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Fever blister cure. Immediate

Submitted by Marilyn

Typically these occur on the lip. As soon as you notice one coming up, sometimes a peculiar taste and tenderness will appear before any swelling does, apply heat to the area. You may cut a hole the size of the fever blister in a heavy sheet of paper and heat it with a hair dryer. Or carefully heat a spoon on a curling iron.

Apply it as hot as you can tolerate it for a minute. The heat kills the virus and arrests the development of the sore. You can completely eradicate your fever blisters especially if you catch it quick enough.

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Did not work for me! Comments By: lt1pnyklr on 2004-09-28
I tried this and it did nothing. I even got a nice flat butter knife and put it onto a clothes iron to heat it up really good and nothing!
Impossible Comments By: Appalled on 2005-04-11
You can not kill an internal virus with topical heat. That's like saying cure a cold by inhaling steam. It's impossible
You can't kill a virus Comments By: Andi on 2005-07-24
You can't kill a virus; you can only treat it. Heat really does make it worse. In some of my anatomy classes, I've been told that fever blisters are more common during the summer because of the heat and humidity in the air and/or because our diets usually change in the summer compared to what we eat during other seasons. So do not apply heat. The only thing you can really do for a fever blister is to rub salt on the blister while it's opened. It's going to sting somewhat, but it really does work. It helps to dry up the wound and it closes it faster; thus speeding up the healing time. Also, you can apply vinegar, ice, or rubbing alcohol on the sore. Alcohol sounds like torture, but that, too, dries up the sore. I hope these work.
what??? Comments By: lulu on 2005-10-02
ok this cant be true....i tried it and it didnt make the situation any better, if not worse plus, it hurt! salt really does work when trying to get rid of a cold sore

Don't think so Comments By: Corie on 2006-08-19
Ice works better. numbs it and relieves swelling. try not to pop the blister, it spreads the virus. if you have more than one in close area they can merge.
ETHER WORKS GREAT Comments By: JON on 2006-08-27

Blister Blocker Comments By: anon on 2006-08-28
I have found the cure for fever blisters
and wouldn't you know it, it was by accident. Its all natural. When you feel a blister coming on and we all can tell when that is, just put some of this liquid on it every hour for 8 hours and it will never get any larger and the next day it will almost be gone, just a small sensation left, no ugly blister that makes you look like you never take care of yourself. If you do not get to put this liquid on it during the first 8 hours it is harder to make it go away but its the best thing I have ever used.

Ashes Comments By: Yaya on 2007-01-23
My grandmother God bless her, she told me to put the ashes of a ciagerettes, put them on your open blister it well heal with in the next 2 days, it works!!!!
Lysine Comments By: Anon on 2007-01-23
I used to get a fever blister every summer. I started taking lysine twice a day all year long and I haven't had a fever blister in 2 summers. But I did just get one today and I was recently sick. So it worked for my summer blisters.
Curasore Comments By: Pharm. D. on 2007-05-18
As a PharmD. I say use Curasore it works great with ether in it. May be taken off shelves soon so its been said in Va. But it works great most patients see results within 2-3 days. God Bless and Good Luck.
this works Comments By: michelle on 2007-05-25
first you heat up the infected area as hot as you can tolerate. either with hot water or a hot spoon. this will kill the virus in the infected area usually on the mouth or lips. then pop part of the blister with a steralized needle or the tips of your fingers [wash your hands after and before] then apply a solution of stable alt that was ground up with the back of a spoon untill it turns into a powder. mis this with hydrogen peroxcide and apply it to your lip. leave it on there for about 20 minutes, packing salt on to the area. this might cause a burning sensation. after 20 minutes DO NOT wrinse or wipe off the solution. apply ice ontop if it to reduce swelling. apply the misture after about 10 minutes of ice then apply a dab of toothpaste over the are to help dry out the cold sore. repeate this a few times a day and it will be gone in noo time =]
Blisters are a pain Comments By: arta on 2007-07-17
What is "this liquid" that was made as a comment above?
GREAT methods for terrible fever blisters Comments By: Specky on 2007-08-22
I've had horrible fever blisters my entire life, so bad once it took over the entire left side of my face and into my eye. Even though I still get fever blisters often, I've found these simple things help prevent and reduce the duration of an outbreak:

Must!: Get a Rx for either famvir or valtrex, and take every single day!! And if yours are horrible like mine, combine both medicines when an outbreak occurs (its okay, it will not hurt you!)
1. Do not eat peanuts in large quantities, such as peanut sauce or alot of peanut butter often - due to an amino acid called l-argnine (the opposite of lysine)..some also have allergies to chocolate or caffine

2. Rub Vicks vapor rub on as chapstick, and during an outbreak..the cure all

3. Buy Bergomot oil and lemon oil at your natural vitamin store and rub on the soles of your feet daily, along with dabbing a little bit of lemon oil on the blister

over the counter creams are worthless!

THIS IS CRAZY! Comments By: aiYLEEN on 2007-09-04
I HAD JUST CAME BACK TO SCHOOL AND the monster popped out!!!! i need help!!!,you do not wanna pop it or heat it because when you heat it,it will go dry and crusty!!(ewwwww)
NIK+AID Comments By: Anon on 2007-09-16
I am 70 years young and my "first" fever blister is healing nicely. I used roll on styptic NIK+AID two to three times daily and ice pack for the swelling.
valtrex or acyclovir Comments By: uniformed15 on 2007-10-21
I have had fever blisters my whole life and i have tryed numerous things. About the only thing that has ever worked for me, before i got a prescription was rubbing alchohol. Other than that, the thing that felt was the quickest to relive the pain and get rid of them was, valtrex or acyclovir. I also took lysine. to stop the them from showing up that worked very well too. You can get the lysine at any drug store in the viatmin section. But if you have problems with fever blisters i strongly suggest valtrex or acyclovir.
Horrible little things.. Comments By: Wildkitten on 2007-12-21
I've had fever blisters since i was in grade school...I've recently found out that taking L-Lysine works great if you take it everyday...It for the most part does work..I've also learned that by putting hand sanitizer on it, it heals a little quicker cause it drys it out. I wish there was somthing to make them go away permanatly..
HEAT!! Comments By: Mackenzie on 2007-12-30
Heat does not work on fever blisters cause thats when i get em.
ADVICE GIVEN BY DOLTS Comments By: SUEY KWANG on 2008-01-13
Talk is Cheap Comments By: 'Anon' on 2008-03-05
Well, you people didn't really help me any. Everytime I read a comment that I thought might work, there was someone who said that it would only make it worse. Read for yourself, for every one persons answer there is a backfire experienced by someone else.
this might work Comments By: jordon on 2008-03-08
O.K so if you have a cold sore or a fever blister inside your mouth either rinse with salt water,put salt on it,or rinse with lemon juice this will help disinfect it.
Don't worry if it burns this is normal ,but thats just showing that its working.

