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Hair lightener. Make your own hair lightener

Submitted by Kate


  • 2 cups water
  • 2 cups chamomile tea
  • 1 tablespoon of parsley
  • 1 tablespoon of lemon juice
Boil all the ingredients and let it simmer for 15 mins. Strain out the tea bags and parsley (make sure to remove all of the parsley) and let it sit till room temperature. Poor on to hair over a sink and rinse two or three times. Your hair should be smelling nice and looking lighter!

The following was sent in by Answers

Before I answer the questions that have been asked 20X, first you need to understand how hair lightening works. When you lighten your hair, this is not something that will "fade" or can be undone. It's something that is permanent (except for covering it with darker dye).

When you go to a salon to have you hair professional chemically lightened, this is a two-step process. Or if you buy hair lightener in a box - same thing. The "developer" (usually a mixture of peroxide and ammonia = very harsh) opens the hair shaft and strips it of its natural color. Then the (blonde) dye is added to achieve the new shade. Results are different on each person, depending on the natural color of your hair.

This chamomile/lemon mixture acts in the exact same manner - except it is a "natural" method and not chemical. The lemon juice is the natural "developer" and the chamomile adds the warm blonde tones (unique to each person depending on the natural color of your hair.

If you've previously dyed your hair darker than its natural color (i.e. dyed it black), then your hair has not been stripped of its real color. The shaft has been opened and a darker pigment has been added. This will fade over time if you stop dying it black.


Q: Will it work on naturally jet black hair?
A: No.

Q: Will it work on hair that is dyed black?
A: No. Not until the black dye fades or grows out.

Q: Can I use lime juice instead?
A: No. Lemon juice is a natural developer.

Q: Can it be bottled lemon juice?
A: Yes.

Q: Do I have to sit in the sun?
A: No. But if you don't then you need to use a hair dryer because it is the HEAT that makes the lemon juice work. 20 minutes with a hair dryer is as effective as 3 hours in the sun.

Q: Can I use a different tea?
A: No. The chamomile tea is what gives it the natural looking blonde tones.

Q: Can I just use lemon juice and nothing else?
A: Yes. The lemon juice is primarily what lightens the hair via a natural "chemical reaction." BUT it will look more bleach-blondy and harsh without the tea's tones.

Q: Will it work on brown (even dark brown) hair?
A: Yes. Not as effectively, but yes. You'll need to use more lemon, more heat, etc.

Q: Will it fade?
A: No. You've permanently lightened the hair.

Q: Should I wash my hair afterward?
A: Yes. After you have HEATED it with sun or blow dryer, wash it because the lemon will continue to dry out your hair.

Q: Do I need parsley?
A: No. Parsley promotes shine and hair growth. In this mixture it acts as the conditioner. It does nothing to contribute to lightening it. You can just use conditioner when you're done lightening instead.

Visitors comments

Great tip! Comments By: Joanne on 2004-08-24
Wow Kate this really works! My hair got a lot lighter! I was surprised.

I got a little parsley in my hair but it came out when i rinsed it!

Thanks for this awesome tip, i'll be doing it again!

Hair lightener Comments By: Elizabeth Bondatti on 2004-08-30
This is nice for dark blond hair. It gives nice highlights and smells nice in the kitchen when preparing! I store it in a spray bottle and use while sitting in the sun!
What about pre-colored hair? Comments By: Color Queen on 2004-10-06
Has anyone tried it on hair that has been dyed or treated? I have been coloring my hair for years, but since my natural color is very dark, I don't always get the desired effect. I would love to try this, but don't want to expand my color range to greens or oranges just yet!
haven't tried it yet Comments By: need a lift for winter on 2004-10-30
What does the chamomile do?
How much lighter does it make your hair?
Is it a daily thing or weekly?

TipKing says: Try it once and see how long it lasts

another question about the chamomile tea Comments By: need a lift in winter on 2004-10-30
Is that two cups tea leaves or two cups prepared tea?

TipKing Says: I would say that it is 2 cups of prepared tea.

Does it dry out your hair? Comments By: Julie on 2005-01-07
I was wondering. . . does the lemon juice dry our your hair or cause dandruff?
TipKing says: Might do

this hair recipe Comments By: milli jacobs on 2005-03-24
oh my gosh- i tried this and my hair turned blonde- just like i wanted it to
thank you so much!!!!!!

All Exited, What a Let Down Comments By: Carol on 2005-04-10
Looking at all the other comments I was so excited about this natural lightening recipe for my graying and darkening blond hair - cooked it up, put it on, lay in the sun and voila', NOTHING. Too good to be true - at least I tried
question Comments By: Allison on 2005-05-01
is this recipe permanent or will it fade like semi-permanent hair colour? because i hate grow out lines. (by the way the rating isn't true that i did, i haven't tried it)

TipKing says: You will just have to try it and see how long it lasts...

parsley Comments By: s.allen on 2005-05-03
what if i have no parsley-willit still work slightly?

TipKing says: Give it a try.

shampoo! Comments By: Sandy on 2005-06-08
Does washing one's hair soon after application of this brew counteract its effects?

TipKing says: It is just something that you may have to try.

Good idea!!! Comments By: n/a on 2005-06-08
I think that this is a great idea Kate! Thanks alot!
Question!!!!!!!!!!!!! Comments By: deena on 2005-06-11
How long do you leave it in your hair?

What color does it turn medium brown hair???

TipKing says: You are just going to have to try it. Start with a short time and then increase the time for different results

colored hair Comments By: jennie on 2005-07-11
i have natural blonde hair, but i dyed it dark brown and want it lighter. will this work on already colored hair, mad will it turn an odd color.
parsley? Comments By: ariel on 2005-08-03
what does the parsley do? Will it work without? I didnt use the parsley just the lemon and tea, but i didnt work.
dark hair Comments By: kim on 2005-08-11
does this tip make dark brown hair slightly lighter or completely blonde ?

TipKing says: It is just something that you need to try. All har types are different

smells great and works great! Comments By: Karin on 2005-08-12
Use hot but not boiling water to brew your tea. It steeps better.Add the lemon juice afterwords. You can skip the parsley, but it acts as a natural toner to remove brassy highlights. Just run your mix through a strainer to remove the parsley.
Put in a mister bottle, spray on, let sit for 20 minutes. Rinse, shampoo, condition and go. Can use everyday or once a week, but will need to continue to use to get the nicest results. Sitting in the sun isn't necessary.

Havent tried yet Comments By: Ressha on 2005-08-19
Hey does any1 know what store can i go to find PARSELY.

