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Job Hunting. Advice for Successful Job Hunting

If you are looking for a new career or if you are currently not working at all, an important part of the job hunting is preparing yourself mentally, getting through the interview, and following up with all types of leads. To aid you in your job-hunting process, I am going to go over the basics of the job hunt, so you can find that dream job that is out there waiting for your somewhere!

First let�s talk about mentally preparing yourself. 
From picking up the newspaper to filling out the application or sending out a resume and showing up for an interview, you need to feel that you are trying for the most important job ever. Even if you are applying for a job at the local fast food restaurant, making your attitude appear that you are applying for an important job, this will be expressed in your actions, how you walk and in how you talk. 

The person who shows the most interest, who shows and reveals that they truly want any job, is more likely to get it. If you show up at a job interview only to answer what exactly was asked of you, you are not putting your best effort forward. Make every resume professional, fill out every application carefully including the smallest details, and carry on conversations as if you are truly interested and you will find a job is easier to come by. 

Keeping your mind on getting a job can be difficult if you have been turned away from various positions. Focus on the positive and remind yourself to keep going, keep going and keep going a little further, and you will land a job. 

Follow Up with all Types of Leads 
Tell everyone that you know and that you come into contact with that you are looking for a job, a new career. The more people that you tell the more leads that can possibly come your way. If you are searching for a job in a specialized area, be sure to let everyone know this as well. 

Where will leads come from? Leads are going to come from word of mouth, from your aunt to your mother, from the neighbor down the street to your roommate and so on. You can find leads to all types of jobs in the newspapers, and in magazines that are focused on jobs in your area. Each state, county, or area has at least two newspapers that you will want to read to find all of the leads on jobs. 

Local employment agencies and government run agencies will have job leads that are posted periodically. Checking on line or offline with these agencies you can often find job leads that are in your specific area of expertise. 

On line, additional job sites and job positing sites will have some leads to your local area. These are more �hit and miss� in your local area unless you live in a highly populated area, or a bigger city. Look for newspapers, magazines, and employment sites online that target your area. Radio and television sites that target your area are often known to have classified listings you can access fast and free to follow up on leads. 

The Job Interview 
When you have landed an opportunity for a job interview, you are one step closer to getting that job! Now you are faced with a few things, such as getting your expertise across to the employer, to express your interest in this job, and to complete the interview in a professional manner. 

To express yourself in a professional manner, you will need to show up on time, dress for success (professionally) and you need to have good posture. Part of expressing yourself includes your posture, which is how you carry yourself. A straight back and a quick walk showing others that you are confident about who you are and where you are going. Slouching shows others that you are not too proud, and not very confident. 

Dressing for success is the wardrobe that you wear that is going to fit the job that you are interviewing for. If you are interviewing for a mechanics position, a business suit is going to be over doing it. If you are applying for an executive position, jeans or casual wear is under dressing. Dress for success wearing the type of clothing the person in the position (the job) would be wearing. 

For any interview, have a copy of your resume and a business card. Even if you don�t have a job right now, a business card with your contact information is a must have. A resume is needed to supplement what the interviewer has. Possibly the person interviewing you does not even have your resume so your giving the potential employer another copy is needed. 

If offered a job interview, always be on time or early if you can. Employers are going to notice, when you are not on time. If you come to the interview late, the employer is thinking are you going to be on time for work.

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