Viroxyn Comments By: Vince on 2008-03-13
I read something about this product. It's quite expensive. 38 dollars for 3 treatment. Reviews on amazon gave it very good review. I am going to try it.
Viroxyn is a scam Comments By: Chico on 2008-03-28
Viroxyn is a scam. The active ingredient is the same as Walgreen's CureChrom. A bottle of CureChrom cost two or three dollars and you can get hundreds of application from one bottle. The active ingredient is Benzalkonium Chloride 0.13% If you want to try Viroxyn just buy CureChrom and use a q-tip to rub it on the affected area making sure not to instert the used q-tip back int the bottle after use. I doubt that it works.
Devasted!! Comments By: Freak out on 2008-04-01
Hi I'm 31years old and just got my first fever blister after a month of fever and cold :( I bought abbrev after day number 2. Don't think it is working so I have been using Camphor Phenol. I need something that will dry it out quickly any sugguestions? I HATE THIS!!!!! So from reading online they say the only cause for fever blister is Herpes simplex 1..could there not be any other cause?
Vicks Works Comments By: Kitty on 2008-04-05
Well I read this board, and I've try like 5 things already to get ruid of a fever blister on the lips that has pain in it..The heat works it relieves the pain and the shallowing in the lip, and the vicks is working I can feel it tingle inside the infection,,to kill it I use Hydrogen peroxide with a q-tip..I'm willing to try anything,,I got a birthday coming up and I don't a fever blister on my lip- I got it from my step son..grr
I come back n let u know if the vicks really work, for I have it on right now,,if it does, what a miracle..for I can't handle it anymore

A little of each Comments By: Hopefully helpful on 2008-04-19
I am going to say that it is a little of this and a little of that,EXCEPT for the heat. THe blister feels hot and swollen, isn't that what heat produces--heat and swelling? That doesn't even sound reasonable to me! I know this sounds gross, but earwax (a little secret my gma has passed down). It seems to work if caught at the first "sensation". IF not caught eary enough,then immediately I start the Lysine twice a day;I pop the blisters, carefully with a tissue handy;apply alcohol as many times a day as able; meanwhile also using Abreva as recommended. I have never tried the Lysine until my last outbreak and it really seems to lessen the effects all of the way around...but different strokes for different folks, this is what works for me.
Dry them out quicker Comments By: Kim on 2008-04-20
I have been getting fever blisters since high school. My dermatologist told me to use Domboro. It is sold over the counter, it is a powder astringent. Mix one packet with warm water and use a sterile pad. Do the compress for about 20 minutes 3 times a day for at least 2 days. I dries them up much faster which speeds up the healing time.
calamine lotion Comments By: Mark on 2008-04-24
i know calamine lotion is for poison ivy and poison oak and helps to dry up skin to relieve itching, but i have medicated calamine lotion that i use for everything. Ive used it for anything from pimples to fever blisters. i think its a very good way to dry up pimples without scarring or irritation. same as fever blisters. the medicated calamine lotion takes away some of the irritation and pain and relieves the pressure. i washed my hands thoroughly with hot water and left it running. i washed off the infected area of my face where i have the herpes virus and well, proceded to popping the tiny blisters. after doing so, i washed off my face and hands, careful about not getting it inside of my mouth or anywhere else, and put peroxide on it multiple times. after doing so it turned white. it looked nasty at first but realized the pain was gone. it started to harden up. i then put alcohol on it multiple times. i made sure the peroxide and alcohol got into the sore to make sure it was relieved. the alcohol burned like i never felt before from it. i know that herpes travels through the nervous system and that might be why my lip was so sensitive to the alcohol. after wiping it off with a steralized cloth, i then put calamine lotion on it and let it dry up. after i finished doing everything i could, i noticed my lip was swollen, so i got ice and am holding it to my lip right now. i put on the calamine lotion before i go to bed so that it has all night to dry out the fluid-filled sores. in the morning i just clean it up and go to school, then do it all again for the next couple days. it usually works for me with 2 to 3 days. the ice will definately help the swelling, and the calamine lotion will have a slight burning tingle. but i promise you, it works.
Tawas crystals(alum) Comments By: caryl on 2008-04-30
Alum: an astringent, crystalline, double sulfate of aluminum and potassium, widely used in medicine, manufacturing, and the arts. this is a really cheap, fast and effective way to cure blisters. i use this and poof next day blister gone. may sting abit tho.
what works? Comments By: sam on 2008-05-06
how long do these normally last? && how can they go away?
2day fix for the ugly mouth Comments By: F.A.T.A.L on 2008-05-11
if you feel the tingling in advance apply ice, it will go away, if you do not cat it and it blisters, wait for it to blister and pop and apply alcohol with q-tip directly on cold sore until completely drained. apply ice(small piece) directly on cold sore do not rub ice across lips(you will spred cold sore). and once ice melts apply toothpaste, my cold sore was gone withing 48hrs, nothing but a small scab and it fell off at the end of the day...it work. This worked for me, I also took a mult-vitamin and drunk plenty of water-stay away from orange juice it triggers it
orange juice Comments By: anon on 2008-05-25
I just wanted to say that i do believe that orange juice does trigger them. i went almost 2 yrs without a blister and i drank oj a couple of mornings and i got one yesterday. i wasnt sure what triggered it till i read these. Abreva isnt worth the money so i guess im going to try salt. I need to get rid of it because it totally changes my mood. its very depressing.
No cure quick heal Comments By: Anon on 2008-06-02
When you first get the tingling put abreva, it is worth it, it provides a protective coat on skin tissues which the viruses cant penatrate, which reduces the effected area. Then once the blister does appear apply a rubbing alcohol with a q-tip and sit in the sun. The alcohol will speed the first stage and the sunlight will help kill viruses because sun light because light is known to kill viruses. Once you get to the scabbing stage to speed healing apply crushed lysine/tooth paste(paste not gel) mixture to effected area. This will reduce healing by at least 3 days. Also through out effection I recomend taking lysine, its an aminio acid the body uses to make protiens that form skin. Some people make it naturally and are usually those who do not get cold/fever blister. So by taking daily doses of about 500mg you can prevent future outbreaks.
READ! Comments By: Hannah on 2008-06-03
YES i know how people feel about these fever blisters! i get about 3 a year. And i cannot stand them! dont waste money on products.. i have tryed prescribed and abreva. neither work for me. try home-remedies!
hold ice on it.
dab nail polish remover on it.
dab rubbing alcohol on it.
put mud-mask on it.
also dab toothpaste on it.
DONT POP IT! no matter how many people say to.. dont! it really doesnt help, just irritates it!
i am typing this with a fever blister DAY 1.

