack. Comments By: ryan godfrey on 2008-12-07
i was jumping a capfire naked when my dick got singed. i know, who is this unskilled? so anyways i tried everything to make the pain go away, mayonaise, motor oil, jam, barbeque sauce. Thats when i tried mustard, it worked like magic. then my boyfriend licked all the mustard off.
ouch Comments By: ryan godfrey on 2008-12-08
i was jumping a capfire naked when my dick got singed. i know, who is this unskilled? so anyways i tried everything to make the pain go away, mayonaise, motor oil, jam, barbeque sauce. Thats when i tried mustard, it worked like magic. then my boyfriend licked all the mustard off.
My foot! Comments By: Sleepwalker on 2008-12-12
I was half asleep one morning and stepped on a floor heater, as if houses still have these? I could barely walk. I called my aunt, she told me about the mustard, and as soon as I slapped some on, it instantly felt better. I'm sitting as I type this with the mustard.
this worked for me Comments By: amy on 2009-02-01
i had a hot oil burn on my wrist and i put some cold mustard on it and it really felt better. amazing.
25 years Comments By: Elizabeth on 2009-01-16
I've been putting mustard on my burns (FROM HEAT ONLY) for 25 years. It works. It prevents blistering. Don't put it on anything but mild to moderate burns from heat sources ONLY, and let it dry. Whoever thought that putting an acid on broken skin is an idiot.
Am Loving It! Comments By: Jo on 2009-01-18
Burned my hand when the kettle lid tipped off and got me... 20 mins later (after finding this remedy) I am in virtually no pain and able to keep working. Thanks! :)
Delayed response Comments By: Danielle on 2009-01-08
I got two burns around my eyebrows when I had them waxed today. It was painful, but I didn't know that I was burned until I saw it after driving 6 hours. I put mustard on the burns and the pain felt a lot worse. I'm still waiting to see if it prevents blistering, but the pain is starting to go away.
hot fat burn Comments By: P ROBO on 2009-02-15
my wife burnt her hand with hot fat and we spread mustard on it worked straignt away thank you to who put it on tip king
no good for me!! Comments By: RaeRae on 2009-02-18
have had my hand in ice water for 3 hours. found this 'remedy', tried it and stung as bad if not worse after a minute of relief..looks like im back to square one!!
RESTERANT BURNS Comments By: SWEETNESS on 2009-02-19
RESTERANT BURNS Comments By: SWEETNESS on 2009-02-19
its just one of the magics of the natural world! Comments By: eva on 2009-02-28
super fast relieve. in about 15min having my finger wrapped in tissue with mustard on it...the feeling of burning pain which i had for two hours has gone completely...Many thanks!!!
I Hope It Works Comments By: StarLover on 2009-03-02
its kinda working for me...but its still a little burn up under my mustard i have left it on ther for 20 minutes hoping that it work PLEASE GOD LET THIS WORK I WANNA DO SKOOL WORK TOMMORROW PLEASE!!!!1
HOT OIL Comments By: jill on 2009-03-04
burnt my hand on hot oil.. ouch the mustard helped so quick
It works Comments By: raquel on 2009-03-13
that always works for me
MUSTARD WORKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Comments By: skinbee on 2009-03-27
Believe it or not, mustard really works....I burnt my hand on a very hot pan and the pain was incredible. I tried an ice pack but as soon as I took it off my hand the pain was 10 times worse. I tried mustard and to my amazement it was instant relief. Thank God the pain is gone.......
RETARD Comments By: DOCTOR on 2009-05-11
amazing Comments By: chucky lynx on 2009-05-23
i was cookin a hotdog with a long fork [metal] over the fire and it started to melt so i grabbed it and imprinted my hand. lol it worked instantly. i thought it was wierd at first but it worked
Why mustard? Make aspirin paste Comments By: Kevin on 2009-05-25
I must say that I have never used mustard for a burn. I suffered a steam burn on my hand removing an ash pan from a woodburner with wet gloves. The pain was agonizing. I began wondering if grinding up a couple of aspirin and making a paste with water would help it. After applying my newly invented paste, the pain was gone in no time. Beware that some of this aspirin enters your system...so don't overdose or do this if you are allergic to aspirin. Grind them up in a spoon with another spoon into a fine powder, make a paste consistancy with a few drops of water and apply the paste to the burn. If the skin is broken, you need to head to the ER!
