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Bugs and pests Keep cats of your garden

Cats hate the smell of any citrus fruit so i.e. chop lemons in segments and spread them in places where the cat tends to roam. This tip came from a bird sanctuary.

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Ill try this. Comments By: liana on 2005-09-05
Sounds workable. will try.
Cat Law Comments By: Jim English on 2007-04-11
I think it is a rediculas law that a cat should be able to roam anywhere in your garden urinating all over the place and there is nothing you can do about it, the law needs changed.
Cats Mess Comments By: KAREN BUTCHER on 2007-07-15
I am Sick an tired of picking up cat poop.
I hate cats with a vengence and cat owners should be made to be responcible they are equaly as dangerous as dogs when it comes to there poo. They make a frighful noise when aloud to roam the streets at night and the law needs to be changed as they too damage property (i.e expensive plants, bushes) which some body has paid for.MAKE A CHANGE AND SPLASH A CAT!

Bells for cats Comments By: Anon on 2007-11-02
Cat owners should have to train their cats to use a cat litter tray and keep them out of other peoples gardens, it should be compulsory for cats to have bells on their collars, so at least the birds will hear them coming and make their escape.
cats Comments By: anon on 2008-05-23
cats are horrid! Poor birds nest in my graden every year only to be killed by around 6 cata who roam around my garren pooing eberywhere. Owners chuck them out and dont care wher they go! if it was a dog on there gardern pooing then they'd soon be complaining

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