ive done this looong before i heard it hear....it does work...no it doesnt just miraculousy make the blister disappear...but it does usually stop it from continuing its course....u have to do it multiple times not all at once but spread apart....EXtreme heat...not just for second....enough to make ur eyes tear....and yes u can kill a virus from heat...just like cancer dies when frozen....NOTHING can live in extreme burning heat....not a virus...not a human...not bateria...not anything.....take a big huge pool of boiling water....u can throw anything u want in there...u tell me wat survived...NOTHING.....why do they tell u to use hot water when washing ur hands....BECAUSE IT KILLs....u people are clueless
THIS FOUR DAY REMEDY WORKED FOR ME Comments By: Nicole on 2008-06-16
1 ice pack
1 needle
1 lighter
Rubbing Alcohol
Hydrogen Peroxide

Put ice in a ziplock bag and cover the sore.
Move it around a little bit until it is your idea of numb.
burn a needle to disinfect it and wipe it also after burning.
Dip it in rubbing alcohol and puncture just a little hole to your blister. Enough for whatever liquid can come out.
As soon as the liquids have been drained, apply hydrogen peroxide to the area and let it bubble so you know it is working.
Wash your hands.
Apply peroxide to the blister when you think you need it.
The blister will scab but soon it will be long gone. Put ice on it again to reduce swelling and pain.
It worked like a charm for me. It just took four days.

!! Comments By: Sara on 2008-06-11
I'm 19 and have had fever blisters since elementary school. I've tried everything. Recently ive taken lysine without much luck and now have 3 blisters just one day before i leave for vacation. Currently i use a mix of abreva and lysol(believe it or not). Spray lysol on a piece of paper towel or toilet paper and dab it on the sore... it really helps
Fever Blisters Comments By: Anon on 2008-06-22
I have been getting fever blisters since I was a child. My mother has HSV1 and I got it from her. I have found that most things don't make it better. Abreva is a joke, and most things that claim to be like it, are the same. Just plain useless.

L-Lysine works great when you first start using it. But, I have found that it does not work for me anymore. I read online that the virus can actually develop an immunity to it.

I have read several interesting suggestions on here. I think that I'm going to try the salt idea. It seems to be logical.

Also, I have read that Calcium, B12, and other vitamin deficiencies in the diet can cause an outbreak or cause your immune system to be weaker, which could cause an outbreak. Also, foods like chocolate and anything that contains any type of nuts, is said to be high in an amino acid that aids in the growth of fever blisters and cold sores.

I hope that one day they find a cure for these things. Because I truly hate them. I hope something works for all of you. Good Luck!

What cauases them Comments By: Denise on 2008-07-10
I get fever blisters from Multi Vitamins and lime juice or Orange juice. Usually within one day of any of these I will get one. abriva works but you have to use it at the first tingle or forget it. Im still looking for the quick cure have had them for many years but If I stay away from lime and orange juice I usually remain blister free.
What causes them Comments By: Denise on 2008-07-10
I get fever blisters from Multi Vitamins and lime juice or Orange juice. Usually within one day of any of these I will get one. abriva works but you have to use it at the first tingle or forget it. Im still looking for the quick cure have had them for many years but If I stay away from lime and orange juice I usually remain blister free.
no more FEVER BLISTERS...EVER,AGAIN! Comments By: stu on 2008-07-16
Everytime iget them i put ear wax on it and i promise....it will be completely gone in 2 days! friends and family have been doing this ever since i told them to try it. so you ask where did i learn this ? unfortunately; Prison. gone on try it next time you get one !
Wary of heat? Try this. Comments By: anon on 2008-07-18
Many people get fever blisters from injury, so it would be my logic that the last thing you need is burned skin that is trying to heal. Even if you don't notice the burns, your skin cells do.

That being said, my first plan of attack is ALWAYS ABREVA. If you catch it during the "tingle" stage you can keep it from erupting.

Note: I have had these things all of my life and I'm almost completely desensitized to the pain; I'm just VAIN and will do whatever I can to keep the blisters from forming. If I fail at that, I do what I can to keep them flat, skin-toned, and well-groomed until the little buggers slither away.

If it does erupt, I keep Abreva on constantly for the first day or so. After that it's ibuprofen (orally although I've given thought to making a paste), ice, tea bags, Abreva mixed with honey, and salt water compresses. If I am out with none of these things it's good old Blistex; I don't ever leave it with nothing on it. Think of your cold sore like a thief trying to get away! Don't leave it unattended! That being said, WASH YOUR HANDS constantly!

The trick is to draw out or dissipate the fluid (salt, tea), reduce surface swelling (tea, advil, ice), medicate the virus and keep it from swelling (Abreva), and keep the skin healthy (honey, Blistex).

I do not know why, but the honey seems to work wonders. It's a new one for me that I started using after I read about a study proving it worked better than all topicals. I don't know about that yet, but it has an amazing calming effect on the pain and swelling.

I have not tried alcohol, acetone, or mud-mask, but I have a fever blister right now and a date tonight, so I will be testing one of these theories out today!

I hope this helps. Few things can ruin my day like a fever blister. I'd rather be caught picking my nose I think. ;)

Wary of heat? Try these: Comments By: anon on 2008-07-18
Many people get fever blisters from injury, so it would be my logic that the last thing you need is burned skin that is trying to heal. Even if you don't notice the burns, your skin cells do.

That being said, my first plan of attack is ALWAYS ABREVA. If you catch it during the "tingle" stage you can keep it from erupting.

Note: I have had these things all of my life and I'm almost completely desensitized to the pain; I'm just VAIN and will do whatever I can to keep the blisters from forming. If I fail at that, I do what I can to keep them flat, skin-toned, and well-groomed until the little buggers slither away.

If it does erupt, I keep Abreva on constantly for the first day or so. After that it's ibuprofen (orally although I've given thought to making a paste), ice, tea bags, Abreva mixed with honey, and salt water compresses. If I am out with none of these things it's good old Blistex; I don't ever leave it with nothing on it. Think of your cold sore like a thief trying to get away! Don't leave it unattended! That being said, WASH YOUR HANDS constantly!