TipKing Says: Any place that sells herbs.

lightening queen Comments By: anon on 2006-01-01
you dont have to use the parsely but this does work very well and gently lightens the hair
hair disaster Comments By: dee on 2006-01-10
so will this work on dyed black hair has anyone tried it
smoke stain Comments By: Nancy on 2006-01-31
I'm wondering if this will take the stain out of gray hair turned sort of a blond due to nicotine staining the hair?

TIpKing says: You may have to try it to see!

question!?? Comments By: Krista on 2006-02-18
Will it turn dyed hair funny colors?

TipKing says: You may have to try by testing it on a small amount of hair. That you can hide if it goes wrong.

Just a Question... Comments By: Jessica on 2006-07-07
Well, my mixture is simmering right now, but I was wondering, do you just wash it out after it has gone through your hair a couple times? Or do you sit out in the sun? If you do sit in the sun, how long in the sun? Until your hair is dry?

TipKing saya: I have not tried this tip, but it says nothing about sitting in the sun!

going to try it out! Comments By: emma on 2006-07-26
i am simmering it all in one pan now. how long shall i wait till it wil be cool enough to put on my hair? and do u jst pour it over ur hair once?will it highlight instantly?i am not using parsley, will it stil work?do i need to sit out in sun at all?
DAMAGE HAIR? Comments By: IVETH on 2006-07-26

TipKing says: Having read through the whole page I would say no!

that is supeeeeeeeeeer Comments By: amanda on 2006-08-16
i have light brown hair and after 30min it was blond
does the hair have to be wet or dry? Comments By: Jillian on 2007-02-11
does the hair have to be wet or dry. or towel dryed. or what?
Didn't work for me :-( Comments By: Me on 2007-02-13
This one didn't work for me. Perhaps I did it wrong? I don't know, but all I know is my hair looks the same. But on the up side, it smells wonderful. Lol.
Soft highlights Comments By: vanessa on 2007-06-03
I tried it with chamomile flowers instead of tea bags so I had to guess the ratio with the parsley.
However, it's hard to go wrong as my hair came out really soft and shiny. Not an easy feat since I swim in chlorinated water at least once a day.
My hair is light brown and yes, I got some some very gentle highlights. I saved some for next time as it needs to be done a few times to be the the shade I want.
Oh, and if you let it simmer without the lemon juice as someone suggested, you can even save enough for a soothing cup of tea!

Haven't Tried it yet. Comments By: Anon. on 2007-07-02
Do you need to use the Parsly or does it work better with it? and do you strain the mixture after its boiled and then apply to hair?
Good, but I made a few changes to it.. Comments By: Jessie on 2007-07-11
I used the recipe (minus the parsley because I didnt have any) and I didnt rinse it off, I just poured it on my hair. Then I went outside in the sun for a couple hours and it worked! But if you dont want to have to sit in the sun, you can also try pouring the mixture in your hair without rinsing it, then leave it sit for about an hour, then blow dry it and let it sit overnight and you'll get subtle highlights, and if you continue to do it, they'll get even lighter!
good deal! Comments By: ml on 2007-07-20
amazing stuff! thanks :)
Boo hoo Comments By: Purple Muscles on 2007-07-26
I tried it once but I saw no difference in my hair. Am I supposed to do it more than once?
? Comments By: anon on 2007-08-01
will this work on my hair if it is already fairly light blonde? i think it is getting darker and i want it to be lgighter. should i just try it and see what happens?
U dont know how to use it correctly Comments By: Krystalynn on 2007-08-05
I have lightened my hair at home and it went from dark brown to dirty blonde in 2 months.

Ur ingredients are fine but u dont need the extra two cups of water.

and it wont work if u just put it on ur hair.

U have to either blowdry or go in the sun for a few hours because the way it works is that it opens up the hair folicle to let the heat in so the HEAT can lighten ur hair.

This is the only way it works.

& yes, It does also work without the parsley.
I never used parsley.

black hair? Comments By: naturalblack on 2007-08-15
does this also work on black hair?
my hair does shine a little brown when it reflects sunlight...but i was wondering if it would work on my hair because my hair is black.

used on color treated hair Comments By: stephaniemarie on 2007-08-16
so a few months ago i had my hair bleached and colored from a dark brown to a really light caramel brown, but i wanted it a bit lighter. so i just tried this out and it actually did work. i now have some blondish highlights and my hair overall lighter. i used a blow dryer because i think the heat is the only way to really make this work. and i didnt use parsely. i think my hair will get lighter with more use of this tip, so im going to try it out a few more times and see what happens. this will probably not do much for really dark hair, and is more effective on lighter shades of brown and more pale colored hair.
the results are subtle , but it is definitely is worth trying.

CHAMOMILE Comments By: NADA on 2007-08-17
my daughter will try it this week Comments By: rebecca on 2007-08-28
My daughter not long had her hair coloured by a hair dressers...they were suppose to get it to a dark/auburn brown which is her own natural colout - but unfortunately it's gone kinda black! It makes her look rather hard faced, as her hair is quite long. If you have short sharp hair or you naturally are black haired it's ok, but my daughter really does not suit it at all.
I will try this formula on her this week, and see what happens?!

eyebrows Comments By: emily on 2007-09-17
When your hair gets lighter your eyebrows will stay darker, i was wondering if it works on your eyebrows?
Disasterous Blakness :O Comments By: Black Haired Freek :(( on 2007-09-29
A Havee Joost Gt Myy Haiir Dun Iht Was Supposed To Bee Brown and Sadlyy Turned Black :( Wood This Formula Lighten Iht ? :P
any tea Comments By: bob on 2007-12-12
will normal tea work if i have the rest of the ingredients?
Chickens Comments By: Boo on 2007-12-23
Do you have to wash your hair first??

does it really Comments By: valeria on 2007-12-30
i have dark brown hair and everyone is
saying that it dies blonde???
i only want it a bit lighter like golden brown what do i have to do? or will it work?

does it work for color treated hair? Comments By: socal girl on 2008-01-01
I colored at home and it came out way too dark will this work right after coloring without damaging it or turning it a funny color?
i'm so excited , where to get parsley Comments By: anon on 2008-01-26
i'm soooo excited , i've been trying to brighten my hair for as long as i can remember. Where i come from parsley is sold in the supermarket. is it rear in america?

