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Head lice. Get the nits out

Submitted by Helen

The most important thing to do when your children have head the lice is to make sure that you get ALL of the nits out. Nits are the eggs and will hatch.

Nits are the one thing that is not killed by any treatments, even the store treatments. You must pull them out by hand.

The following was sent in by tegala

Removing nits using braids
My daughter has had a terrible time this year. She has had head lice four separate occasions. The best way and the only way I have FINALLY gotten rid of these evil bastards is to take her hair and put it into four sections. Then take a quarter inch section and look through natural sunlight sideways and then up and down. Once u clear that u braid it in a little braid. Repeat and then when completely finished the entire head undo one braid at a time and look again. Its time consuming and u will have to clear your schedule but your child will not have to be sent home and be centered out at school. Hope this helps.

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Isn't there ANYTHING that aids in the removal of nits?? Comments By: Liz on 2005-05-23
I have 2 daughters who both now have bob haircuts, because of the constant head lice problem. They go to a not-so-nice school because of where my military husband is stationed, and have missed 28 days this year because of re-infestation.

There are three white girls who are sisters,-(as i have learned black people do not get, or give lice!)- who continue to reinfest the rest. The eggs on these girls' heads are QUITE visable. They keep returning to school the day after they are sent home according to my oldest, obviously without getting rid of them completely.

We will go a month or two without them. My girls are told not to go close to the other 3 girls, but kids will be kids. The school ignores my complaints, and concerns, and I even tried going the the girls' mom who has a low-income supporting her 4 children (3 girls) as a single mom, and she just simply cannot afford what's neccesary to shake the problem.

I have spent hundreds of dollars thru the school year, and have arranged for them to attend elsewhere next year.

My #1 question is, after you've used ALL THE MANY DIFFERENT TREATMENTS, and there happen to be a nit or two left you didn't see (until you realize you're re-infested)....... What can you do to make sure you got all the nits???

My youngest has very thin, silky, baby fine, blonde hair, and my oldest has dark, thick, brown hair. I can not stress enough, how many times I found nits that were so tiny, even my husband said, "How could you even see that??"!!!! Is there a natural home remedy rinse that will aid in the removal of the ones I don't see?

Please advise, and I will gladly pass it along to other financially exhaughsted parents who seem to endlessly become re-infested!!

Thank You!!
(Louisiana Military Wife)

TipKing says: The only cure is when they finally grow up and stop getting their heads near to other kids. Beleive you me I have been there with my kids. Chin Up

gotta get the nits Comments By: hope in iowa on 2005-08-07
you have to take lots of time to section out the hair and nit pick. i lay my kid on a bright white towel on the deck and after each pass with the comb..wipe with a paper towel. if you get a nit, change the paper towel. the lice meister comb is the only one that works and it is hard to find and expensive (about $11). i do this for about two week to make sure they don't reappear. also check each sibling and buzz-cut the boys!
Nits Comments By: Helen on 2007-10-03
Theres a new nit comb, designed by mums called a nittygritty. its got long prongs with a spiral on it and its ace. Shampoo and condition hair, leave conditioner on and take time combing through, going from top to bottom with the comb on top, and then with the comb underneath. Works a treat and gets the eggs out too!! Also dilute vinegar with tea tree and lavender is good but doesnt kill the eggs unfortunately. Stings a bit too according to my kids.
The De-Lousing Blues! Comments By: Kacee on 2008-09-16
To the first comment made, the one or two nits you may have missed should be taken care of in the second treatment after 5-7 days.

The gestation period of a nit is within 5-7 days and after they hatch it takes another week for them to be able to lay eggs.

That is why, therefore, they tell you to shampoo once, comb out most of the nits, wait 5-7 days and shampoo again. This process then eliminates the nymphs before they can lay more eggs.

And if you feel that you may have missed some, wait 3-5 more days and shampoo yet again!

By process of elimination, you continue to exterminate any live bug that may be able to lay said eggs.