The trick is to draw out or dissipate the fluid (salt, tea), reduce surface swelling (tea, advil, ice), medicate the virus and keep it from spreading (Abreva), and keep the skin healthy (honey, Blistex).

I do not know why, but the honey seems to work wonders. It's a new one for me that I started using after I read about a study proving it worked better than all topicals. I don't know about that yet, but it has an amazing calming effect on the pain and swelling.

I have not tried alcohol, acetone, or mud-mask, but I have a fever blister right now and a date tonight, so I will be testing one of these theories out today!

I hope this helps. Few things can ruin my day like a fever blister. I'd rather be caught picking my nose I think. ;)

my experience and sollution Comments By: Marek on 2008-07-19
-don't ever rub, no alcohol (just irritates and spreads more), don't pop (that is just insane)

First of all, relax, start eating and sleeping right.. it helps.. (eating - lots of meat AKA chicken)

I tried many different treatments (abreva included) and they don't seem to work.. Once you get it, the healing process does last a while no matter what.. But what I do to speed it up is to keep my face dry and especially especially the area of the blister. Wash your face carefully around the blister, then the blister by just dabbing once with soapy hands (do not rub) -(wash your hands well after the dab so you don't spread it to different areas) and then by filling your hands with very very hot water (what ever you can tolerate) put the blister area under it and keep it for about 3 to 5 seconds (with out touching and rubbing the blister), apply the hot water this way to the area for at least 3 to 5 minutes over and over.. Repeat all this about every 30 minutes.. The idea is to remove the moisture from the blister and from the surrounding skin.. This will help and start the healing process very quickly..

I've dealt with this crap for many years and this seems to be the best solution -method of speeding up the healing process..


HOW TO GET RID OF THEM FAST!!!! Comments By: TYRONE on 2008-07-24

Tea Tree Oil Comments By: Johanna on 2008-07-31
Tea Tree Oil. Get it by the vitamins. Apply it with a clean q-tip every hour for as long as the fever blister is present. If you catch it soon enough the fever blister will not progress at all.
doctor Comments By: melissa on 2008-08-03
I went to my gynecolgist and actually told them that I had fever blisters and I get them very very bad, then he perscribed me VALTREX 500 mg and it works great... they say you take them for genital herpes but you can also take them for fever blisters!
Benzalkonium Chloride 0.13% (Bactine or Band-Aid Anteseptic) Comments By: Patrick on 2008-08-10
You might of heard of Viroxyn - it really does work but the price is way too high. The active ingredient is: Benzalkonium Chloride 0.13% which is also found in Bactine, Band-Aid brand and other first aid anteseptic washes.

On the first signs of getting a cold sore (also works if you already have one) do the following:

1. Mix about a teaspoon of anteseptic that contains the Benzolconium with a teaspoon of Rubbing Alcohol.

2. Dip a q-tip into the mixture and gently rub the effected area for about 1 minute. Make sure you rub it long enough for the solution to soak into the aread.

3. Repeat this a couple hours later.

The Benzalkonium Chloride 0.13% will actually kill the released virus that is causing the cold sore. Once the virus is killed the pain will cease and the are will healy quickly, within a couple of days. This really works!

ICE WORKS Comments By: lawlaw on 2008-08-11
When you first feel the fever blister take a cube of ice and put it directly on the blister and do it as often and as long as you can stand it and it won't become one of the hideious things on your lip. I used to get them all the time my aunt, who also gets them often, told me to put is on it and it should go away quicker but I thought maybe i can put it on when i feel it and it REALLY works. Even if it comes out you can use the ice and it will heal it faster. The ice takes out all the fever in the blister. Hope this helps!!
So I've been getting fever blisters since grade school. But the one{s} that I have now take the cake, they go from my nose to my lip and then there's two on my bottom lip! I read all of these comments, ear wax- which you will never catch me putting on my face, ashes, lysol?!, ice, salt, heat, peroxide, alcohol, astrigent... I'm going to start with the salt today- that seems to sound the most logical. I've found in the past that heat only irritates and hurts. I've been using Oil of Oregano on them. I've also been taking Lysine-Plus pills, a multi-vitamin and DDS Plus, hasnt really seemed to help but I'm going to start trying these other remedies and I'll report back.. Jeez I could try one remedy per blister.. lol this sucks!
Sunburns cause fever blisters Comments By: Julia on 2008-08-26
When I get too much sun, I get fever blisters within a couple of days. Be sure to use chapstick with sunscreen! When I do feel one coming on, I pop L-Lysine, it works great if you catch it soon enough. Yes, if you take one a day, it prevents them also but I get out of the daily routine until one comes along.
Feverblister gone Comments By: salome on 2008-09-02
On the onset of a fever blister, take a clean cotton ball and dab it in Eau De Cologne. Use it as much as possible. It takes the swelling down, dries the blister out and speed up recovery. It works faster if the blister is opened up, but you do not have to do it.
Here's the truth Comments By: cadroncreek on 2008-09-10
I've had fever blisters my whole life and i've tried every medication known to man and after 33 years here is my conclusion. For me it takes 7 days from when the fever blister is detected until when it quits hurting add a few more days for it to completely disappear. I do absolutely nothing to the blister except stay out of the sun!! Big no no...I usually sleep with the covers covering my lips. Apply ice to it for numbing, but other than that grin and bear it...their not going away. I have one right now that popped up today, so i'll endure the pain until next wednesday. I will say some medications make it worse, Carmex has never been good my sores and seems to make them last longer. I have also found that if you keep them moist you prolong the agony for up to another week. I no that sounds crazy but its the truth. When they scab over to me that means your half way there....Sorry for the grim news....Just the truth
tea tree oil works great Comments By: Heather on 2009-01-13
Tea tree oil is all natural and if you apply it at the first sign of the blister (tingling sensation) it typically won't even appear. It drys up the area to speed up the healing process...you can normally get this stuff at any health food store/whole foods...stores similar to that. Hope this helps!
Lysol, abreva Comments By: John on 2008-09-30
Abreva kept it in check for two days. I applied it almost every 2-3 hours. Day two, I got pissed and went to Lysol on my fingertip. It kicked its ass. It will be gone by tomorrow Im sure. Use the Abreva after the Lysol. Every 4-5 hours.
You can't kill something that isn't living! Comments By: t bird on 2008-10-03
Since a few comments back, "Paul" , who called everyone on this site "clueless" for not believing that heat won't kill a virus....well, Paul, virus aren't alive in the first place, so you can't kill something that is dead. Cells are the smallest living organism, and viruses are not made up of the materials that constitute a living organism...but perhaps you missed that in Biology.