Absolutely works Comments By: Max Sheffield on 2009-06-05
Burned the back of my fingers on a broiler door, tried aloe, ice water, tough-guy teeth gritting. Half an hour went by...Then I read about the mustard. I had pretty nasty blisters developing. I slathered it on and felt immediate relief (because of the cold, I thought) but the pain NEVER returned. I followed the best advice and left the mustard on my spot until it dried to a poo-like brown (several hours) and when I rinsed it off my blisters were drastically reduced, and as I say, there was never any more pain.
Thumb + old oven mit = :*( Comments By: Doctors make too much on 2009-06-19
I burned my thimb last night getting a pan out of my 450 degree oven. I instantly put mustard on it and let it dry up. Today I have no blister and no pain. To those that say it doesn't work, esp the "retard" comment guy that claims to work in the "medical field" Id have to say you did it wrong or just plain don't know what you're talking about.
Must not have done it right Comments By: Lit Me on 2009-07-05
I burnt my knuckle lighting a sparkler. I put mustard on it and it still blister up and hurt. I guess I just didn't put enough mustard on it.
ooowww!!!!!!!! Comments By: Anon on 2009-07-12
okay so i was making top ramen in the microwave when i tookit out the water spilled ALL over my fingers i now have first degreeson all my left fingers i had my hand in icy water for about 2 and a half hours then i tried mustard and it BURNED so i took it off i think im going to try again in a sec tho bcuz i didnt leave it on long enough
cool story bro Comments By: anon on 2009-07-15
cool stories bros i had the same thing happen to me but then i saw Billy Mays advertising his super burn healing mustard on tv. I bought a bottle and the next day I accidentally burnt myself!!! I had to use that mustard quick! AND IT WORKED REALLY WELL! THE PAIN WAS GONE ALMOST INSTANTLY! I would definitely recommend putting mustard on a burn, even if it's not the quality mustard I had.
doesn't work Comments By: cj on 2009-07-15
i just burned my hand from hot water -so excuse the non-capitalization, working with one hand here so i can only do caps lock but that takes too much work lol and tried using mustard to take away the pain and it does NOT work. i also tried honey and egg whites but the only thing that is working for me now is cold water.
100% Effective Comments By: Bryan H on 2009-07-19
I've worked in the restaurant business, and being an expert in burns mustard works no problem. I think some people who haven't agreed with me may be using spicy brown or some other form. Yellow mustard and Gulden's work without a doubt! It is one of the best/strangest remedies.
Mustard Trick plus Antibiotic Additive Comments By: Darrell Foxworthy on 2009-07-25
I found a great way to get the pain relief of mustard and help prevent infection. I am somewhat of a germaphobe and hate the idea of getting an infection. When I burned myself pretty bad not long ago I decided to use the mustard trick and mix in some bleach. It may sound like it would burn, but trust me it doesn't burn any more than using just mustard. I use this mixture on my kids all the time. You know kids, they're always burning themselves on things like cigarettes in their crib or pulling the darn George Foreman grill down off the counter. I keep a bottle of Chlorox in the fridge next to the mustard all the time now. Makes a clean, healthy and tasty salad dressing too.
my a** hurts Comments By: Anon on 2009-08-21
i fell on my strightener. long story, but anyways, this worked for a minute or two. Then it started throbbing with pain again. I don't think it worked but hey maybe it's just me.
Kind of worked Comments By: shantel on 2009-08-26
My man dropped a bowl of ramen on his lap and I read this for help. On his leg and some parts it worked others it made it worse
Dr. Approved! Comments By: Rebecca :) on 2009-08-31
While on a family vacation, we were having breakfast at the hotel with another family (Who's dad happened to be a Dr.) & His youngest daughter burned her arm while trying to get scrambled eggs from the breakfast line. He immediately asked for a bowl of mustard, put a good amount on her arm & it didn't even blister.