Flat Iron the nits Comments By: Lena on 2008-09-25
Yep...I tried it all, vinagar, fine tooth comb, home remidies and I couldn't get them all out...last night I say down with my 7yo and sectioned off her hair and before I combed it I ran the flat Iron over each section. The nits cam right out with the comb...I fried those little bastards....The heat from the flat iron melts the stucky stuff that makes them stick to the hair. I checked her head this morning and there were almost no nits and the few I found came right out. I'm still going to re treat in 5 days but I am going to sit dwon again tonight and flat iron and comb!!
Thank you guys for this thread! Comments By: Endy on 2008-10-10
I have been getting desperate with this problem. My 7 year old got them at school and they have a zero nit policy. She missed 4 days 'cause it took that long to get her cleared. She has a long head of dark, very thick hair.

A few weeks later, there has been another infestation at her school. I'm going to try the flat-iron idea for sure.

Getting rid of nits Comments By: Jeanette on 2008-11-06

Nits are the cause of reinfestation. What you need to do is loosen the eggs. Flat iron can work but can damage some hair from the heat.

After shampooing, rinse the hair and scalp with vinegar until the nits are removed.

Natural and Safe Remedy Comments By: Jeanette on 2008-11-06
pi##ed off Comments By: jaclyn on 2009-03-08
returning from florida i look over and saw a bug in my two year old daughters hair.. needless to say PI##ED!!!.. we have tried everything, im desperate.. my sister is a nurse and the lady she works with (who has been doing this for 30 plus yrs) said to go to walgreens or walmart and get this stuff called queen halen conditioning cream.. no offense but its what many black people use.. needless to say they dont get the lice. anyways it sounds funny but slap that stuff all over your hair really heavy and then suran wrap your hair and leave it on over night.hopefully that worked for us.. well soon find out b/c i cant do this another day.

TipKing says: Oh you have my sympathy. My daughter suffered for years with this. Never really stopped until she went to the big school (age 11)

bit confused Comments By: karen on 2009-04-02
Please help ive been told Black people cant get nits .... is this true!

TipKing says: I do not think that that is correct.

nits and lies Comments By: gillian on 2009-04-22
nit suck i had them did not then did it sucks life sucks i trid a prescription called ovid it will brun but it works so ask your doctor. BY
Little sh*ts!! Comments By: Carime on 2009-07-02
I tried blow drying and flat ironing them little sh*ts and they came right out. I don't have time to pull them all out by hand anymore, I am so tired of that crap. Those bugs best not come back or I'm fry'in em!!
Tea tree oil Comments By: Kindergartener's Mamma on 2009-09-07
Just found out that a kindergartner in my son's class has head lice! I am so freaked out by these little things! Anyway, I was told if you add tea tree oil to your shampoo, the lice wont attach because they can't stand the stuff! I had bought some to help with break outs and it has a strong woodsy smell. Hope it works to keep from getting lice in the first place! They carry it in most pharmacy depts with the herbs. I also saw in a sale add a shampoo with tea tree oil already in it, so I may try that!
Non toxic natural nit-nurse Comments By: Peter boyd on 2009-10-12
Nit shampoo products are now widely available, but some of these contain strong chemicals such as permethrin. These toxic chemical-based treatments were initially considered an ideal solution in the treatment of head lice, but the chemicals come into direct contact with a childs delicate skin, sometimes causing rashes and irritations. Parents worried that these chemicals would be particularly uncomfortable for children suffering from dry skin conditions, such as eczema. Given that some children have to be treated for head lice several times a year, many parents prefer to opt for straightforward combing or use in conjunction with a non toxic, natural oil based treatment such as nit-nurse.

If you would like more information to get rid of nits with nit-nurse visit http://nit-nurse.com

Black Person Got Lice! Yikes!! Comments By: Frustrated Mom of 3 lice heads on 2009-12-30
We are an African-American/Indian family and our 2 children got lice, and infested me, their mom. It was the worst experience of our preschool life!!! I never worried b/c I heard black people don't get lice. Well, I tell you that is NOT so! The only reason A-As don't get them is b/c we tend to use grease in our children's hair and I hadn't been doing so. I've since become an olive oil and coconut oil junkie after this experience (can't go the mineral oil route though). The oily scalp, which helps to keep the hair super soft, deters the buggers from wandering around. And we don't wash our hair more than 1x/week as our hair is naturally very dry, porous, and thick.

