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Stop flea invasion with "GARLIC@BREWS YEAST"

Submitted by TAFFY

Here is a very simple recipe for flea problems. Just mix � teaspoon of brewers yeast that you can buy at your local health food store and � spoon of organic garlic, ground not powder and the fresher the better. This is also very good in the prevention of heart worm.

Both ingredients should be organic to insure it�s free from all pesticides and chemicals of any kind. Do the very best for your babies and with this, you are doing just that!

Visitors comments

How much to use? Comments By: Carmellyn on 2005-07-16
I assume the pets are to eat this. If so, how much should they eat and how often?
and??? Comments By: scoop on 2006-02-28
do you shake it on them like powder,or do thet eat it?how do we give it to the pets.

Tipking says: The tip is a little unclear. however I have done a little searching and YES you do sprinkle it on their food. Also there is evidence that brewer's yeast controls worms. Do the following search at Google with these 4 words .... garlic brewer's yeast fleas

Fresh Raw Garlic Comments By: Raine on 2006-12-07
My daughter is a vet and has always given her dogs FRESH raw garlic and brewers yeast (yeast sprinkled in the food) though it isn't advisable to give either of them too much garlic as a large amount will cause toxicity - this could mean death to your pet friend. What is too much? Simple: 20 grams per kilo weight. 1 kilo is 2.2 pounds.
Ground, powdered, dried, minced garlic has no medicinal or parasitic effect in it as it has been removed by cutting, slicing, drying it out. Fresh garlic is the best for it to work. Fresh raw garlic contains thiosulphanates. Of the thiosulphanates, allicin is the one that is the dominant one and the one you NEED for parasites/viral things. FRESH RAW GARLIC!! Unless you get FREEZE DRIED garlic, use it raw. Crush it or slice it, then pop it into your pet's mouth. (you have about 20 seconds before it starts to deteriorate)
Most dogs will accept it but if they don't, just squish it to break it - then either pop it down the back of your dogs or cats mouth or hide it in a bit of bread and let them chew it. yes, I have done this to my cats as well and most of them end up tolerating me doing it. Another alternative is putting it IN their food and watching as they eat everything BUT the garlic!! lol I have even steeped garlic - a whole bulb pulled into cloves - in hot water and put into a spray bottle after it has cooled and sprayed ON the animal, as fleas do not like the SMELL of it either. But you would have to do that task on an almost twice daily occurence to have the same effect, plus their bedding etc etc. You KNOW the drill!!


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