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Hand treatment. Make your own homemade hand treatment

Submitted by kimberley

You can make a quick, inexpensive hand treatment by mixing 1 Tbs. olive oil and one Tbs. sugar. Massage this mixture over your fingers and on the tops of your hands. After 2 minutes, rinse well with water. The sugar is a natural exfoliant and the olive oil leaves your skin silky and smooth!

Visitors comments

wow!!!!!!! Comments By: Amy on 2005-03-28
This is incredible. I used it before I went to bed and when I went to school the next morning, everyone was feeling my hands (Even this goreous guy that I like)
somebodys hands Comments By: ciarafan on 2005-04-12
This works wonders. It was great. I feel Like I have somebody elses hands. If you massage the sugar in firmly, it leaves you hands feeling tingly.
amazing Comments By: Lisa on 2005-04-30
this really works, I used it before I went to bed and my hands felt so much softer and smoother.
its a miracle!!! Comments By: Anon on 2005-05-18
This worked soo great. everyone should try it. thanks soo much. my hands are smoother than they have ever been. thanks again!
WOOOOOOOOWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!! Comments By: gapbaby on 2005-05-22
I didn't think it would work as well as it did. I used the mixture on my hands and feet and they look just like i got a mani and pedi
O.M.G Comments By: nina on 2005-07-06
jeez, this tip is THE BEST
i didnt think it could work that well but my hands feel AMAZING
thankyou so much
try this!!

Cheeper Comments By: Mackie on 2005-07-10
I use to buy something like it. Now it cheep and I can make it. Thanks so MUCH
IT's 4 real Comments By: Ashley on 2005-07-19
well it really does work but the thing i don't get is how long it work
I have a q Comments By: Sexy teen on 2006-10-21
can you use like water or something else instead of olive oil?
anyone can answer!
thats alot

:-) Comments By: Becca & Jade on 2007-08-23
Worked mint! Got lovely soft hands now thanks!
HMM! Comments By: husna on 2008-01-10
I know that olive oil works wonders for the skin, havent tried this, but wud want to badly. Can anyone jus tell me if this can be applied before retirin to bed?
PANTS!!! Comments By: mna on 2008-03-17
just makes your skin fel greessy and stinkyy What a load of rubbish!!
ohyes Comments By: naomi on 2008-08-20
This is AMAZING. My mum has this expensive sugar scrub stuff, but she agrees that this is even better
this is what i say Comments By: je on 2009-08-04
how many of these comments were planted??? honestly, i don't think we can believe half of them.
This Scrub Has A Few Uses :) Comments By: Bethany on 2009-12-17
This is a very sound treatment that does work! Investigate the ingredients of the crap most company's manufacture. A good 90% of them contain methyl/parabens as a preservative. Seriously folks.. All that mum about Red Dye #40 causing.. ADHD (was it? Or was it autism?)... One of the main ingredients is methyl. Methyl is also an ingredient used in many harsh chemical cleaners and formaldehyde. Is that what you want absorbed into your skin?? I dunno about the couple of you who dogged on this, but I know that I don't want that kind of garbage absorbing into my body. Its a body scrub made with oil - this means rinse at as hot as a temp as you can without being pained or burning yourself.

Other uses: (if you make in larger batch)

Facial Exfoliant.
Pre-Shave Treatment - Rub on legs or armpits approximately 5 minutes before you shave. Rinse, shave. Leaves legs and armpit area feeling very soft! It also helps eliminate the need for deodarant if you splash in some cinnamon, almond extract, and/or coco.

And... Comments By: Bethany on 2009-12-17
Sometimes I'll use vegetable oil instead of olive oil.. works great.

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