TipKing says: Yes Parsley will be available in most large food stores

Lemon juce problem Comments By: Anna on 2008-02-02
So I dont have any lemon juice or any thing close to it. I s it a really big problem and is there anything i can substitute in?
Coloured Hair Comments By: Kim on 2008-02-05
My hair is coloured dark. Does this work on coloured hair? I dont want to have to go out to the local shop and get the ingredients only for it to not work. Any advice would be grand!
Doesn't Work!! Comments By: anon on 2008-02-11
Heyy this doesn't work its rubbish i had my hopes up and it just let me down thanks a lot.!
does it make it lighter? Comments By: anon on 2008-02-14
i havent tried it yet. what has happend to my hair is in the winter it goes a ugly blonde/brunnette colour and i hate it so i am trying to make it lighter without dying and highliting it
Eyebrows Comments By: Anon on 2008-03-01
Does this work on dark eyebrows? (haven't tried it so there should be no rating)
I have a question Comments By: rebekah on 2008-03-11
i have dark brown hair junk like that so do i dye just a lil strand at first to see if it works, cuz yeah i want to lighten it soon so i can dye my hair cotton candy pink
This doesn't work on brunettes!!!! Comments By: P on 2008-03-17
This will not work on color treated hair for dark brown to black. It is too black and will just give you orange highlights that aren't attractive.
havnt tried it yet Comments By: anon on 2008-03-22
but does it HAVE to be chamomile tea? or can it be like....regular tea?
does that changce anything?

Hmmmmm Comments By: Matylda on 2008-03-22
Smells delicious... i am a very light brown and saw a difference... but my hair is still wet hopefully it worked!!!

Amazing Comments By: Lauren on 2008-03-23
It really works its amazing... left it for 40 min and got lighter....
next time i will go in the sun with the product in the hair to have even more effect...

how do u get rid of it?? Comments By: Anon on 2008-04-11
i havent tried it yet but i was wondering if it got too blonde how do u get it out? would u just wash it a couple times??
help Comments By: grace on 2008-04-14
do you need to leave it in until your hair dries??
or do u just wash it out straight away??

questions about the recipe Comments By: anon on 2008-05-30
does yor hair turn green if u use this and are exposed to chlorine?
does not work Comments By: anna on 2008-06-01
this does not work it you have medium brown hair
wondering about my hair Comments By: megan on 2008-06-25
what color does this turn dark brown hair that is almoat black?
i havent tried it yet Comments By: alice on 2008-07-06
i used to have naturally very light blonde now it is a medium blonde with bits of light blonde but at the top its gone brown! it looks so strange is a way this recipe can just lighten the top without changing the rest to much
i havent tryed yet Comments By: rita on 2008-07-06
i used to have light blonde hair but now it is a medium blonde with bits of light blonde. but at the top it is a light brown colour which looks really strange and unnatural even tho it is natural! will this work to make the top the same colour as the rest without changing the rest to much. and does it work the first time you use it or does it take a few times?
tea Comments By: Chrissy on 2008-07-12
NO normal tea won't work! It has to be chamomile tea.
dont bother Comments By: tor on 2008-07-15
waste of money and doesnt work
PLEASE ANSWER Comments By: hannah on 2008-07-18
i just got a short hair cut a little longer than my shoulders&i want it to grown out soooo bad! My hair is dirty blonde and will this do damage to the point were it wont grow as fast and long???
nice Comments By: k on 2008-07-30
wow it worked great andit didnt even damage my hair
What type of Parsley???? Comments By: Aubrey on 2008-08-11
I wanted to know if you have to use dryed of fresh parsley? (I havent used the product yet so my rating is inaccurate!)
time Comments By: Arianne Lacaille on 2008-08-13
I haven't tried it yet, but do you leave the stuff in your hair and how long?
havent tried it yet, will post results Comments By: Holly on 2008-08-14
here's my story. I have shoulder lenght hair which i abuse with hair color. one day is black, the next is blonde, red, brown so on and so forth. i'm doing this because i just recently made the switch from black back to blonde and of course, low and behold we have orangey-copper hi lights. I'm a natural blonde so this is SO not the look for me. I'm waiting for my mixture to reach room temperature and I will let ya'll know how it turns out :)

what is chamoline tea and where do you get it from Comments By: lauren on 2008-08-20
hi i was wondering do u get a lemon and like use the juice from the lemon
oh yeah and where do you get chamoline tea from
and by the way does the sun lighten your hair
thankyou please write back

Tea and Afterwards Comments By: Meghan on 2008-08-29
Should you wash your hair before or after you do this? Do you put tea bags in with the 2 cups of water? I am confused about t hat one part.I havn't done it yet!
PLEASE ANSWER SOON Comments By: sukhi on 2008-09-21
i have ery dark brown hair sumtimes it may look blakish. i want to use this trik to make it a nice lighter brown. wil it work or make it gingery du u think?
This Sounds Amazing Comments By: Julia on 2008-09-22
Hey guys just wondering does it actually work?! Well i have nearly black hair and i really want it lighter. Just scared if it discoloures it!
lemon Comments By: anon on 2008-10-01
do u have to use lemon because i do not have any??
...? Comments By: tanya on 2008-10-23
does this work on dark dark brown hair? =/
Trying it NOW! Comments By: <3 on 2008-10-27
It's in my hair right now, It seems to be working. I've left it in for about a half an hour and now I'm going to blow dry it to give it even more color hopefully!
Love it! Comments By: <3 on 2008-10-27
It made my hair platnum blonde ! I just left it in for 30minuets. Then dried it with a blow dryer and then washed it out. My hair was a dity blode color before(with blonde highlights in it from the salon).
TO CLARIFY Comments By: ANON on 2008-11-05
I haven't tried this yet but I wanted to clear some things up becuase everyone is asking the same stuff!

1) The lemon juice is important because it is a natural bleach and so will lighten your hair.

2) The chammomile tea is also important because of it's natural lightening properties [PLEASE don't use regular tea - this will darken hair!]

3) It would seem that the parsley isn't so important so don't worry too much about it but for those that don't know, parsley is a herb. A green plant. It's edible.

4) It would seem that heat is important to this working, so sit in the sun or use a blowdryer NOT TOO HOT AND NOT TOO CLOSE TO YOUR HEAD.

5) If you want subtle lightening - Leave for a few minutes. If you want blonde hair - leave it on for longer. [Duh]

6) Make a big batch and store it. Depending on how light you want your hair you are going to have to use this regularly to get the desired effect. There is no quick fix [except for hydrogen peroxide]

7)Lastly, due to the acidity of lemon, it can be drying for the hair so be prepared to condition your hair well after use. Preferably, use a chammomile conditioner for blonde hair to keep up the lightening effect.


before i try it. Comments By: Leia Greenhalgh on 2008-12-13
i have a question! <b> what is parsley?
sorta... Comments By: anon on 2008-12-18
it kinda works but not really i have dark dark brown hair not colour treated and maybe i did it wrong ; but it didnt turn out so i sprayed sun in into my hair and blew dry it and it looks awsome there some light brown highlight !
For those asking about parsley Comments By: M on 2008-12-20
Parsley is a green herb, with a round stem and leaves (sometimes flat, sometimes curly depending on the type). It is the funny looking mini green plant that is often used as a garnish for all sorts of dishes in restaurants. And of course, it adds flavor to food cooked at home. EVERY SINGLE SUPERMARKET SELLS IT so no worries about searching for it. It's sold in mini bundles next to the fruits and vegetables and alongside other fresh herbs. By the way, it's also a natural breath freshener if you chew it.
help Comments By: Audrey on 2008-12-22
who did and had it work? please tell me what you did!!!
sounds good but.. Comments By: wishhy on 2009-01-25
i dont have any chamomile tea bags but i dont have lemon lime tea bags will this work too?
now it worked Comments By: carly on 2009-01-19
I tried it again and sat in the sun
It Worked!