Frankly, since the virus exists in our nervous system, I also must say that heat might be a self-destructive manner of taking care of the problem.
However, could you have been more constructive, seeing your point, rather than your rudeness, may have been easier.

There is no cure for herpes. One can only manage it. Different personal chemistries will require different management. All or none of these remedies may work. Yoga and meditation may work. Prayer may work. But to call folks clueless because their research pushes for other treatments? Did these folks not test treatments, too?
In my experience, increased body temp and sun exposure trigger sores. So heat seems asinine, especially when I am trying to avoid a scar anyhow.
Thanks for the meaningful, properly spelled parts of your input, however.

Baking Soda Comments By: worked for me on 2008-11-08
put a little bit of baking soda in a small cup, wet your finger or a q-tip, rub it only on the cold sore/fever blister and keep it there for a few hours. It will go away within the next 2 days!
LEAVE IT ALONE!!!! Comments By: anon on 2008-11-19
I have tried many many things and my fever blisters are always big and ugly, I have even had them on my face alone. I have learned that the fastest way for it to heal is to stop messing with it and let the virus take its course. If you put topical coats on the blister it will just stay moisterized and not give it a chance to dry up, and if you have ever had one of these nasty things you all know as well as I do, that when it dries up is when it is almost at it's nasty end.
Abreva Comments By: Bristol on 2008-11-20
Abreva really helps my cold sores!It may be expensive but it works. Also dont stress over them as much. less stress the faster they go away!
Time is all that works Comments By: karen on 2008-11-25
I think time is the only cure.

I've had these things since I was a kid. The only thing that ever worked for me one time was when I first felt a tingle, I held an ice cube on my lip until my lip went completely numb. I did that a few times and I never got the actual fever blister. I've done that since that one time and it didn't work.

I have tried almost everything that everyone has mentioned except for apply a hot butter knife. Now, when I get a blister, I put zinc on it, I wash my hands allot, I throw my toothbrush away after the sore is gone and I pour Listerine on my toothbrush every day while I have the blister, and I wait it out. I've found that by doing these things, I can at least cut the time down of having it to about 4 days.

Voo Doo worked for me Comments By: Jonny Cates on 2008-11-30
I made a small doll from an old sock of mine and some clothing, cut a lock of my own hair and attached it on the dolls head. I drew a small face with a Sharpie Pen, drew a blister on the lip (at the exact spot) stuck a pin in the blister... and the thing was gone the next day!!

The Sharpie Pen did cost $1.99.

WARNING: Do not stick pin all the way through the doll, just prick the surface.

i hate blisters!!!!!!! Comments By: ambo on 2008-11-30
i havent had a blister in a whole year and i just got 1 a couple of days ago I really need this 2 go away cuz I have skool 2morrow I can't take this I've tried carmex and camphopanike that's so not how u spell that but nyways that crap isnt working fast enough and that applying heat crap does NOT WORK!!!!! win u feel ur blister first starting applying heat makes it worse or at least with me it does.
atleast comforting Comments By: angie and her sidekick superblister...(*plays out to super man theme song*) on 2008-12-09
Well, seeing as though I have tried pretty much all of the remedies posted here and know from first hand experience(I get them for all sorts of reasons,stress,being emotional,heat,cold, sick,sun,bruising, and sometimes no reason at all) that they all sorta work but arent cures ( topical creams soothe for a while but dont cure, heat causes the blister to swell to popping point which does lead to drying after the ooze is out,keeping moist just keeps the blister from scabbing but it stays longer, ice helps with the soreness,tea tree oil needs to rubbed on often before the blister starts to swell, and lysine / zinc only works to a point but does not erradicate...) all in all its coming, you know it is,you can try run, but you cant hide...but thanks for the posts,its comforting to know I am not the only one suffering.
Tea Tree Comments By: G on 2008-12-16
Tea tree works best for me. Ive been having them for years and nothing works unless you catch it at the tingling stage, impossible as it always starts in my sleep and when Im run down and tired. Tea tree applied with a Q-tip as often as you want stops mine from progressing and dries out the sore within a day or so, hence speeds up healing. dont bother with any other harsh measures, when its there thats it, you just have to leave it take its course. Also I find vitamin C helps. Just do what you think is best, and if you want to endure added pain by burning it and sticking needles in it then thats your decision.
Lemon balm from the health store Comments By: Anon on 2008-12-18
I have tried everything and what works fabulously is taking Lysine orally at the onstart as well as applying lemon balm topically. The lemon balm dries and heals it very quickly. It's very soothing and nothing has worked faster. You will love this!
Years Experience!! Comments By: SaraLee123 on 2008-12-30
I have been getting fever blisters since I was a child. I used to do the popping and peroxide deal, and it does work, except then you have a big green crusty mess...Yuck! When I got older I started using Abreva, which does work if you start it at the beginning, when you feel the first tingle. The thing with Abreva is that one it is expensive, and two you have to put it on often. I usually do it as soon as I wake up so it can be on until I get to work. Then again on every break i get throughout the day. And then as soon as I get home at night. The stuff it white and easy to see, so i make sure to wipe it off before returning to work. It is a total pain, but my blister are usually gone pretty fast within 3-4 days. I also take Valtrex at the first sign. I do not take it daily, because it is too expensive, and I don't have Herpes downstairs, so I'm not as concerned about an outbreak. I have a blister right now, in conjunction with an ear infection. I usually get them when I am sick or ladies, that one time a month can help bring them on too. Summers and winters are the worst, but all you can do is manage. With any treatment expect that worse case scenario it takes up to 10 days for the virus to run its course and then it will go back into hiding for however long. Hope all of you heal quickly!! :)
Abreva, Heat and Hydrogen Perixode/HydroCortisene Comments By: angie on 2009-01-01
Everyones comments sound good...I struggle w/ the outbreaks also, rare and far in between. I treat with Abreva...have used the heating method, hot towel as hot as you can tolerate....seems to draw the blisters to a head...have popped before, did not spread...immediated rubbed abreva on the area after popping and heating. Continued this method....tried the perixode tonight....and cortisene cream to elevate the itching.....all of our methods sound great, except for the poor soul who commented on using animal fecies....nasty. Good luck all.

