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What to do when a bird hit's a window.

Submitted by Da'Kine

When a bird hits a window, all you do is pick the bird up. Put it in one hand; cup your other hand over the bird loosely without touching it. Make sure the head is sticking out. After a couple minutes the bird comes out of shock and flies away. It works every time!

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The littel bird of life. Comments By: Anon on 2005-04-03
Thank you very much for this tip. my dad said that there was nothing we could do but I didn't belive that. I told my mom and she looked for the answer and she found this site. IT work like a charm and it felt great to have saved the littel bird. I hope that he can live with his frinds agian in peace.Thanks again for puting this tip on the web. Bye
Watch Out Comments By: Josie on 2005-04-29
My dad did this and it worked. However the bird was even more shocked to be in the hands of a human and it promtly pooped all over my dads hands. eeewwww!!!
Doesn't work!!!!!!! Comments By: Patti on 2005-05-26
It really doesn't save every bird. More often then not the birds that hit my windows break there neck and there isn't any saving them............God bless the ones that does live.....
Well... Comments By: Heather on 2006-01-27
It may help some birds, but most, that haven't broken their neck, are going to recover if given time. Birds are delicate and best not handled too much.
YAY! Comments By: Liz on 2009-03-13
This works great! Little birdy was in shock for a while, but she flew away after about 15 min. Thank you!
f cardinal saved Comments By: barb on 2011-07-31
I heard a thud on the window and saw a bird lying on patio. It looked dead. I went out to get it so my dogs wouldn't !! By the time I got out there it had moved a little but still lying on its side.
I ran in and put gloves on. I wanted to move her from the seething hot patio stone. She let me hold her. I prayed she would make it. After about 10 min I put her down in the grass. I kept her safe until suddenly she seemed more alert. She let me hold her again. I talked to her ...then all of a sudden she flew over to a fence. Then the sweetest thing....She flew to a tree....and here came a male cardinal. I felt so good!!!


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