Question! Comments By: Steph on 2009-01-25
Is the water supposed to be warm or cool? And the tea also?
So what this means is... Comments By: Kimmy on 2009-01-25
this stuff wont last long in your hair? i knida have winter formal in a weekand i want to know if it will stay in. I play soccer and i sweat so im a little nervous about this.
havent tried yet Comments By: jade on 2009-01-10
can u use green tea instead? i dont have any chamomile tea. sorry bit of a stupid question.
didnt work for me Comments By: carly on 2009-01-11
I tried it and i dont really see a difference maybe like one highlight or so but definetly not what i was expecting oh well
(: Comments By: Luna* on 2009-02-09
Worked pretty darn good!!
dark hair Comments By: rayonvert on 2009-02-11
Just did this... i have really dark hair and decided to dry hair with mixture left in. I think i'll leave in overnight with lots of conditioning serums and see what happens! i dont think ill get a very big difference, but only want to lighten hair a little bit tbh. If this has worked for anyone with dark dark hair, do let me know!
will it make gray hair blonde? Comments By: Gloria on 2009-02-17
Rating is innacurate. I am allergic to the ammonia of haircolor and to peroxide (my scalp starts to sting and bleed as soon as I start applying haircolor). So, I thought that maybe this could be an optionfor me, will this recipe make my gray hair look blondish?Thank you
ASK your hairdresserx Comments By: Anon on 2009-02-27
if your worried about what its going to turn out like the best thing to do is to ask your hair dresser because they will no if its worth it and if its going to turn your hair a completely different discusting colour and noone would like that and even though some people have commented saying it looks nice you dont no what it will turn out like on your hair type :/ xx
Didn't work : ( Comments By: Oebkdbth on 2009-03-06
I was really excited to try this... I had my hair done by a extremely bad hairstylist and she bleached it and then tried to die over it and just fried it. So I had to dye it brown to cover it up and it is way to dark for my complection. I was hopeing this would work, but after 4 tries I gave up, and I followed everything to a T. Maybe it doesnt work on dyed hair
This sounds great - brown hair? Comments By: gemma on 2009-03-08
hey, this sounds great! but does anyone who has tried it know if it turns medium brown hair orange?
dark blonde? Comments By: anon on 2009-03-15
dose anyone know if it works for dark blonde hair if i only wanted to do the top?
jamie lynn style? Comments By: soph on 2009-03-15
I have dark - medium natrual blonde hair how shall i create jamie lynns look and how long will it be left on for?
How Do You.. Comments By: Bethh on 2009-03-16
How do you apply the mixture? And at what temperature does it have to be to work?
holt babe Comments By: kate somethingorother on 2009-03-17
im gonna go home and try this. i just spent about $250 on my hair to get it from my dyed dark hair to light brown/blonde again. and its still really not he color i want. so i hope this works. if it turns my hair orande im gonna be outradged.
holtbabe Comments By: kate somethingorother on 2009-03-19
hey guys it kinda works. like i have light brown hair with blonde highlights and i tryed it twice and it lightened my hair a bit but it not like really blonde.
its good to keep your hair nice and healthy and shiny and bright but no color change really.

INSTRUCTIONS NOT CLEAR!! Comments By: Liz on 2009-03-21
I wasn't sure if you were meant to wash hair first, or pour onto dry hair sorry Kate I did not find your instructions clear. What I did which may help any out there is look for other sites and the consensus was to wash hair first and condition. I thought that seemed a bit silly as I would want to condition after treatment.
Here is what I did and it worked. I have naturally blonde hair which always darkens over winter and then goes very blonde in the sun but with our poor summer last year it did not get its usual dose of sun.
I wet my hair then poured mixture through. I didn't add the extra 2 cups of water I made two cups of tea in a cup not mug,1 tablespoon lemon and simmered in boling water for about 15 mins. Let cool over night.
I left the misture in fro about 20 mins then dries my hair not to bone dry but held the dryer a long way away and sort of wind blowed my hair! Left another 20 mins then I washed my hair using chamomile and lemon balm shampoo ( bought from Boots) and conditioned with thier intensive camomlie and lemon conditioning balm. Then blow dried hair properly. It looked great shiny and had picked all the natural highlights beautifully. I plan to do this twice a week until the sun can take over.I am 52 and hair suffering the hormonal effects of menopause but it left my hair looking lovely so definitely recommend particularly if like me you are blonde already.
I hope this clarifies the procedure I used.
1.wet hair
2.towel dry
3.pour in solution, make sure all covered
4.leave in and then rough dry your hair
5. shampoo and condition

I have also read that you can add this solution to natural yoghurt and make like a paste to put on your hair. You lleave on for 50 mins wearing a shower cap or wrapped in clingfilm and this conditions hair at the same time. maybe better for people with chemically coloured hair. Hope I have helped .

Excellent Results Comments By: Suzette C. Myers on 2009-04-02
Before the treatment my hair was a very light blond with gray at the nape of my neck and in the middle of the top of my head. After the treatment, the gray appears much lighter and has blended into the rest of my hair much better. My light blond hair picked up some wonderful warm tones, it's soft, bouncy, and definitely looks more youthful.
Tips and more Info: I made the treatment with fresh, organic herbs and a lime obtained at a local Grower's Market. I put filtered water in a sauce pan and heated it until the first little bubbles appeared at the edge of the pan. I turned off the heat, plunged in the fresh herbs and the lime which I cut in half and squeezed into the water, and covered. While I waited for the mixture to be ready, I took another lime and squeezed it into the roots of my gray hairs. I knew the herbal mixture was ready when the herbs and lime had sunk to the bottom of the pan. By this time, it was also cool enough to pour on my head. I covered my shoulders with a towel, put a large bowl in the sink and bent over it as I poured the tea over my hair, chamomille flowers, parsley,(Parsley has been used for centuries to protect the skin and hair from the effects of the sun.) and all. They mostly stayed in the bottom of the pan while the rest of the tea flooded my hair and was gathered in the bowl to repeat the pouring 3 more times. No sun today, and I didn't want to use the heat from a hair dryer on my hair. I wrung my hair out and clipped it back while I made a phone call to a friend. After maybe 30 minutes, I shampooed with a natural non-lauryl sulfate shampoo and followed with a conditioner. My hair still felt dry so I put a heaping tablespoon of real maynnaoise through it and let it rest for about 15 minutes. I shampooed, used more conditioner and rinsed. I let my hair dry naturally with fabulous results!