A few months later I accidentally grabbed a hot plate out of a toaster oven & remember the mustard, I grabbed it out of the fridge as fast as I could, put it on & didn't blister or have any pain.

I don't think it works on major burns, but definitely minor ones.

Yes it is safe Comments By: Nikki on 2009-09-12
For those who wonder if mustard falls under the same as the old wives tale of butter on a burn. It doesn't. Ask your pharmasist. Mustard Seed is an ingredient in some prescription burn medications. I have been using it for years, it works. I never heard it through anyone else. I looked at a prescription burn salve that had mustard seed as the primary ingredient. Light bulb. I have been using it ever since, 19 years.
saulder Comments By: kimi on 2009-10-07
I saulder for a living and keep packets of mustard by my bench for the times i make a mistake and my iron slips. This works great. Try it, it will make you a believer.
DONT BE DUMB!!! Comments By: Amie on 2009-10-31
Mustard does work for burns. Im 25 & ive been using it for years when i get burns frm anything (grease, iron, etc). I strongly doubt that it will work if u hav a 2nd or 3rd degree burn in which ur first option SHOULD be to seek medical attention especially if the skin is broken. To the one girl who put it on after waxin....erm....thats not an acutal burn so that was really stupid. Anyway there are plenty of ppl who hav posted here & im a believer bcuz it def works for me. I just burned myself today when grease popped out of the skillet on my arm & i immediately put mustard on it. I still felt minor pain for a few hours but it happened at 5:30 pm & its not 10:40 & im fine with no swelling (feel no pain :)
Must be plain yellow mustard Comments By: Joe B on 2009-11-15
This remedy really works. My dad was burned in an electrical fire and received 2nd and 3rd degree burns on his hand and arm. He immediately covered the majority of the burned area with mustard and covered it up (to work there must be a thick layer of mustard that is left on for several hours and it must be applied within a few minutes of the time of the burn) He went to the emergency room later that day (this is how I know there were 2nd and 3rd degree burns) and the told him he was nuts for putting mustard on it. But the clincher is that when the wound healed there was no scarring except on his upper arm (the part the wasn't burned that badly and where he didn't put any mustard) Now 20 years later, there are still some scars on his upper forearm, but the area that was burned the worst doesn't have any scars at all.
honestly, its pretty good. Comments By: Karen on 2009-12-31
so tonight at about 10pm i stupidly pulled out a scalding porcelin mug full of stew, that had been in the microwave for about ten minutes. i didnt realize until i was right inbetween the microwave, and the counter, and when i realized how hot it was, i froze, creating more pain for myself. needless to say, my entire left hand especially my ring and pointer finger are completely burned. my ring finger immediately blistered and it killed, after ice, and cold water for 2hours, i needed to find something else out, so i came to tipking, and honestly, im the kind of person that NO home remedies ever work for me! so i decided to try the mustard, i grabbed the french's and poured it on. and personally i hate mustard, so i was like gagging. as i waited for the pain to subside. and in this review im not going to lie, it took a good 20 minutes for it to work, and at that 20 minite point, it only made the pain bearable, it still killed. so then i decided to sit and play a game on my phone. i suggest doing something like this, bc sitting there waiting for the mustard to dry, and waiting for the pain to subside, can only make things worse, so i really suggest doing this. after two hours of playing games on my phone, and watching tv, it was finally dry, then i carefully wiped it off with a paper towel, and i must say on most of my hand, it worked very well, the pain is almost gone, however, on the ring finger, where it blistered immediately, it still did have some pain, so then i decided to take a tea bag, run it under cold water, and then wrap it on the still hurting finger, and now, the pain is about 80% gone. and i suggest that if u decide to do the tea thing, to use white tea, so that there is less chance of a stain from the color of the tea and water. this is what worked for me, hopefully it works for you too.
say what you want Professionals Comments By: WTFEVER on 2009-12-31
say what you want about mustard not working. It does work. I have worked in fast food for 26 years and mustard, pickles and vinegar are the best things ever..
MUSTARD does work been using the remedy since i was youngand never found anything that works better everyone might think were crazy can uffer on their own....I have many experinces that it has work on myself, my kids and co workers sure its alitte odd my husband still laughs at me but oh well. Its even a big Joke going around work but again Oh well..... Please dont listen to anyone thats laughs its their bad not yours. you'll be feeling great and they wont. PS I'm not saying to douce your body if you get burned in a fire I'm just saying for those little or even medium burns USE IT and please no spicy..lol
Tested, it seems to work. Comments By: Lexibot on 2010-01-29
I minorly burnt myself while stocking the fire. It was annoyingly painful, so I wanted to put something on the burn.

