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Eyeshadow. Marble effect eyeshadow

Submitted by Rachel

If you want a great look for you eyes, pick out two colors of eyeshadow that match you clothing. Next, put the darkest color on the outside of your eyes and put the lightest color on the inside. Blend it together right where the colors meet and badda bing badda boom, you look fab-u-lous!

Visitors comments

hm.... Comments By: meera on 2004-09-12
actually, you're supposed to put the darker color on the bottom, and lighter color on top. but anyways, good tip just the opposite way around
... Comments By: Sara on 2008-03-17
actually, rachels right...
It Is True! Comments By: Tonya on 2008-03-22
Sounds like it should be the other way around but I have tried both and the tip is the right way! lighter shawdow on the lid makes eyes look a lot bigger! It works! The person that said it is the other way around is wrong!

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