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Drycleaners Secrets

The clothes that are in your closet, the drapes that hang on your windows and even the bedspreads that cover your bed are all things that could need dry cleaning. Do you own lots of things that are constantly taken to the drycleaners? We have compiled a pile of hints about the dry cleaners so you can take full advantage of the services that a dry cleaner offers. 

While the dry cleaners is not a magical process, the process is a technical one that uses various types of machinery and cleaning methods for different items and types of materials. If you have a dry clean only item or material, be sure to always leave the tag on the fabric so when you do take it to the dry cleaner, they can refer back to the information on the tag and know exactly what type of materials they are working with. 

If you like to save up your dry cleaning and only take it to the dry cleaners every month or two, you should sort out your clothes by color and keep a list for yourself of what you are sending to the dry cleaners. If you send out ten blouses but get eleven back in return you know you have too many, just as if you only get nine back, you want to look for the other one that is missing. 

Keeping a listing of your dry cleaning also helps you remember about how much your bill is going to be because you have a listing of what you have taken to the dry cleaners. 

Before taking your items and putting them in the pile for any amount of time, you will want to make a note of stains and what the stains are that you are putting in the pile. Pinning a note or making a note for the dry cleaners so you do not forget to mention any types of stains will help your dry cleaner get those stains out for you. It is hard to get some types of stains out when you do not know what they are. 

One of the best things to look for when you are shopping for a dry cleaner of your own liking is one that works to use the correct chemicals on stains. If you are talking with a dry cleaner that does not really know the process, maybe you should be seeking out another dry cleaner that can understand what is going on with your valuables. 

The second most important thing to look for when you are choosing a dry cleaner is one that will continually press your clothes in just the right manner. Clothes that come back wrinkled are difficult to get pressed correctly at home. When you find a dry cleaner that presses clothes on the seams where they should be and doesn�t have creases where they shouldn�t be you know you found a good one! 

After any clothing is pressed at the dry cleaners, it should be hung on a hanger and covered with a bag. The bag keeps the clothing clean until you get a chance to wear it again. The hanger is important to keep the wrinkles out of your clothes. 

Suits of all types that are going to the dry cleaners should be returned to you on a hanger that includes shoulder pads. The shoulder pads protect the suit and how the suit hangs. If your suits are not coming back on hangers that use shoulder pads you should take your suits off of those hangers right away to preserve the way that your suit is going to hang on your body. 

If you have a stain on an item that you like the most, you may want to take that item to the dry cleaners right away. Stains are most difficult to get out of any type of material if they have been sitting around for a few weeks. The fresher the stain, the easier the stain will come out of your favorite materials, drapes, and clothing. 

Be sure to take everything out of your pockets before taking your stuff to the dry cleaners. The dry cleaners will try their best to get stuff out of your pockets but sometimes there are things that can be forgotten. 

Metal like coins or buttons in pockets can leave marks on the materials when they are pressed. Tissues and papers can be burned when pressed or cleaned with certain chemicals. Try to remove all the stuff from your pockets so that accidents are prevented from ruining your clothing.

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