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Dog attacks. How to deal with a dog attack

Submitted by madi

When a dog is attacking you, yelp like a dog and pretend to cry and then the dog will know that you are in pain and it will quickly come help you rather than attack.

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This is insane Comments By: Virginia on 2006-03-12
Such behaviour would only INCITE the dogs instinct to attack. I don't know if the author had some personal experience from which to write this, but it is EXTREMELY DANGEROUS and irresponsible advice to be throwing out. If you can access National Geographic Channel, PLEASE watch The Dog Whisperer for truly expert advice on dog psychology and behaviour from an expert. Many misunderstandings can be cleared up. Misunderstandings and ignorance result in mistreatment of animals, and dangerous or frustrating behaviours.
good for puppies... Comments By: Florian on 2006-06-02
This is good idea for training puppies that play too rough, but not full-grown dogs. If a dog is treatening you physically, just look down and back away slowly. Most dogs don't want to hurt anybody, but will if they think you are a threat to them or their pack. Let them be the big dog and you can be the little dog that backed off.
crazy talk Comments By: fraser on 2008-03-16
if a dog becomes aggressive towards you i.e the growl will come as a warning before the bite. you should stand as proud as you can with your shoulders & chest puffed out & stare down at the dog. this shows him that the area around you belongs to you & you are claiming it. you must show you are not affraid! he will sense your body language & back away. YOU MUST BE CONFIDANT & SHOW YOU ARE SERIOUS!!! THINK BIG & YOU WILL BE!! to a dog anyway..

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