I searched the net, and found this site, after reading reviews, I decided to try it.

First, I numbed my finger really well with an ice cube for about 3-5 minutes, then I applied a generous amount of mustard to my finger. For about an hour, all I felt was a sore throbbing pain ( almost like a swelling feeling; much better than the heat I was getting from the burn). Now I barely feel any pain 2 hours later.

Amazing Comments By: burny on 2010-02-26
I had an awful steam burn on my fingers and had kept it cold for two hours. Every time I took the cold pack off it would hurt again. I put yellow mustard on it and it felt better right away. For the next hour the burning came back on and off but after an hour it was completely better. This morning the blisters are still there but no pain. Really amazing.
It's worked for me Comments By: Scott on 2010-03-12
I worked in the foodservice industry for about 10 years. It was there that I first saw mustard used for burns. I've tried it myself, and it works. It numbs minor burns in 15 minutes. Its a lot less effective for more severe burns. For any burn, it makes the pain worse at first. I found a journal article once describing the mechanism behind this treatment, but I can't seem to remember where I found it. The basic idea is that it destroys the nerves responsible for causing the pain. I'm typing this with mustard on one of my fingers, and the pain from my burn is definitely easing.
It works Comments By: Mustard believer! on 2010-04-22
Burned my arm last night and was told by my daughter's friend that their grandmother always told them to use mustard and I figured I didn't have anything else, so it's worth a shot. It worked, couldn't believe it! Pain gone almost instantly and no blister. Gotta remember to thank her friend!!!!!
It works Comments By: David on 2010-05-05
I burnt my middle finger on my left hand thankfully I'm a righty. I tried making a firecracker but it burned an I touched it like an idiot and burned myself. It smells but it is working.
not working..... Comments By: lynn on 2010-05-14
maybe depends on the burn? Back of 4 fingers- steam....doesnt work
It really works!! A+++++ Comments By: TT on 2010-06-17
My 6yr old son burned 3 of his five fingers on the grill. Second degree burns. My son was crying so bad from the pain. I filled a cup up with cold water and had him to put his fingers in the water. Just as we were getting ready to go to the ER and my mother called and told me to put yellow mustard on his fingers and leave it till it dried. So I did. The pain stopped within seconds..I was really concerned becaused big blisters started to develop before I applied the mustard. Well lol... I had my son to sleep with the mustard (thick coated)on his little fingers. When he woke up there was no blisters and no pain!!!Mustard was every where!! But It really works..
Mustard works GREAT for burns! Comments By: Lynne in Virginia, US on 2010-06-22
I'm in my 40s, and have cooked for money many times, not to mention at home. Today, I grabbed a hot pan handle and got a second-degree burn on several fingertips. A co-worker told me "Use (prepared) mustard, just slather it on" - so, I did...and about 20 minutes later, my burns were not causing me any distracting pain, and as I type this about 6 hours later, the worst fingertip's semi-blister is now almost level w/the rest of the skin, and temps don't bother me like they did shortly after the burn. ***I had burned myself about 1/2 hour before my co-worker told me about the mustard, and it still worked!
You have to really lay it on thickly, and wait for the "tingle/sting" to start. Leave the prepared mustard on for at least 10 minutes, then rinse off and proceed with life. I am so grateful!