BTW - Listerine killed the buggers. Vinegar didn;t work as well to loosen them for me. Flat ironing worked to weaken/kill the nits. Olive and coconut oil to loosen the nits (24 hours in hair) and soften the hair to make it very combable. And LiceMD comb seemed to catch all the nasty nits to remove from the head. Unbelievable!!

HOW TO GET THE EGGS OUT!! Comments By: Broskie on 2010-01-18
Soak hair in olive oil for about an hour with a swimming cap on head then wash hair with shampoo and viniger to get the oil out and then put comb threw hair when still wet it helps alot being wet and the oil makes the eggs almost fall right out.
Black people CAN get lice Comments By: Roxanne on 2010-03-04
and I found out the hard way. Both of my daughters (6 & 9) are black and I both have lice. They only wash thier hair once a week, I use a relaxer in their hair and straighten it every day and they still got head lice. I also didn't think black people could get lice so when her head was itchy I thought it was just dry scalp and didn't think anything else of it until I saw a bug crawling on the top of her head. She has had it for a few weeks and now it is driving us crazy trying to get the nits out. Day 4 and still feels like we are getting no where.
I just hate those little buggers Comments By: Shonna on 2010-03-09
I have 2 girls 6 and a 8 year old, were a low income family and weve been using conditioner,which i will say does get those big buggers out,but its those eggs they dont come out as easy, i throught i had got them all out but NO, just driving me crazy too, i used others but they can be just too expensive where do they get there prices from these days, Keep writing in as im reading and trying,
these eggs are infested in my head and i am only 10 Comments By: Jackie La Valley on 2010-05-30
Iam only 10 years old and i am infested my mom and sister have it but not my dad.these thing are out of control. did you know they lay 50-60 nits a day that means i probably have a couple minutes.
i have been infected for 10 weeks parents you have to check your kids.