? Comments By: eadie on 2009-04-11
will this make natural dark brown hair lighter??? what colour would my hair turn????
help Comments By: sahel on 2009-04-24
how long do i have to put this on my hair can someone please help. please can you just email me the answer my email is [email protected]
Will it turn orange to blonde? Comments By: Victoria on 2009-05-13
i dyed my hair red a while ago so i let it grow out and it faded a little bit so i went ahead and died it blonde well it came out orange if i do this will it come out blonde like i wanted???
Does dries parsley work? Comments By: KJ on 2009-05-15
I don't have frsh parsley... will dried work okay? Hope it does...
=] Comments By: Anon on 2009-05-21
what does the parsley do?
Works on dark Brown hair Comments By: Britt <3 on 2009-05-25
This does work on dark brown hair. Ive been using it the past couple of days and am finally seeing nice results. Dark brunettes may have to repeat this many times but eventually it will work. Its bringing out my natural reddish/blonde highlights and i love it
trying this tomorrow Comments By: Camille on 2009-05-30
im gonna try to do this mixture tonight n sit in the sun tomorrow as much as possible...i have like medium brown hair but its kinda golden too so hopefully i can get back to my natural sandy blonde color. done wi salons. charge wayyyyy too much and i never get the results i want.
sounds good babe Comments By: Sarina on 2009-06-05
i havnt tryed it yet but...it sounds good i have medium brown hair and i want to go lighter but if it doesnt work i love brown hair aswell so good luck hunns hope it works :)xxx
next time itll b better Comments By: emily on 2009-06-10
it worked a bit but there wasn't much change in my colour. when i was drying my hair and it was still damp it was like this redish organey coloured streaks and highlights and now its dry its like this rlly light goldish colour. it still looks kinda awesome but next time ill leave it in for longer so it will have more of an effect. oh and i added olive oil into the mixture so that my hair wouldnt dry out and it worked my hair is smooth, shiny and its smells nice . (: lol
Lightening hair Comments By: The Official Critter on 2009-06-15
If this solution makes your hair feel dry then while in the shower take some honey and put it in your hair as you're rinsing the solution out. it hydrates your hair and makes it feel silky when you wash it out. I've done it :) it made my hair feel smooth and gave it a slightly golden sheen when I dried my hair.
just another question Comments By: Anon on 2009-06-16
ok, this must be getting annoying by now, but i was wondering what to do if you don't have any chamomile tea oro parsly handy? would lemon just do? thanks
lime juice Comments By: kenadee on 2009-06-22
Can lime juice work
BLACK HAIR Comments By: AMANDA on 2009-06-28
The quantities? Comments By: Susie on 2009-07-06
If you putt more of every thing? Does it go blonder if you do?

medium/light brown hair Comments By: alyssa on 2009-07-31
i have light or medium brown hair and i want more blonde highlights...i already have a few because im a swimmer...i am also allergic to lemons and limes so i was wondering if it will work with 2 cups of chamomile tea, olive oil, and maybe parsley.then i would sit out in the sun till its dry and wash my hair with honey...will i turn my desired color?also my rating is not accurate.write back after treatment...&#9829;
DARK BROWN?! Comments By: Izzy on 2009-08-01
Nobody seems to be answering and alot of people are asking the same question and so am i.
i hav very dark brown hair...WILL IT WORK OR NOT? can someone please answer this

about dark brown hairs!!!! Comments By: nicole on 2009-08-05
look guys i'm gonna answer ur question...

i've just tryed this think... and i'm waiting 4 my hair 2 dry up...

but i think...if u do this think 1 time...after again and again...it will be lighter everytime...it's like when u dive ur hair

IT WOKS Comments By: brightelena on 2009-08-08
I boiled the water, added chamomile tea and tablespoon of lemon, let it simmer and cool down a lil bit. then i pour it on my hair, after some time, i blew dry my hair. when my hair was dry, it was lighter.

I think it works only on natural light hair people
if you were blond as a baby, and now have darker hair this will def. work for you.

NATURAL BRUNETTE EFFECTS Comments By: Becca on 2009-08-08
i have natuarally brown hair, with natural dark blond streaks in it. my hair is not dark brown but in the middle, like a rich light brown. i did this and nothing happened to my hair after i left it in for about 40 minutes. so i did it again afterwards but i added more lemon juice to try and make it stronger, this time i left it in for an hour and still no changes ! i tried blow drying my hair after as well to do that whole "heat thing" and it didn't do anything. i got all excited and nothing happened :(
BLACK HAIR Comments By: Natty on 2009-08-19
chamomile tea Comments By: Grey on 2009-09-11
How many tea bags should i use?
havnt done it yet !... Comments By: daniielle x on 2009-09-21
will thiis work on dark brown / black hair ! ?? x
Redish blonde hair Comments By: Keely on 2009-10-30
Has anyone with Red or redish blonde hair tried this? I don't want to do it and it end up awful! Also, will it fade? Because if I don't like it, I don't want it there forever and I don't like groen out roots.
lemon juice Comments By: lala on 2009-11-14
does it have to be actual lemon juice freshly sceazed or can it be from the botels of lemon juice u get?

Brilliant! Comments By: Avalin on 2009-11-29
I tried this receipe for 4 days solid after a hairdye turned my light brown hair into a mid dark brown which I hated. After rinsing my hair with the solution for 10 minutes, I wrung out my hair, and smoothered in Pantene Clarifying shampoo. Left it for an hour and then rinsed and conditioned. My hair lightened up dramatically and I have an even better hair colour than when I started 5 days ago. Another tip, add more lemon juice to speed up the lightening process. As long as you use a good conditioner and use lots of it, you can't go wrong. Excellent tip, better than anything else I've tried and I've tried the lot!!
tea? Comments By: Jennifer on 2009-11-29
well i have chamomile tea but does it have to be only chamomile?cause i have chamomile with mango tea and i have chamomile with anis tea
Do you HAVE to rinse?1?!?!?!?!? Comments By: Wondering on 2009-12-10
I personally havent used it yet. But my hair takes a loong time to dry.plus I'm usually in a hurry. do you have to rinse this out?
Whoops! Comments By: Liz on 2009-12-15
whoops i used corriander insted of parsley! will it still work?
Love it! Comments By: samm on 2009-12-21
used it only once and my dark brown hair looks lighter!
from a dark chocolate, to a milk chocolate color!

i'm planning to do it everyday.

my goal is to get the nice dirty blonde!

