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Five Tips for a Career Change

Tired of the same old job? Does getting up in the morning seem to be a major problem because you don�t like your current job much? 

You can make changes in your career, get a new job, have fun at your job and you may even love a new career if you just put a little thought into it. Changing jobs and getting your dream job is not going to happen over night, but as you make changes in yourself, and you learn more about yourself, you will find your dream job is just an interview away. 

First, you have to find out what your dream career really is. What you should really start with is a listing of five to ten things that you really enjoy. Maybe this listing would include: teaching, mechanics, painting, fixing things in the house, growing flowers, or maybe it is surfing the net or creating web sites. 

Look around your life. Everything that you do, see, taste, touch, feel and want � are created by others, sold by others and there are companies that are focused in niche markets. Perhaps you love collecting stamps; there are hundreds of companies that are focused on buying, selling, and appraising stamps. Your dream job is just a matter of finding what you like the most and making that dream a reality. 

Most of us made our career choices in our early twenties before we even really knew what we loved in life, what we enjoyed and before we experienced the world. Changing jobs in your later life of our thirties, forties and even in your fifties is not as difficult as what it might have been just twenty years ago. 

Now that you have decided on a few choices of what you might like your dream job to be you can move on to the next step in getting to your dream career. 

Secondly, learn more about what this dream job entails. Do you have to have a special education? Do you need to have special skills? Maybe you have to go to school for a year, or perhaps you just need to take a course to learn this skill. Sometimes, if you don�t want to go to school you have the option of doing an internship and getting the same life experiences as you would in school. 

Find out exactly what you would need to get that dream job that you are seeking and find out how to get the skills you need. You may be one of the lucky and already posses the skills to get your dream job without having to go to school so you could skip the step of obtaining the skills needed to get your dream job. 

Third, compare what you are currently earning to what you could earn at your dream job. You have compiled a listing of different types of dream jobs, and what interests you the most. How much can you earn in a week compared to what you are earning now? Do you need to make more? Can you settle for less? Is it important that you like your job or that you are making a ton of money. These are some of the �topics� that only you can decide upon when deciding on what your new dream job is going to be and what you are going to do in your new career. 

Fourth, does your dream job fit where you live now or will you have to move. Are there various types of this career open for you or do you have a very limited niche job opportunity that you have to strive to get? Sometimes what you really are interested in is only available in certain areas of the country or possibly in larger cities. It could also be that your dream job and career is not something that could happen in a large setting. 

Learn more about what types of settings your dream careers take place in so you can make the decision about what type of career change and career move you are going to make. Once your decisions about what type of careers interest you most, that fits your personal budget needs, and is located within your personal choices, you are then set to complete the decision making process and get after that dream job. 

Fifth, prepare for the dream job and get it! From your listing of careers and dream jobs that you listed when you first started reading this article, cross off the jobs that do not fit your special skill listing or a skill that you are willing to obtain. Cross off the jobs that do not fit where you live or where you want to live. Take the time to investigate and learn more about what each particular job has to offer as far as money, benefits, and making you truly happy. Then you are ready to pursue your dream job full force!

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