Flat Iron!!!! Comments By: PIC NIT PARTY PRO!! on 2010-07-23
FLAT IRON......YES YES YES!It really helps get those nits under control. You just have to be VERY CAREFUL and section off the hair with clips. not good if your child can't sit still! I have been through this lice prob. many many times to know this works if done carefullly! chin up!!!
help Comments By: moms on 2010-08-08
my son had lice a few weeks later i found 2nits. can he still be infected?
so flat iron it is Comments By: dskeekee on 2010-08-11
I am so glad I found this site I too am at the end of my rope==my daughter is bi-racial and has long/thick/black hair and got it from daycare it has been a battle to get rid of these nits! The doctor prescribed a special medicine to put in the hair etc... but all that did was cost me $60.00 (thats after my insurance!!) so I am going to try the flat iron--keep your fingers crossed as I have thought about cutting it but is SO beautiful and long!!
flat iron help Comments By: freakedoutmomma on 2010-08-13
i was so bummed when i took my daughter to get a haircut yesterday to find out that she had lice. (shutter) of course, she couldn't get her haircut and we left in tears. we did the rid x shampoo when we got home last night and then i pulled the metal nit comb through her hair for like 3.5 hours. this morning i work up and pulled the comb through for like 4 hours. she still has eggs in there. i'm freaking out and making her a shower cap around the house--as i have 3 other kids, too. ugh. i was thinking maybe in the morning i would pull the flat iron through her hair and see if that helps. can someone tell me the best way to do this?
Mouthwash!!!! Comments By: Janese on 2010-09-05
Please...use Mouthwash, saturate the hair, wring it out, and place a showercap on for an hour. Rinse. Then use vinegar, saturate the hair, wring out, and showercap again for an hour. Havent found an easy way for the nits, is why I am here on this site!! Going to try the hot iron idea.....But, the mouthwash and vinegar KILLS the live lice dead. Completely. Good luck. This problem stinks!
it really works Comments By: meams on 2010-09-18
my dausghter had lice and we tried everything to get rid of them, yes the problem comes when u do not remove all the eggs it takes forever but u have to just sit and pull them out... we tried every medicine there is and it gor expensive, my friend works at the hospital and she said try heavy mayonaise. well i put it on her her really heavy and make sure u get it all th way to the scalp, tie it up in a bag and let it set for an hour or so, when u wash it out the bugs will just fall out and if thy are not dead thy will be close to it.. it really works and its not expensive and its also safe u can do it everyday if u need to but u still gotta get those knits out..
nits driving me nuts day 4 , and also 2 after firs outbreak Comments By: Lisa on 2010-09-19
Hi,first of all my 9yr old has never ever had lice so this is tramatic for us, reading everyones comments I bought this stuff called quit nits ,suppose to kill nits and lice, it's only found in the states at a cvs pharmacy , as far as I know, I think it worked we seemed okay for like 2 weeks then she itched i showered her with coconut shampoo and coconut conditoner, found a small louse come off her hair barely moving on the plastic nit comb. I believe in the product quit nits but that night I used nix cause we didnt have time to leave the shower cap on for 4 hours that night. so right now Im going through her hair day 4 of sectioning and cut out nits not even trying to pull them out just cutting right above them on the strand ,section by section(with metal nit comb i purchased ) with a mix of coconut condition and small amount of water, they say if nits are more than a 1/4 " from scalp on hair its a old infection Im still cutting them out, This really has brought my daughter down she so sad , it came from a family member who's mother didnt bother to tell us that the girl had them before she spent the week at my sisters with my daughter. This is so time consuming so this am when she gets up i told we have to finish the sections whic prob will take like another 4 hours , then the quit nits lice shampoo thats probably a hours to put in her hair , and shower cap on for 4 hours .....shes not happy , she has a think head of hair I even thinned it out before this whole process. I figure it will grow back she only nine . ...but any other advice will be appriciated. thanks
Olive Oil Comments By: Anne on 2010-09-24
We had a persistent problem due to the neighbor kids. I finally got fed up and applied olive oil. Wrapped my daughter and mine's heads with a shower cap and kept it on overnight. We both have thick long (waist length) hair. I was able to nit pick her hair very well, but mine..not so good. I did it again a week later and again the following week. I didn't have any problems after the first week but I wanted to make sure!! Olive oil is a bit hard to get out of the hair but I swear by it, overnight may be over the tops but the nits just combed right out. Guess what? The school sent home a note yesterday saying....they are checking for lice. Olive oil tomorrow just in case.