all you need is chamomile tea and lemon.

i spread it all around my hair for about an hour.

then i blow dried it!

so it DOES work for DARK BROWN hair:D.

want to try but it scared? Comments By: sweetheart on 2009-12-31
i have dyed my hair plenty of times i am a natural dirty blonde and then dyed it brown then bleached it and got some low light so it looked natural, anyways i dyed the underneath part of my hair black/brown and decided its not "my look" as it was a long time ago.. will this turn my hair orange if i try it scince its so dark?
Doing it now:D Comments By: emma on 2010-01-03
I'm a hairstylist, here are some tips.

for light brunettes+ blones:
what you can do is take conditioner and mix it with Cinamon, a tablespoon honey, and a tablespoon lemonand mix until it becomes a brown paste. l
et the paste stand for an hour and apply all over hair!
it dries, sleep with overnight. GREAT smelling, works for dark hairs too.
brings out alittle red:)

for dark/light hair:
take 3 parts water to one part honey and sleep with overnight.. add a tablespoon honey, too.
make camomil tea and put it in a spray bottle, spray on hair every morning after shower:) dont mind about the rinceing.

for dyed hair:
what works best on dyed hair is lemon beacuse it's really strong. if you have a poor scalp or weak damaged hair DO NOT USE. try honey recipie instead.

im useing this now, will see if it works. i expect it will, the recipe makes sence and the engridients are good.
if you have any further hair questions you can email me on
[email protected]
ill be glad to help.

LOVED THIS Comments By: Kaylah on 2010-01-08
Its winter and my hairs not had the sun for a while, so was getting a pretty dark/ dull blonde colour. The first time i used it i didnt notice a difference but the second time i let the mixture sit much longer and got MUCH better results! Soo happy this worked since the ingredients are natural and appear to do no damage to my hair! :)
waste of time for brunettes Comments By: micky on 2010-01-13
i have medium brown hair and i tryed this and it did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to it- i left it in for 40 minutes too! total waste of time
slighty works Comments By: nat on 2010-01-16
i have dark brown hair and it's still half drying at the moment and i can see that it's working it's gieven my ends a slighty reddish colour like what i wanted...quite amazing how fast it works
so i believe if i kept doing it it would get way lighter...so yes it does work for brown hair

does it work Comments By: anon on 2010-01-21
does it work with a normal teabag and no parsley or do you have to use them all
Subtle but there Comments By: Monica on 2010-01-23
I have naturally dark blonde hair that tends to get a few highlights in the summer sun, but since I tend to keep my sun exposure to a minimum to protect my skin, I use a water/lemon juice mix in a small spray bottle to speed the process along.

Now that it's the middle of winter, my hair has taken on a rather blah color (neither blonde nor brown). I just finished this process, and I'm quite pleased with the results. Here's what I did:

1. I put the 2 cups of water in a pot, let it begin to simmer, then added the parsley and lemon juice.
2. Meanwhile, I heated 2 cups of water in an enamel bowl in the microwave, then added 2 chamomile tea bags to steep. I read on another site that using metal pots to heat chamomile mixtures interferes with the chamomile's lightening qualities, so I played it safe with the enamel bowl.
3. After the water/parsley/lemon juice mixture had simmered for 15 minutes, I took it off the stove and let it sit for a few hours while the chamomile continued to steep in the bowl.
4. Finally, I combined everything in a large plastic bowl and carefully dipped my hair into the bowl. After all of my hair was wet, I wrung it out over the bowl and twisted it into a knot.
5. I waited 40 minutes, then blow-dried my hair almost completely dry.

What I notice now is that my hair is an overall lighter color. Like most people, my hair's lighter on top and darker on the bottom, and it seems like those proportions have stayed the same--they're just both a tiny shade lighter. I would definitely NOT recommend this process for someone who wants to go from dark brown to platinum blonde, because it just doesn't work that way. This mixture is not going to bleach your hair, and I doubt your friends will notice a dramatic difference after just one use. For me, that was kind of the point--I wanted to subtly and naturally lighten my hair and avoid that icky dark roots look.

I would recommend this process for someone with untreated hair that gets natural highlights in the sun. Any other shade probably won't see the desired results.

This Does Not Work Comments By: Anon on 2010-02-03
I have dirty Blond hair and i tryed this to lighten it abit.. and Nothing :|
No change at all.. it doesn't work

Advice?? Comments By: Anon on 2010-02-03
I have a 10 yr old daughter, who has very light strawberry blonde hair, which she hates! Given her age and hair colour should I give this a try???
Is it necessary to sit in the hot sun? Comments By: Jade on 2010-02-03
Can we use this solution in the house or do we need to sit in the sun?
my skin has a lot of sun damage and i cant afford frying in the sun.
Also, I'm Asian. i have black hair. will it work for me? if so what color can i expect?

Question Comments By: Brooke Newman on 2010-02-10
Instead of lemon could you use lime?
Dark Brown Dyed Hair to Lighter Brown Comments By: Suzette on 2010-03-30
Ok. So I tried it the other night and even though I didn't have any parsley, and only 2 lemons, after leaving it on my hair for almost 2 hours, then blow-dried it, then rinsed it out, it DID lighten my hair about a shade lighter. It was very subtle, but after washing it with clarifying shampoo a couple of days in a row, it's now about 2 shades lighter. So to answer your question "Does it work on DYED/COLOR-TREATED HAIR?" Yes it does. However, I would recommend using the lemon juice inside the plastic lemons and rinse your hair with more lemon juice before washing it out with clarifying shampoo. Also, it probably would have been more effective to go out in the sun but I did it at night.
Color-Treated Dark Haired Ladies Stay Tuned..... Comments By: Suzette on 2010-03-26
Like most of the brunettes on here who are afraid to try this for fear that their hair will come out orange, I will try this tonight & let you know if it worked on my color-treated, dark brown hair. Also, just a couple of tips I've learned....If your hair comes out too orange & you want to darken it, rinsing it with black coffee actually worked for me. Also, if you have your hair high-lighted & you can't see the high-lights, wash your hair with Dawn. It brings out the blond in your hair, BUT it's very harsh & drying so be to use a deep conditioner afterwards. Secrets your hairdresser won't tell you!
Dark Hair? Comments By: Alison Newton on 2010-03-27
I have dark hair and would like it to be a shade lighter or have highlights. Would this tip work on dark hair? and Would it still work without the parsley?
Tea Comments By: Jessica N. on 2010-04-01
Does it have to be chammomile tea? Or will green tea work?
ok Comments By: JASON on 2010-04-06
hi tipking im a 13 year old boy and im mixed with black and white my hair is light black do you think this will hope i hope it does im not looking for blonde maybe a dirty blonde at least but would you say it works for me
why Comments By: TOK on 2010-04-07
why did it not work for me im so upset lteraly write now i just went and bout everything why
Lovely Hair Lightener Comments By: Jacqueline on 2010-04-17
Okay so I read through all of these comments and some of them made me super scared that my hair would turn hideous colors. I was this close to not doing it but then my sister decided to do it with me so we made a slight variation of it. Less water, more lemon, no parsley, then we put it in a plant sprayer and went out into the backyard. We spent four and a bit hours out there, spraying our hair again whenever it dried.
It did make our hair super dry but after it dried after five or so applications I took a shower and washed my hair with Neutrogena Triple Moisture Shampoo, followed by Herbal Essences Hydralicious shampoo then conditioner. I combed my hair in the shower then wrapped it in a microfiber towel. When I blow dryed it ten minutes later, I put the heat setting on low and dryed normally. It worked pretty well. I'm originally an ashy blonde and this made me have more platinum-y highlights and it lightened my hair overall. My sister is a golden brunette and the lower parts stayed pretty dark but the top part got more dark blonde highlights. We both look great. Keep in mind that this probably won't work so well on darker hair, or overly colored hair (neither of us had ever colored our hair). Pretty much, this worked really well for lightening already fairly light hair. Be careful if you're going to be sitting outside for as long as we did though, because we both ended up a little burnt! All in all good ideas and recipe but feel free to change it up, because we both ended up more beautiful than before. And also, our legs are nice and tanned now!!!! Don't worry about this recipe since there aren't chemicals it's safe and it works, but not way too quickly! <3