Oh and acid, citric acid intake....i've been drinking lemon juice to fight a swollen lynoid as physician recommended....this might have been the cause of latest outbreak....or nasty dental equipment as i just had dental procedure 2 days ago....just wanted to add

maybe this will help Comments By: jay on 2009-01-28
i woke up yesterday morning with a fever blister that had already formed. i have battled these things my whole life. i used ice and abreva as much as possible and then when i got home last night i made a home remedy. i used everything i have heard that helps fight these things. i mixed salt, honey, lysol, and lysine (fluid not pill). i mixed them all into a bowl. then i punctured the blister and used a q tip to put my paste on my fever blister for 5 minutes every hour. i used ice for another 10 minutes every hour and abreva on it the other parts of the hour. while it is not completely gone, you can't see it anymore except for the redness. you can still feel it, but you can't see it and everyone who gets these knows how you feel when you have one. hope that helps someone. good luck...
My lip IS NOT tingling anymore Comments By: Kelly on 2009-01-20
Okay, after steadily holding ice on my lip I woke up with a very small bump on lip that somewhat resembled a whitehead. I scraped at it (I know I shouldn't have), and nothing. It seems a a tiny bit swollen BUT, NO FEVER BLISTER! YEAH!!
My Lip is Tingling Comments By: Kelly on 2009-01-19
My lip started tingling an hour ago. I am steadily holding ice on it. I don't think I'll try the heating thing because I prefer not to have a red burn mark on top of my fever blister in the shape of a butter knife. I also believe I'll stay away from the voo-doo doll unless it has something to do with my ex-boyfriend. Ear wax may work for some but seems just ummm...gross. As far as the expensive medicines, I don't have the money. So, again, ice. I will let you know the results.
OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN Comments By: Jessica Hare on 2009-01-21
At the end of summer I was very sick and i formed this awful colsore on my bottom lip and 3 fever blisters in the corner of my mouth. It took around 1 month to heal with "Abreva", ice, L-Lysine, B12, Folic Acid, salt, Campho Phenique, etc. Let me tell you folks, I've tried EVERYTHING to get rid of these nasty little things. Since then, I've gotten around 5 more fever blisters!! I've recently ordered an oral medication called "HERAX" it works great. You take it orally every 30 mins and your fever blister packs it bags and leaves. lol. Right now, I've almost gotten rid of a fever blster when one formed under it, so i did the 'bad' thing and popped it. Oh well, now I'm using ice and it seems to work nicely. My thoughts and prayers go out to all of you with fever blisters and cold sores!! Hope I helped.
Shea Butter works for me! Comments By: danielle on 2009-01-21
Raw Shea Butter works wonders! Just simply melt it with a match and apply it to the infected area (especially at the blister stage). I find that it eliminates the blister in less than a day and the resulting scab is very small. The whole episode from outbreak to healing lasts about 4 days. I have suffered with cold sores/fever blisters intermittently since I was about 14. In some instances I have gone years without a reoccurrence and in other instances they are way more frequent. This is the first remedy (which I found by chance and out of frustration) that works and works quickly! It elimates the embarrassing stage. Hopefully it will work well for you.
FEVER BLISTERS Comments By: AVAUGHN on 2009-01-22
There is something about applying heat Comments By: Stephanie on 2009-01-25
I just don't get it. They are called Fever Blisters (hence the name BLISTERS) aren't blisters caused by heat?
COLD SORES FOR 35 YEARS Comments By: Ron on 2009-01-06
I have tried many things. Lysine never worked for me. Ice helps a little. I take Acyclovir once a day 200 mg. It helps cut them down alot. Without it I get them every 6 weeks. When i use i get maybe 3 times a year and they arent nearly as bad. I think different treatments work for different people. They heal faster when they remain dry. Tea tree oil doesnt do a thing for me. I will try some of the things I learned here
Pepto Bismol Comments By: Yo Mama on 2009-01-10
I read in one of the "Queen of Cleaning" books that Pepto Bismol works only if you apply when you have tingling. I tried it and it worked the first time, but maybe I didn't catch it soon enough this time. :(
This works 100% Comments By: Sarah on 2009-01-10
1. Mix 1 cup warm water with 1/4 tsp iodized salt.
2. Dip a cotton ball in the solution and apply to the cold sore for 5 - 10 minutes twice a day for 7 days.

1. Apply Acyclovir Zovirax on the blister 5 times a day with 4 hour intervals for 5-10 days.

This method worked for so many people I know, it's the safest and most sure-fire way to get rid of cold sores.

Baking Soda with lemons Comments By: Palmira on 2009-02-08
I tried this when I had my first fever blister and it worked (thank goodness):
1)Wash your hands!!! You do not want more bacteria in there!
2) Squish the lemon so there is juice in the very top
3) Apply a little baking soda to the top and spread it so it starts foaming
4) Finally apply it to your mouth for 10 seconds

This is going to burn like hell, but at least it will get rid of it. It will crust the next day. It did for me....

Witch Hazel Comments By: Cherry on 2009-02-16
Try witch hazel for some of the pain.It helps a little with the inflammation. Oh,and try applying garlic water to the fever blister. It helps too.
(::()::) Sicillian Cookie Recipe* Comments By: Asterisk on 2009-02-16
Okay, so this REALLY isn't a recipe for a cookie. The stuff kinda smells like a cookie when you're done.

First, boil water. Then, while the water is boiling,put in some garlic. Next, add olive oil, apple cider vinegar, salt, lemon juice,baking soda,and finally the thing that makes it smell like a cookie,sugar. It could be colored sugar if you like. Put in one of those cups with the bumpy outer side. It will keep your fingers from burning. When you are done, add some witch hazel too. Apply with Q-tip. Do not ingest. This stuff will just numb the sensation.

* this stuff will not make the fever blister vanish. It will only keep you from feeling the stuff for 5 seconds.

why.. Comments By: Brittany on 2009-02-20
so i just had one simple cold sore
it was almost gone when a fever blister popped up on my top lip then my bottom lip tingled and i got more
when i woke up the next morning (this morning) my whole lips were covered in them and swollen huge.

A Real Effective Solution...It Really Works! Comments By: Maria on 2009-02-21
I've been getting fever blisters since I was a teen ager. I've tried everything and have to say that the following combination works the BEST: 1) first go get a RX of Valtrex (blue pills) from your doctor. Valtrex is not just a RX for genital herpes - it also is an aid for fever blister/cold sores on your mooth. These pills will fight the infection from the inside. Then also apply topically the product "Curasore" on the sore(s) themselves. This will treat the sore from the outside. The Curasore product has ether alcohol in it which effectively dries up the blister. I promise that the sore will be gone in 2-3 days...promise! Of course you can also simply stop the outbreak from even happening altogether if you take the Valtrex pill once you feel tingling sensation indicating an outbreak is about to occur. I always keep with me and travel with these two items just in case I get an outbreak. Good luck to you!
Don't use HEAT OR SALT!!! Comments By: jalloyd on 2009-02-24
Heating the blister or putting salt on it are NEVER the solution to getting rid of a fever blister...think about it: fever blisters are caused by overexposure to the sun, too much salt, stress, etc. So applying heat or salt to the blister can only do more harm.

