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Packing. Tip for packing yor jewelry

Do you spend most of your unpacking time trying to untangle your costume jewelry chains? Instead of tossing them in a jewelry case when you travel, wrap them around a cardboard toilet paper roll and secure them with tape. When you reach your destination, accessorizing is a breeze. Another way toprevent tangled necklaces, is to thread each one through a plastic drinking straw and clasp it shut before packing.For long necklaces, use long straws. For shorter necklaces, cut a straw so it's exactly half as long as the necklace before threading the necklace through it.

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never thought. Comments By: agnes on 2005-04-13
wow! STRAWS! never would of thought of that one myself. thank you. i travel a lot and like to think that i already know many of the tips and shortcuts, but this one blew me away! thanks!!!

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