this is what Mom used Comments By: anon on 2010-09-24
My mom used campho phenique on the lice; it's an oil and the nits don't adhere to it as well as some of the other product and because there's no chemicals in it, it will not harm the head of the hair.
Exhausted-A lot to read here, but please do!... several remedies tried, and flat iron is VERY helpfu Comments By: Naturally Curly girls on 2010-09-29
I have a 6 1/2 yr old daugther who just got lice I discovered for the first time 7 nights ago.
Her 5 star (obviously, that doesn't matter) afterschool care facility had a note posted, butI didn't get it until 2 wks later. I tried not to panic, b/c there are only 10 children in the program, and my dd is a hugger ... and washing her hair, I saw a bug on her shoulder ... thought it might be a flea from outside (I was in denial, of course), and put in on the side of the tub, got a magnifying glass and it was like no bug I've ever seen ... and that's when I discovered she had lice.
I used the Fairy Tales Lice No More Mousse. You apply it, mush it into small sections of hari, starting at the base of the head and at the roots. Work it in well, grab your metal terminator nit comb, and get to work.
Combed through it for 2 hours, not realizing that, one, I was just getting started, and two ... it was rough on her hair, even wetting it and applying their leave in spray on rosemary conditioner.
I finished her head, and shampoo/rinsed around 3am ... didn't go to school, or work next day (stinks ... I'm a single self supported window, but you do what you have to do ).
That resulted in over 10 full size adult lice and maybe 20 of the super tiny ones.
I wasn't aware of their number potential, so even those appeared to be a huge population of them to me.
I was so overwhelmed at the information on the net, all seeming to contradict each other.
Read one thing there, heard something different from her school care, something different from the pediatrician, and something different from our hairdresser.
I've spent prob. close to $300 on the products and combs and treatments, and will be taking a lot back.
Night two, following what the dr. said to do, I used Nix (not Rid).
Followed the instructions to only leaving it on for 10 min ... I actually left it there for almost 12, and just knew I was giving her some kind of CNS disorder ... and rinsed it out, combed through it again.
The advice nurse, a few nights later, said that I could have left it on for 20 min. - I told her the instructions were specific to the 10 min. warning due to the skin's absorption of the toxic chemicals ... and she pretty much said, "Yeh, but 20 min. will do the trick".
They're a prominent practice in our large area, and jsut really lost some credibility with me with that.
The nix treatment and combing resulted in only 2 live adults, and 7 or 8 smaller ones who'd hatched, and eggs the best I could tell. My eyes are horrible, and the money I was saving for new glasses, just got spent on lice treatments!
3rd night - used the Fairy tales non-toxic enzyme mousse (apply it thoroughly, work it in well, nit comb entire head and apply more mousse, wait 5 minutes minimum, and rinse/shampoo, rinse.
No live ones this time. Hooray!
But, I saw what I thought were masses of eggs coming out ... either that or the repellent "shield gel and spray" that I used on her the night before.
The 4th night, I figured I had this down pat, and tried the mayonaise and shower cap treatment, doing myself just in case even tho my mother didn't see anything but I had to be certain.
Gopped on a lot of mayo, worked it in well, and put on the shower cap.
They say the oil type treatments loosen the egg/nit glue, and stun the adults even just after a few minutes. But, they can hold their breath so to speak for 2 hours, so they can revive if yo udon't leave it on longer.
We had to stop at 4 hours, though.
The mayo gets rancid, and stinky.
Bad mess.
Combed thru mine for an hour, and rinsed, saw nothing.
Combed through hers for several hours, rinsed, shampoo/rinsed again, and lots and lots of eggs at the crown, coming out, and also staying there.
Next night ... ta-da ... I'm using the flat iron ... Ididn't apply any more "treatments, since her hair still had oils in it from the mayo ...
I took 1 1/2 hours meticulously flat ironing her hair very, very slowly, small section at a time, on the higest setting.
She was singed a few times, sadly enough, and I figured otu the wet papertowel held hear her ears, while I flat ironed, helped elimate any more close calls.
You have to get right up on the scalp, but be careful not to burn them. And, and was squeezing the flat iron with my other hand, for extra pressure.
Did her whole head.