If you don't believe it, then don't do it and have pain longer!!!!!! Comments By: overall satisfaction on 2010-07-11
I work in a hotel,more like a restaurant with all the food that I have to cook, any way I was in a hurry and went to pull the food out of the oven, and the pot holder slipped out of my hand and i touched the pan with thumb and it burned me enough to make me say a few bad words. lol but then I went to the first aid kit and got out some burn medicine, it didnt work at all... so I remembered what my granmother told me and I put mustard on it.. No longer than 10 minutes, the pain was gone and I went on with work like it never even happened, and no blisters came up... I am a true believer in mustard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm 34 and been using mustard Comments By: DJ Merck on 2010-07-13
I learned this many years ago when I was 10yr or so. I'm also typing one handed now cause I burned 2 fingers on a lawnmower exhaust and have mustard on them as I type! ya it works!,and has for years. Maybe its mind over matter but who knows It's workin now....I was told just use standard mustard not spicy mustard, but I guess that common since....P.S a Lortab helps a lot also...LOL...
As with any remedy you should look it up first. Comments By: Newbeliever06 on 2010-07-20
I was very curious about this remedy because I myself have used the application of mustard on light burns since I was very little and I wanted to know why it worked. Any one claiming to be a medical pro. would never have missed this. Turmeric the main ingredient in mustard is actually a herb use in medcation and skin beauty products. Why I don't believe you should u try any remedy with checking the facts I can say that after looking it up and verifying it with a pharmisist the is nothing wrong with applying mustard to light burns it does have healing properties look it up for your self. Turmeric it's a wonderful thing with many applications.
1 year old brother burns hand Comments By: Brooke on 2010-09-05
my 1 year old brother named christian burned his hand on a oven door it was open and really HOT and he stuck his hand right on it... a family member said to put mustard on it and it seems to be working so wish him luck. <3


Canning Burn! Comments By: Canning Lady on 2010-10-25
It really works! I burned my fingers pulling a canning pot off the stove and had my daughter google home burn remedies. This one really worked!
Comments By: them damn candles.... on 2010-10-31
I burned my finger on a glass candle that was burning for six hours. I put mustard on it. And it hurt like hell for a couple mins but pain went away..
Mustard works Comments By: alexis on 2010-11-17
this mustard thing works i got burned while playing with fire and quikly went on internet to see wat i could of done and execelent advice thank you
agreed Comments By: gretchen on 2010-11-25
I learned this tip from an Army cook 10 yrs ago and have used mustard on my kitchen burns since. I'm VERY pleased with the results.
Whack Jobs Comments By: Anon on 2010-12-08
I Had a friend who grabbed a hot propane heater in a bar and someone put mustard on it. It burned like hell all night long. Then 7 days later she had huge blisters. Your theory is whacko.
Totally Amazing Comments By: Joleen on 2010-12-30
No word of a lie...I sat for 4 hours with my fingers in a bowel of cold water in total agony. My husband suggested I put mustard on my fingers and give it a go as I was desperate. After a couple of minutes once the mustard had dried it was like night and day...THE PAIN JUST FADED AWAY!
Totally Amazing Comments By: Joleen on 2010-12-30
No word of a lie...I sat for 4 hours with my fingers in a bowel of cold water in total agony. My husband suggested I put mustard on my fingers and give it a go as I was desperate. After a couple of minutes once the mustard had dried it was like night and day...THE PAIN JUST FADED AWAY!
RE: type of mustard Comments By: pete on 2011-01-13
Im in the food industry also.

Would you reccommend any type of mustard in particular?

My Father was right! Comments By: Nasir on 2011-01-22
I burned my finger on my stove at home so my dad put some mustard on the burn and 5-10 minutes later it felt amazingly better!It really works!My dad is the best. I am only 9 years old and now I am wiser. My dad had to prove he was right and he did by showing me this site! Thanks!
IT WORKS Comments By: FRANK on 2011-02-04
Worked Great, TY! Comments By: Katie on 2011-02-05
Burn: Fingers + Hot Butter

Initially the cold helped. Then it hurt some more. Then the pain came and went intermittently but felt better. After about 15-20 minutes or so it felt a lot better.

