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Daughters. Showing that you care

Submitted by Kimie

Show your daughter some respect and she'll show you some. Don't argue or try to talk over them, listen to what they have to say. Give a little bit of trust and give some responsibility. Take things slow and don't assume all the time. Talk calmly and don't yell or fight about the little stuff.

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I agree exactly Comments By: Melanie on 2005-04-15
Parents never just sit down and listen to thier daughters. They always talk down on them, and never let them get thier word in and they always assume that something is going on.

If they give them some time and space then eventually you might have a better relationship.

You are brave and brilliant!! Comments By: Mary on 2005-09-20
We need to be parents, not friends. But our children still deserve respect. This will instill respecting others in their lives out of sheer example. Well done!

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