Then nit combed each very, very small and thin strands 4 ways ... comb top, bottom, left and right. inspect the comb under the magnifying craft lamp I'm using, and wipe on tissue.
That took another almost 2 hours.
Then, I go back thru to see what nits might stil be there.
I start at the base of her head, take a paper think "slice" of her hair in my fingers, and flip from one side to the other, to eyeball for nits.
Found a few, and then did this randomly after I did her whole head systemically.
That took 6 HOURS.
But, I felt better, and knew these things had to go!
LAst night, I repeated the flat iron, nit comb, inspect, and shampoo method again.
Still found eggs, but not as many.
Doing the same tonight.
Last but not least, I tried to find what some old school cosmotologists said they used in their salons with outbreaks. Hair Clean 1-2-3, by Quantum labs.
Couldn't find it for sale.
Called Quantum, and they were distributing it in the US, but the Canadian company (I think it was Canada), pulled it back and the makers of Nix has approached them for the patent.
So the CSR with Quantum gave me the formula taht I could make myself over the phone. She was very helpful and nice, and sounds just like what my hair dresser recommended.
1/4 Virgin Coconut oil and 3 to 4 drops of pure aniseed/anise oil.
You have to patch test it on the inside of the crook of the arm, first, to make sure it isn't too strong (the oil can be many different strengths). If a red irritation occurs, just dilute with a bit more coconut oil.
You have to put the 1/4 cup of coconut oil in a small bowl, and slightly warm it to melt it by placing it in a small pan of warm water ... warms and melts fast.
Apply to the hair, working in to the scalp, roots to ends, from the base of the head to the top. Cover with shower cap or saran wrap, and leave on for only 30 min.
Then, you SHAMPOO and rinse it out, first, before nit combing.
I dont' know why, but she was certain to point that out to me.
The caution there is that the oil has a very, very strong liquorice smell, and some kids can't stand it.
but, the oil works to disintegrate the live lice from the inside out ... and not only dissolves the nit glue, but begins to disintegrate their shell, as well, depending on how well you've done the application.
I had to order the oil from the net, will be here tmrw.
So, tonight, we're off to flat iron, nit pic, inspect each strand, and wash with the rosemary shampoo again.
Also, I've exhuasted myself cleaning and vacuuming everything possible, washign in hot hot water, drying on the hottest heat, and bagging toys, head bands, etc, on top of that.
I've probably gone overboard with that, and all of the sources I found on the net at least agree on this one thing ... do a very thorough initial cleaning, and then use common sense for the rest of at least 21 days to follow the last live louse detected. They can't live more than 24-48 hours apart from a human host's head.
So, a lint roller can work wonders on spot checks (car upholstery, car seats, etc).
I sterlize the nit comb, hair clips used to hold back her hair sections, tweezers, right after I'm done ... soak in boiling water in a pan, let it sit, then rinsed in hot water, then, just to be safe, soaked in a large soda cup filled with rubbing alcohol overnight.
I pushed her afterschool facility to take a more aggressive approach ... and guess what, they did! Some of the staff there didn't realize the facts I was sharing with them, mostly from CDC, the AAP, and then the really funny but informative and helpful website "Head Lice to Dead Lice" (that usses a 5 step process over 21 days to get rid of your infestation, and even if you don't use their "every 4 days" olive oil and combing regimen, there is a ton of other verified great information that I wished I'd seen a week ago.
Good luck, and I'll share my results with my Hair clean 1-2-3 home rememdy, too.
But, the flat iron made me feel like at least, I'd be able to get somewhat of a better grip on the problem with finding every last little tiny nit. and the flat iron I use is pretty good ... not the most expensive, not the cheapest tho and it is smooth enough, when you use very small sections of hair, doesn't pull and tug and rip at her hair.
The last thing I'm buying is the magnifying visor ... since my eyes are so bad, this will help me find them much easier.
And, one more site to check out that helped inform me, was Katie Shepherd's "Lice Advice" book ... I've not read the book ($30, can't find at the library, etc), but the link to her website is great. She trains professional nit pickers, and started this years ago when she was, like all of us here, frustrated at the lack of proper, accurate information for parents, schools, and caregivers, and just too many products out there willing to just take your money for "stunning" them, or worse, giving you some scary side effects due to the toxins, etc. (I'd rather not be a "guinea pig" to show up in a study 10 years from now, showing a really bad, "unsuspected" outcome ... )