AMAZING, IT REALLY WORKS!! Comments By: Randi on 2011-03-06
I grabbed the handle of a pan that was in a 375 oveb for 2 hours!!! Sat with my hand in ice water for 2 hours, got to this site in much pain, grabbed the French's mustard out of the fridge and with in 5 minutes the throbbing stopped. I washed it off after 20 minutes and a slight tingle returned, but I am typing this!!!
Mustard Really Works! Comments By: Susan on 2011-03-08
I worked in a Greek/Italian restaurant for 11 years. The owner staked his reputation on the fact that mustard is the ultimate for burns. He accidentally spilled boiling water all down his chest and stomach, and immediately slathered it in mustard and went to the doctor. The doctor couldn't believe that it wasn't blistering! I just spilled hot grease across the fingers of my left hand and slathered on the mustard. The pain is relieved somewhat and no blistering is occurring!
Hand VS Grill Comments By: Des on 2011-03-16
I was cooking food on our gas grill and went to close it instead of grabbing the handle I grabbed the edge of the grill(the temp was reading at 500). Tried water, ice, aloe nothing helped. Then my friend told me mustard, worked within 10 min of applying it!! Try for sure!!!!
Totally. Every time. Comments By: Marilyn Dykes on 2011-03-24
Getting clumsier in the kitchen I guess.
Don't mind so much since I heard about mustard for burns a couple years ago.
If it's really bad, I find that reapplying it, liberally, a time or two takes care of it. Get to it the sooner the better. Would like to know why it works.

Really works! Comments By: Michelle! on 2011-03-28
I had burnt my hand cooking for my boyfriend so he can get home to a nice dinner from work. I burnt two of my fingers i called him and asked him what would help, He had said mustard. It reall worked but bad thing, i HATE the smell of mustard.
WOW!! Comments By: shakira on 2011-04-08
Wow that remedy really does work i burned my pointer finger today and i looked what i can do to treat a minor burn and i clicked on the remedy for minor cuts and i saw this one so i tryed it and not even a minute later it stopped hurting. but it only worked temparily.
NO BLISTERS AT ALL! Comments By: Martine S. on 2011-05-03
I mistakenly grabbed a cast-iron skillet full of hot cornbread, bare-handed, to prevent it from being knocked off --- YOWEE. I IMMEDIATELY squeeded mustard onto a plate and put my hand into it, then let it dry (several hours). Result: Immediate pain relief, but more importantly, NO BLISTERS AT ALL!
Accidentally poured scalding hot tea onto the back of my hand. Put aloe on it first, but it kept throbbing. So I washed off the aloe & used mustard instead. Immediate relief (though NOT a perfect, 100% pain-removing solution --- there was still some pain, just not throbbing anymore). I let the mustard dry completely (several hours), and as it flaked off (on its own - do NOT peel it off), those parts of my skin from which it flaked off were "healed". If the flakes of mustard are still sticking to your hand, that means the mustard is still working. If you peel it off, you'll notice that the flakes that are still sticking to your skin will be painful when you scrape them off.
My kids even use mustard if they burn themselves. They've tried everything else ever suggested, but experience beats theory every time!

Awesome Trick Comments By: Josh G on 2011-05-31
It's not an instant total relief, that's not possible unless you have access to local anesthesia :P

But it does keep it from blistering and being REALLY sorea couple hours later.

awesome idea!!! Comments By: Noel on 2011-06-15
A few years ago I was at my friends, and one of my friends was curling my hair. She wasn't paying attention and I noticed she was too close to my head so stupidly I burned my finger. I kept running back and forth from the bathroom, to put water on it. Then one girl told me to put mustard on it, I didn't really believe her but I did it anyways and it stopped after a minute or two! And now, I burned my arm on the oven, cause I was getting a cake out and I tried burn gel but it just burned, I put mustard on it and it's really helping again!! Who ever thought of this is amazing!!!!!
Burned at Wal-Mart Comments By: Kathleen on 2011-06-17
I was boiling water for tea during a work break. As I was pulling the cup out of the Microwave it tipped over and spilled all over my hand and wrist. One of my fellow associates ran to buy French's mustard and spread it on the painful burn, I left it on for the rest of my break, the pain went away and I never got blisters. Never put it on an open cut though btw.
Mustard works! Comments By: Kathleen on 2011-06-18
I used work at at the superstore Wal-Mart. During my lunch hour I was boiling some water for tea. As I pulled the cup out of the Microwave oven the cup tipped over and spilled all over my hand and wrist. One of my fellow associates run and bought a bottle of French's mustard and put it all over my burn. I kept the mustard on for the rest of my lunch break. The pain went away immediately and I never got blisters.
just so u know Comments By: love mustard on 2011-06-18
You must run your burn under cold water to stop it from getting worse then apply the mustard and its really only suppose to be used on minor burns
mustard Comments By: zack gilbert on 2011-07-04
i burnt my thunb from a firework and it took the pain away fast

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