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Make Your Eyes Look Darker and More Mysterious

Submitted by Kayla

Ok, i Know That Many girls want their eyes to look sexy and dark. all you have to do is apply your eyeliner to the top lid, right above the eyelashes,a thin or thick line. (Black works Best) And Also for an even more Sexier eye, Use smokey grey eyeshadow or a black color. :)

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Details Comments By: Jenifer on 2004-07-28
I thought that it was good advice but I need details on how to apply it to look more sexy!
tricky! Comments By: Nina on 2004-11-03
it's a good idea but i found it hard to apply it just above your eye lashes, is there any techiqe?
how to apply Comments By: sue on 2005-03-25
to apply the eyeliner above the eyelid you should always line with pencil eyeliner first THEN liquid eyeline. That way you will know where to apply the liquid liner and your eyes will appear to be darker
it was good Comments By: reema tariq on 2005-12-06
it was good but i used it ,oh my God! it was very difficult . I think whatever you are advising you should always make a picture with it ,so reader can understand it.
v gd Comments By: davina on 2006-06-22
gd tip but i cant d it cos it just goes all wobbly and just lokos like a stripe on my eyes , does anyone know how to get it closer to the eyelashes?xxx
Confused... Comments By: CC on 2006-11-16
I have the same comment as every one else, I always see my friends with liquid eyeliner on their top lids and it looks great. Then I try and it looks ridiculous. How do I do it right?!?!?!
straight and narrow Comments By: Anon on 2007-07-06
To apply it straighter:
If you are right handed, use your left pointer finger and place it on the outside corner of your eye, close your eyes, and then stretch out till your eyelashes look fairly straight. Then apply the eyeliner with your right hand.
If you're left handed, reverse hands.

liquid Comments By: brit on 2008-02-26
if you want your liquid eyeliner to look really good,put it on and get a q-tip,lick it,and take off what you dont want..me and my sister use that technique..i promise it works

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