Question Comments By: kaelie on 2010-05-17
do you have to be in the sun for this to work???
answer me :) Comments By: leila on 2010-06-02
i have dark brown hair and everyone is
saying that it dies blonde???
i only want it a bit lighter like golden brown what do i have to do? or will it work?

and..can i use normal tea ??

It works Comments By: Brittany on 2010-06-04
I tried this and it worked for me!
I have medium brown hair and I bought the individual tea bags and did almost 2 cups of water for three tea bags.
Boiled the water with the parsley in it and then put the water into a glass container and put the tea bags in it cause if you use a metal pot it can react with the tea and not work as well. I then added the lemon juice. I stuck the container in the microwave for about 5 minutes, took it out, and waited till it cooled. Then I poured all through my hair several times to make sure it was soaked. Then I left it like that for about 40 minutes (it was cloudy that day) and I dried it with a blow dryer and it was a little lighter!!! I am going to keep doing this for a while so it will get lighter and lighter each time. I think I might need to do four tea bags for 2 cups of water...i will try that tomorrow.

question Comments By: eimear on 2010-06-09
hey my hair is medium to light brown and when i use lemon it doesnt work nd id love my hair to be more blonde is their any way to do that if this doesnt work............... ps..... it has to be done naturally............
Seems cool... should I try it ?? Comments By: Emilia on 2010-06-13
I'm just curious about something. I have medium length dark brown hair. It has no chemicals, and naturally dark brown. In the sun, it's lighter. I have all the ingredients, but I'm wondering about the procedures.

Do you wash your hair first ?? (and wait until dry)
OR do you have the substance on your hair and THEN wash you hair ??
Plus, by wash: does it mean rinsing or shampoo-ing ??

And one LAST question:
Does it work on brunettes ??
And about how many times should we do it ??

Going to try it tonight Comments By: Sarah on 2010-06-28
I've bleached my hair once then dyed it ash blonde. it didn't turn out quite the right color and i want it a bit lighter. I was very glad to find that parsley is a toner b/c I had been looking for one where I wouldn't have to drive an hour to a hair care store. hopefully it will work and be a bit noticeable.
worked, but not much Comments By: Sarah on 2010-06-28
I said a few hours ago that i would give this a try and i did. It lightened my hair slightly but it didn't help the orange color go away though i was hoping it would. the parts that were already a medium blonde didn't lighten much at all, though they did a little pit. the parts at the ends that didn't bleach as well were still a light brown and one use of this has effectively turned them to a dirty blonde. I'm going to do this two more times as that is all the chamomile tea i have and see how it turns out. I'm terribly worried about the orange as i have some activating peroxide and some purple hair dye left from where my brother did his hair. hopefully diluting the purple and using it as a toner will take care of the orange yellow effect. though I'm worried that it will fade rather quickly.
Question??? Comments By: brit on 2010-06-29
im about to try this for the first time. I have dark blonde hair, im excited to see how this works. LAter i plan to go swimming in a pool though, will the bleach have some sort of effect on this???
Changed a little bit Comments By: Khloe on 2010-07-01
I used it once and it worked a little but the second timei changed it. I wanted a little bit of a red shine in addition to the lighter hair. I boiled two cups of water and added a chamomile tea bag and a black tea bag and an orange tea bag. I then added a cinamon stick because cinamon lightens hair and i added a fourth cup of lemon juice and three drops of red food colouring. It was exactly what i wanted! I now have strawberry blond hair and i used to have medim brown!!!
Listen up people! Comments By: Maggalie♫ on 2010-07-14
Ok for one, I absolutely KNOW that this will work on my hair, and I really don't care if it turns green! (cuz actually that would be kinda cool!:)) And you stupid people PLEASE stop telling these people it will not work! Everyone's hair type is D-I-F-F-E-R-E-N-T!! So stop making these people upset! that is just cruel! Oh and btw, I am sooo going to try this, I've already done some pretty wacky things to my hair in the past, so this shouldn't even make a difference! (I've died it dark auburn, purple, dark brown, I've put actual bleach in my hair, tried peroxide, and I've cut my own hair) :D
I have naturally BLACK hair but because I swim, i have some brown highlights that can be seen in the sun/when there is light.
I soaked my hair in this mixture for about 35 min. I do not notice a difference in my hair color. I did not use parsley.

Brunette... Comments By: Mollie on 2010-08-08
Will this work on dark brown hair? If not do you know any other recipe that will make dark hair lighter? Thanks.
Works a bit Comments By: De on 2010-08-13
My hair is dark brown/black and I tried this last night. After I put it on I blow dried it and my hair had this light brown-ish shine to it. Although it didn't stay that way for a while. I'm going to try it several times and see what happens.
READ THIS BRUNETES! Comments By: Mollie on 2010-08-14
I have darkish brown hair and I used water, cammomile tea, parsley, honey and lemon and simmerd it til it started bubbling a little bit and then i left it in for 40-45 mins and then rinsed it out and blow dried and then the next morning i had some golden highlights and i did it again the next day and it got a bit lighter so for dark brunettes just do it every day in 2 weeks or more and add honey as it mas he hair goldish, so it might not work for every1 w dark brown hair but give it a go x
To "Khloe" Comments By: Emma on 2010-08-21
I've just tried out your rememdy of using cinnamon, lemon, orange tea, black tea, and chamomile tea.
It's the second time I use it, but still there is no effect what-so-ever. How long did you leave it in your hair; I've put the substance on for an hour each. Was it too short? To even make sure that my hair would turn lighter, I even blow-dried it for the last 10 minutes of the hour. Was it wrong?