Recently I tried using alcohol/nail polish remover (as suggested earlier)...IT WORKED! I put the nail polish remover on it about 30 minutes ago and it has already gotten significantly smaller! The alcohol in the nail polish remover dries it out, and it isn't a cluster of bubbles anymore, it's much flatter (easier to cover up and not as disgusting to look at!) I'm going to keep applying the alcohol and hopefully, at the rate it's going already, it will be gone soon! This is the best remedy I have found yet! Better than OTC medicines or other home remedies.....definitely try nail polish remover! It burns pretty badly, but just stick it out because it is worth it!

listen up!!!! Comments By: Mike Hunt on 2009-02-26
KY worked for me, I use it everytime..... gone in less than a day.
YOU MUST USE THIS!!!!!!! Comments By: Anon on 2009-03-04
The answer you will not believe...
(drum roll please)
Yes, the same stuff you use to cure your poison ivy rashes and lots of other stuff, can be used to get rid of fever blisters. Works on chapped lips too.
Just apply the stuff, and almost instantly the irritation goes away. You'll be amazed. It works really well.
Leave comments if it worked for you!

Calmoseptine actually WORKS!!! Comments By: Angeline on 2009-03-07
When i first saw that comment i thought "thats crazy! it will never work!" but i was desperate to get rid of these HUGE fever blisters on my upper lip.So i tried it.
I was a bit skeptical at first, cause it sounded so crazy, but i put some calmoseptine on these huge fever blisters and the pain went away
i couldnt believe this crazy thing actually worked! they will be gone in about a day or so. It really works.

Tea Tree Oil Comments By: DJ on 2009-03-08
Thank you so much for writing about the Tea Tree Oil. I haven't had a fever blister in a year and I'd forgotten about the symptoms and missed my window to treat it prior to the blisters appearing. My blisters appeared yesterday and I have a job interview in 2 days. It figures! I purchased some abreva and it was worthless. Woke up this morning blistery and red. After reading about the Tea Tree Oil I picked some up at the pharmacy and have been applying it every 45 minutes with a q-tip. Within the first 3 hours I could see the blisters drying out. It's now been 8 hours and they continue to dry out and are have formed scabs! All this in EIGHT HOURS! I have no doubt that within in the next day of full Tea Tree Oil applications every 45 minutes. They will be completely dryed out before my interview! I will follow up with the abreva after that ONLY because I'd purchased it already and can't throw away $20.00! Hopefully it will speed up the healing process from there. Thanks again!
They Suck!!! Comments By: SJS on 2009-03-11
I get them from the sun,fever,stress,carmex,blistex,ect...The only thing i can use on my lips is medicated chap stick. Everything else gives me fever blisters. Abreva is a joke!! I have taken the L Lysine pills and they work at first but then they quit after awhile. then i used the herpicin-l chap stick stuff and it didnt work. I had a cream that worked for me and it was called Novitra. I loved that stuff and it was a bigger tube and a lot cheaper then abreva. I bought it 2 or 3 times and now i cant find it anymore. I get fever blisters all the time. also milk of magnesia works well to dry it out. I will try the salt to see how it works. Salt seems to work on a lot of other things (nose spray and when you pull a tooth you rinse your mouth out with salt water) so i may try that and the vicks rub. i dont get the whole heat thing...the sun gives me them too...so that would most likely make it worse!
Simple And Less Painful Comments By: Ashley on 2009-03-12
So I woke up and found out I was on my period and I had a cold. Also that following morning I drank a glass of Orange Juice. Boy was that a mistake. So hence I developed a blister on the left side corner of my bottom lip. I waited up it blistered up and did the following:

-Cleaned the area with antibacterial soap and water

-Popped the blister until nothing else came out.

-Took a needle that had been soaking in peroxide and gently moved it around in the pocket the puss had been sitting

-Let it bubble, and applied peroxide with a Q-Tip to the surface wound

-Washed it with antibacterial soap and water

I noticed the swelling went down tremdiously, and the sore ceased to hurt afterwards. Now every few hours, I recheck it, and repeat the process as stated above. Now it's only the first day of me having it, but it looks to be going away fairly quickly.

If u can't find Calmoseptine..... Comments By: Angeline on 2009-03-14
use Toothpase.It works quite similar and it helps a little bit. Use it like u would Calmoseptine. Until u find Calmoseptine, use toothpaste. My fever blisters are crumbling and falling off.

Send comments.

listen to the tip that says READ!!!!! Comments By: michaela on 2009-03-24
the read comment works the best. :) i am not lying. and the best part is it doesn'y even hurt :) try it u won't b let down
Vitamin C stops my fever blister in its tracks Comments By: Monique on 2009-04-04
Buy some Vitamin C crystals (triveta is where I order mine). The Vitamin C is instantly absorbed. 1 Teaspoon = 4000 (yes thousand) milligrams mixed in water or what ever you want it mixed in. I woke up to the fever blister and started massive amounts of Vitamin C. 50,000 miligrams the first day and the abreva.(or just take the pills) On day two it was starting to retract and go away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The worst thing that may happen if you take to much Vitamin C is get a runny tummy. But when you get a fever blister your immune system is down so I never have that problem.
Apple Cider Vinegar and Body Alkalinity Comments By: LAURIE on 2009-04-05
Basically you all, your body to too acidic and lets this episodes in. Stress will trigger obviously. If you do get one it must dry out to heal. Apply Apple Cider Vinegar all day long. Also hydrogen peroxide and milk of magnesia mixed and applied with a q-tip in and around the nose and lips for more severe cases can kill this virus, Vitamin b-complex will help with sensitive chapped and cracked lips also,,,,
Just learn to live with it... Comments By: apryl on 2009-04-09
Just so you know...You can't buy anything that will get rid of them they just have to run their course.. I have tried everything,and i have had them since i was a little girl.I have them right now all over my bottom lip.(really bad) and i will just have to wait on them to go away. That is just the way it is..Sorry bout the bad news
HELLOoooooooooooooo World Wake UP! Comments By: Stacy Lee on 2009-04-10
my doctor like,perscribed calmoseptine. i put the sticky pink icing on my lips and it worked. use it nothing works better. Even though i had to wash my hands with a new manicure afterwards. it is gross to touch, but its worth it. Ew!
Abreva does not work.