Getting those damn nits. Comments By: Pissed off Ohio Dad on 2010-10-01
My wife and I are trying the flat iron idea. Olive oil works because it breakdown the exoskeleton of the lice, nit, nymph, etc. Let it sit overnight, you can add 5 drops pure mint oil, rosemary, tea tree oil, lavender, coconut oil, lemongrass all these oils the little buggers hate. You don't need all but the more the better. After the olive oil sits overnight, wash hair (they say it is hard to get out ) I use Dawn dish detergent the same stuff they use on the wildlife to get the oil off of them. It's mild and doesn't hurt the child, just make sure they keep there eyes closed until it's completely rinsed. Comb with nit comb/inspect daily and repeat process 7-10 days after first application. We have discovered that some of the nits are so tiny that the comb doesnt grab them, thats why we are doing the flatiron trick and repeating the olive oil process in 7-10 days. WE have also purchased this shampoo called Lice Shield that has these essentials in it and then I added puremint oil and pure coconut oil to the shampoo for an extra boost. the child smells like bubble gum but this should repel the lice. Most important get the nits, one louse lays 8 eggs a day. repeat as long as you see nits.
Flat Iron helps Comments By: Tired mom from Tampa on 2010-10-14
I was helping my 13 yr old flat iron her hair last night(because she has really thick, curly hispanic hair). And to my horror I found nits on the first section, near the base of her head behind her ear. I worked at a daycare for years so I consider myself a headlice detector expert. I think the flat iron actually helped me discover the nits, because as I flat-ironed her hair, the heat made the nits super shiny. I don't think I would have noticed them as easily had it not been for the heat from the flat iron. I went through each section of her hair (usually even smaller sections of hair than usual)with the Chi flat-iron on the highest section. I used the Chi silk infusion & a heat protectant spray to avoid frying her hair. I didn't find any actual lice just nits. 3 hours later * found myself pulling strands of her hair out that had nits since it was easier than pulling the nits of the hair strands. I will be shampooing her hair tonight & flat ironing it again to pick out any nits that I missed last night & praying that I don't find any live lice. I don't know if the heat from the flat-iron kills the nits (I would imagine it would) but I definetly feel it makes the nits more visible. Her hair is dark brown but she recently got golden-blonde highlights. I feel the nits on the blonde strands were alot more difficult to spot. Good luck to all of you out there going through this. It is nothing to be embarrassed about. It's just a part of life. My daughter is very clean & washes her hair everyday and uses a ton of gel, mousse & hairspray and she still got it.
a good way Comments By: josh on 2010-11-16
a good way to get rid of them is rub urine on your scalp its one of my family members secret remedy she's black trust her.
Pink Oil Comments By: Suzique on 2010-11-25
I used pink Oil on my little girls hair.. I drenched her hair overnight, and it killed all! I do continue to put the pink oil onto the hair once a week and have never had those little unwanted visitors back! The Pink Oil is for afro hair, it is so thick and creamy it obviously just suffocated the little blighters Yay!!!!
help Comments By: joe on 2010-11-28
my 8 year old came home from boarding school last week noticed he was scratchimg his head i checked he was riddle with nits last count was 134 live nits and millions of eggs. was not happy.
Lice has taken over my life. grrrr Comments By: nata on 2011-02-12
After spending four days at my sister in laws I came home, and three days later found out I had lice... with her having school aged kids I assumed they got it and gave it to me... What the heck I've never had lice in my life.. when my husband looked in my hair and said he saw a bug I could of sworn he was lying.. well he wasn't... he ran and got some pronto, and nix lice and egg treatment.. it helped to get rid of the lice, 17 total lice came out with a ton of eggs.. I made sure I washed all my bedding and changed my clothes through out the day.. I became obsessed, I refused to have a re infestation.. its been about a week from finding out, 20 loads of laundry later, a nice vacuumed carpet and floor...I was non stop with my cleaning... I tried the vinager to remove the nits and the next day my husband couldn't find any nits.. I poured whole bottle on my head and let soak for an gr in a half ... Ahh I have to get rid of these things.. I also dyed my hair myself. Like I said lice took over my life for,about a week and probably will continued for two more. The nix, rid, and pronto treatments work and for those that it doesn't make sure u follow the directions to a " t"... dye ur hair, wash everything, and use the spray. And vinager, it does work.. all of it.. good luck I hope this helps a bit, just trust me I researched and found all these things I listed to help.. also I was my hair with tea tree shampoo..
dying your hair doesn't help Comments By: Caroline on 2011-02-24
Just read that someone suggested to dye your hair to get rid of Lice. I am a hairdresser, I dye my hair every 6-8 weeks and have done so for years and years and in the past 2 years I have had lice from my kids 4x. Chemicals, peppermint oil shampoo and conditioner and combing combing combing and we still get it. ^%$#^%$# I am mad as heck.
I will try the oil for Afr. American hair and olive oil next week. And haven't tried flat ironing but sounds good too.