I really expected a lot; and to say the truth, I was disappointed. It made my hair a lot smoother though. Really silky smooth. That, I was happy about.

So please "Khloe", what exactly did you do? I have medium length dark brown hair.I don't want it until strawberry blonde, but just golden brown.

Thank you.

helppp Comments By: hello on 2010-08-27
do you need the sun to make this work? or will a hairdryer work?
how long does it last? Comments By: nevermind on 2010-08-29
how long does the effect last?will my hair get dark again after some days?
how long does it last? Comments By: nevermind on 2010-08-29
how long does the effect last?will my hair get dark again after some days?
Bleached blonde Comments By: Laura on 2010-09-03
Will this work on my bleach blonde hair??
wet or dry hair Comments By: amira on 2010-09-08
i love the idea..
does the hair have to be wet or dry at the beginningdo this... please answer i really want to :) can u help me.

Red Comments By: mary on 2010-09-23
i had dirty blonde hair and i dyed it and it looked red. i dyed it again and it is back to normal. if i put this on will my hair go red again?
Hair. Comments By: Leanne on 2010-11-17
i died my hair last night quite dark brown but it was supposed to be medium brown my natural hair is quite a browny ginger colour and will it go back to ginger or just lighten my dyed hair ?
Cilantro? Comments By: Ashley on 2010-11-21
If you don't have parsley isn't cilantro the sane thing? Please answers bc I'm going on a cruise in a month an I want my hair lighter!!
dark hairr Comments By: Kate on 2010-11-26
i have dark brown hair sometimes mistaken for black.. will this help make it a light brown or will my hair turn red??
I have seen it work Comments By: Abbie on 2010-12-21
Yesterday I tried this on a few of my friends. One of them, who had mousy brown hair, could now be classified as blonde. It looks great on her and she was really happy with the results. Another friend, who's hair was slightly darker, now has sort of golden highlights through her hair and it is perhaps a shade lighter. I have dark brown hair and didn't really see any change on myself, but it definately worked on my friends. Thanks! They love it.
Advice? Comments By: Ebony on 2011-01-04
I've been dying my hair for years.. It's naturally a really light ginger. At the minute its dyed purple&black. I was wondering if it would work on my hair or be a waste of time? Thanks.
Dyed hair Comments By: Rach on 2011-01-09
I have naturally red hair and got blonde tints put through it a few weeks ago... I can't go any blonder without using bleach so I was wondering if this would work on dyed hair? Don't wanna wreck my hair!!! Anyone tried it?
This is a very old remedy used by European women for hundreds of years. Comments By: postchemo moni on 2011-01-26
I'm appalled by some of the questions such as 'what is parsley', and 'can I use any tea'. The original poster of this must be ripping out her blonde locks! lol It also seems that no one reads the full board before asking questions.

My hair is just growing back in after having chemotherapy for breast cancer. As predicted, it's coming back in darker and I'm naturally a medium blonde. Thanks for reminding me about this wonderful tonic. I'll start using it tomorrow, and no, I do not have any further questions. This is very straight forward. Sorry ladies, but I'm surprised by some of the questions.

can't wait to go to the market! Comments By: Renee on 2011-02-25
This is so cool - I live in Russia - very little sun & I can't find any highlighters - only dyes that I'm afraid to use (I don't want that red look). But, I can find everything at the corner market! horah!
worked for me! Comments By: Samantha on 2011-03-24
I tried dying my hair blonde yesterday and it turned out darker than my medium brown hair with highlights, I tried this today and its not a mousy brown anymore it's more brown with golden blonde and I will continue to do this for the next few weeks until my mom dyes it bright blonde :) thanks!
Help Comments By: Marilyn Roberts on 2011-03-24
I have strawberry blonde hair but it also has orange in it and sometimes it looks red, mostly when its wet. i want blonde hair and i need something that works, if i try this would my hair turn red? please help me
strawberry blonde Comments By: danielle pachtman on 2011-03-24
i was wondering, i have strawberry blonde hair and if i did this would it turn red, because i do have an orangey tone but its mostly strawberry blonde. I have a fear of it turning red so please let me know, i DO NOT want my hair to turn anymore redder
HELP! Comments By: Dee on 2011-03-25
My natural hair color is a medium/light brown. i have died it black. and now its growin out. there is still a lot of black in it but some is brown too. i have mousse in my hair & i was wondering if i should wash my hair out so there is abosolutely no chemicals in it & THEN try this procedure? or can i do it with my hair having mousse in it
subtle highlights that look lovely Comments By: lynda on 2011-03-28
i tried this tip and it works really well
gave my hair some really nice subtle colour through it and came out soft as well.

Haven't tried it yet... Comments By: Kat on 2011-03-29
How light will my hair go if my natural hair colour is very dark brown? Because I don't want my hair blond, i just want it a lighter brown.
A little scared.. Comments By: Kelsey on 2011-03-31
Well i've been getting bleach blonde highlights put in my hair, and i really want to try this, but i'm just wondering will it go a weird colour because of the bleach in my hair?
? Comments By: Carmen on 2011-04-18
is this only for head hair or can it be used over body?
and does it bleach skin?

best idea ever Comments By: dill on 2011-04-23
omg my hair is blonde now
everyone this stuff works on light brown hair its amazing man

Confused Comments By: Anon on 2011-05-17
I have sandy blond hair but I want it to be more golden. Would this make my hair super light or give me the results I want?
Darky Comments By: John on 2011-06-07
Hello???????? Shud I keep out the water? I have black hair FYI
without chamomile tea Comments By: lenn on 2011-07-14
will it works with parsley of packets not fresh parsley ,water and lemon only?
I got dark brown hair Comments By: ccc-dizzle on 2011-07-27
I got dark brown hair and i was wondering but if i used more lemon juice, kept water concentrate same and 2 tablespoons of parsley, would this most likely be effective like how a lighter colour hair would turn out.
another question Comments By: ccc-dizzle on 2011-07-27
if my dark brown hair goes lighter should i keep trying it until i get the result i want somewhere between light ash brown, dirty blonde or copper blonde. (another thing is that people said it would contrast my dark brown eyes to look heaps darker and my thin brown eyebrows they arent dark).
Help Comments By: BreakBone on 2011-08-06
Will it work on people with black hair color? I want to color my arm hair. Btw does it work in other places than the head? Answerr. [email protected]

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