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Job Interviews � Tips and Ideas for an interview

Getting a new job is difficult, all types of interviews can be rougher than expected if you have not been practicing up on your job seeking, answering, and communication skills. In this article, I want to give you a few more tips about how to have a successful job interview.

If you find it hard to remember many of the tips, you might want to ask a friend to give you a few job interviews, and then even tape yourself while your friend is interviewing you so you can go over your answers, how you look, and how you act during the job interview. One great interview can lead to your dream job!

Most job seekers do not like the interview process, it is often stuffy and a controlled atmosphere. In order to get that dream job you are going to have to overcome these problems and feeling of stuffiness, and of not being familiar with others so you can communicate effectively during the entire process. 

It is most important to practice what you can about the job interview. If you have to practice by yourself, then it is necessary that you tape yourself doing it. If you can get a friend to help you out you are going to learn to be more sincere and talk about what you should be conveying in the interview. 

Sit in front of the mirror and look at how you sit when you are talking. Watch your mouth move so that you are pronouncing your words fully and making your voice is heard. You can record yourself talking so that you can practice talking louder and with a better sounding voice, even though none of us likes to hear our voices on a machine!

Put your clothes on that you are going to wear for an interview. If you are not used to wearing dress clothes too often, this is going to help you get used to wearing your dress clothes so that you can comfortably sit, walk and wait during your interview. 

If you are uncomfortable in your clothes during an interview, pulling at your clothes, or re arranging your clothes, others are going to notice. When you are more comfortable in your clothes, you are going to be able to focus on what you are saying and how you are saying it, which is more important that what you are wearing. 

Be pleasant, polite and friendly with those you are meeting before and during your interview process. The secretary is often asked their opinion of those who are in the waiting room, so it is important to remember to be polite with all of the people that you come into contact with. In some circumstances, many people are going to be interviewing at the same time, or at least on the same day so it is possible that you are going to run across some people who are a little frazzled. Being nice and friendly is going to make you memorable to those you could possibly be working with later on. 

Remember when you are out on a job interview, no matter what type of job it is, you have something to sell � yourself! Act as if you want the job bad enough that you are willing to put your all into the job and your actions will speak louder than words ever could. 

Try not to be a flirt when you are going on a job interview. A flirt can make some people very uncomfortable, and they will wonder what will happen in the long run if you were to work at that company. Your behavior must portray that you are strictly business, no fun, and games or the person interviewing you could be uncomfortable with your behavior. This same train of thought is important to follow when you are talking with a secretary or another person that you meet at the company. 

If you don�t like how a conversation is going when you are having an interview, like it is going to far into your personal life, without having a bearing on the job that you would be performing. Make the best of the situation and ask a question that will steer the conversation into another direction. 

Be sure to arrive at your job interview on time. If you are late for a job interview, you only are going to show your potential employer that you are not really respecting his or her company and time by showing up late. If you are late, be sure that you offer your apologies and any type of excuse that is going to fairly make up for your being late. Being late for an interview is going to be a negative mark on your interview to begin with and you really cannot afford that if this is your dream job. 

When you are asked if you have a preference for when your job interview will take place, try to make it in the middle of the day or at least late morning. Early mornings are hectic at any job, and the late afternoons are difficult times for those who have been stressed all day with their duties. 

Another time you should consider avoiding an interview is the first thing on a Monday morning when the business is just opening. There are many interruptions during this time that could be a negative on your interview even though it is not really your fault at all. People get busy and tired, so aim to schedule your interview for late morning or early afternoon when possible.

Follow up and send a Thank you note to the person that you had an interview with. Send out your Thank you note the day of your interview, so the person is going to receive it in plenty of time before they are finished with all the other interviews, and this person is going to keep you fresh in their minds when making a decision.

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