My daughter came home on a Thursday from school and said her head had been itching. I checked and found what appeared to be dandruf that did not come off the hair easily. My mom re-checked her head and confirmed she had lice. This is my first experience as a mother with lice. We treated her with Nix first, that did not work so we then treated her with Rid which still did not get rid of the problem. Then we used fairy tales (all natural) and we still had an issue. So we called the pediatrian who called in a prescription treatment which finally worked to get rid of the live lice completely but we still have nits after combing and combing through sectioned hair until her head has been sore. I actually ended up with two live lice and nits in my hair so we have both now been infected. My daughter and I have also slept with baby oil and a shower cap to try to help lossen the nits. My son and husband have been checked over and over, despite the fact that no sign of lice was found on them we treated them anyways and they have shaved their heads. My daughter and I are at the point where there are no live lice but we are fighting trying to remove all nits. When you are trying to get all the nits and you think you have you may want someone else to do a double check as on two occassions already someone has found nits after I thought we were nit free. What a pain!!! We are exhausted and as a family we feel totally violated. I have treated bedding, furniture, carpets, stuffed animals and bagged them in plastic, they are all stored in plastic out of the house. I have sprayed the chemical sprays on everything in the house. The cleaning process and treating heads process has been going on now for two week straight. This is going to drive me crazy!!!!! I am going to try to
Blow drying and flat iron worked for me Comments By: Fustrated with lice on 2011-05-04
I work at a preschool and never thought in a million years I would catch head lice but I did. It is a terrible feeling to feel bugs crawling on your head. I have really long thick curly hair so there was no way I could get the nits out. I washed my hair with a lot of conditioner, blow dryed my hair and then flat ironed it every other day for a week straight and they are gone. I think the flat iron fries them in a sense. It totally works. I made sure to go slow with flat iron. Be careful not to burn yourself. Take your time to do the flat iron. Just to let you know I did try the olive oil and they came back, I'm not sure why.
I Have tried everything Comments By: Sam on 2011-05-19
I Have tried everything for my daughter and the only thing that has ever helped her hair was baby oil ...... i got rid of it on hers but my niece still has the i have combed picked used medicated shampoo and used the vinegar i have been trying everything...... I always do my hair just in case when my daughter gets it now i have to do it again cuz my niece!!!
dog shampoo and hot iron Comments By: hot head on 2011-06-19
I noticed this morning that both my sons had a couple of live lice in their hair. I spent an hour with a fine tooth comb and a bowl of hot soapy water removing every egg and louse and dropping them into the water. I got all of them after repeating this process a couple of times throughout the day. I felt creeped out so I washed my hair a couple of times with dog shampoo, and combed in the shower with a fine tooth comb. A few dead lice washed down the drain. Then I carefully combed my hair while it was wet and found a few more. I blow dried my hair and hot ironed it with tiny sections at 430* heat.I cant see how they could live through that. I cleane dthe whole house top to bottom, ughh!!
NEAUTRA LICE conditioner shampoo Comments By: amelia on 2011-07-29
im 14 and me and my mum hav been tryna get rid of my headlice for about 2 months. we tried absolutely everything and nothing worked, and because my hair is so fine the knitcomb wouldnt catch the eggs. but then mum found this stuff at the chemist called NEUTRA LICE CONDITIONING SHAMPOO LICE EGG REMOVER-it contains an acid which breaks down the glue that the headlice use to lock onto my hair with, it was fantastic cuz dead or alive the eggs come straight out with the knitcomb. i recomend this :)
use hair straighteners Comments By: jemima05 on 2011-08-06
I don't know about an iron but hair straughteners are the best way to kill lice eggs. Althouth the heat is not good for young hair neither are chemicals in not lotions. Use a good heat deffence spray and after an oil like morrocon oil or if you can't afford that v05 do miracle oil for about 3quid which is really good.
The heat will kill all the eggs then comb out lice after. Repeat accordingly.
This will deff work. I then use tea tree shampoom and conditioner on my kids hair to repel future lice. They have not had nits since!

olive oil, then fry them Comments By: Anon on 2011-08-30
Flat irons work IF they go above 300 degrees, it'll fry them. I suggest olive oil overnight with a shower cap, then shampoo with tea tree oil added to shampoo (10drops per every 8oz), pick through hair, take a break & then flat iron as you do a re-check. They hatch every 48 hours, so recheck every other day for a few weeks & then at least once a week so that oyu catch them before infestation is too bad...good luck!

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