LEAVE IT ALONE! Comments By: VOICE OF EXPERIENCE on 2009-04-25
Fever blisters occur mostly when your body tempeture is high majority of the time when your sick and don't know about it. Your body is working to bring down your fever the cells preventing your fever blisters from occuring is now attedning & helping your body deal with something more important like your fever or a virus in your body its fighting off. Like everyone says... The best remedy is if you feel it coming LEAVE IT ALONE, Keep your hands clean and IGNORE IT. It's hard but it'll be gone in no time. I've gotten them as Long as I can remember. And Scrating them help none! The most we can do Is Really Get on our Needs and PRAY LITERALLY to GOD that he gives us a permanant CURE. Until then if you feel it coming LEAVE IT ALONE!
Realistically speaking.. Comments By: Anon on 2009-04-26
You'd think by now, with all those who suffer from cold sores, there would be a more effective and CHEAPER treatment options out there. Valtrex works GREAT! And Abreva usually works for me if I put it on soon enough. However, I'm writing this now because I can't afford Valtrex and Abreva nor Zovirax has worked and I'm stuck hiding for the next two weeks. I think people should create petitions to lower the cost of Valrex, which is unrealistically priced. This way, we can all be rid of panic and embarrassment we feel when we get them rather than waiting for EVERYONE on the planet to catch the virus and eventually developing an immunity.
SALT Comments By: SG on 2009-05-08
I have tried everything on this site, and I agree very little of it works. My father is an MD so I have had all the perscriptions, Valtrex most recently. That helped some, but it wasn't a mircacle cure. I have tried heat, I have tried popping. All of those helped a bit, but honestly the single most helpful thing is salt. I took a cotton ball dabbed in in salt and put it on the open blisters. Probably one of the most painful experiences of my life, and I have seperated my shoulder cut my thumb in half and fallen of a cliff skiing. That said it worked. Less then ten minutes later the blisters were significantly smaller.
ughh/ Comments By: Anon on 2009-05-16
i have had this cold sore for about four days now. It was going away but it was bothering me that it wasn't going away fast enough so i listening to this tip. I feel like an idiot now because everything is worse. :[ Dont ever pop it open. Drying it out with acne cream overnight worked for me at first because it made it smaller, but dont use anything that will break it open. Then it will scab and its harder to hide.
anyone tried this? Comments By: Sufferer on 2009-05-18
has anyone tried this?

is it effective?

My quick remedy Comments By: Stuart on 2009-06-02
I'll share my quick remedy with you. It's up to you if you do it but it does work. I've had them go completely after 2 days before. Yesterday I got about 3 blisters form on my lip and did my quick remedy and all the blisters are gone, just have one of them with a small scab starting to form.

Pop your blisters with a pin or needle, sterilize it with hot water. After wards put salt on them. Go to sleep with salt granules on the blisters, or put salt on every 30 mins. No more tingling and no more blisters forming.

Half of what I had on my lip yesterday evening have already gone and it's only 7am, and now the rest are healing.

leave it alone Comments By: m&m on 2009-06-24
vitamins ,lysin,vitamin A&c good luck
Fever Blisters Like Crazy Comments By: Tina on 2009-06-25
Causes for me: Acidic foods on an empty stomache, extreme stress, sickness w/fever &/or vomiting - and most recently the sun.

Needless to say, I get these a lot. I get big swollen honkers too.

I've tried everything (and I do mean everything) from L-Lysine to earwax - anything & everything over the counter and behind the counter and the ONLY ONLY ONLY thing that really works is to get a prescription to prevent/treat fever blisters.

I hate to tell you that. Also, I take a pain relievers to minimize the discomfort. Sometimes I can feel these up to my eyebrows & over to my ear.

Abreva really is a joke. The cost is astronomical when you can use just about anything else & get the same result. The rx may be expensive, but if you keep a pill with you at all times to catch it when you suspect you have one it is SOOOooooooo worth it.

BTW, if you have insurance, get as many pills per bottle as you can as the co-pay is the same whether you get 1 pill or 500. FYI. Hope this helps someone.

nyquil Comments By: jo on 2009-07-02
after i have one flair up i usually try to pop it then rub a fever reducer nyquil in it, and oranges orange juice orange anything always sets mine off
Ouch Comments By: Kelley on 2009-07-14
Okay so this is my first time with fever blisters, and I'm not really sure what to do to speed up the healing or anything. I did try putting toothpaste on them, along with rubbing alcohol, and salt. These things dried them out, but I don't see them helping the blisters heal any quicker. One thing that you should never, EVER do- don't leave the toothpaste on over night. I did this last night and I woke up three or four times from the intensity of the pain. I actually had to take tweezers and peel off the hardened toothpaste, because it had mixed in with the nasty yellow oozing of the blisters. The pain is not worth it. I almost passed out multiple times because of it.

I have a question- how common is it to get a very high fever, swollen lymph nodes, and a sore throat with fever blisters? Is this happening to me because these are my first ones, or is this something I can expect with each outbreak? Any information on that would help- thanks!

the only cure Comments By: anon on 2009-07-16
take two valtrex a day for three days and you could apply alcohol but dont let it run down your face apply with a q-tip.the six pills will cost you around 78 dollars but its well worth it.just take three days off of work.when it starts to heal some pill the scab off and soak it with alcohol and it will dry up right in your face.keep doing it over and over with a clean paper towel every time atleast five times a day back to back. trust me it will work! i do it every time.
i GUESS Comments By: erica perkins on 2009-07-17
I get fever blisters every so often, my first one was in 5th grade around the time I caught the flu. As a kid, my mom just took care of it, but now its all up to me..

So my remedy is .. if I catch it before it blisters up ( tingling sensation) then i dig in my ear & put as much wax as possible without making it look even worst , and then it gradually goes away in like a day or so .

But if I'm too late , like now .. then idk what to do. Earlier me & my boyfriend tried popping it and soaking it in perxoide & cleaning it with alcohol & it kindaa wrked, but i woke up at 4 from being too hot , and looked at it & it was bigger ( a full blister ) so i used a sterilized needle, popped it & i switch off from soaking it in alcohol to dry, numb with ice to kill the swollen area, then clean the infection with peroxide.

So far, its jst the fluids coming out, so i`m still soaking it in alcohol ( yes it burns but don't be a baby about it unless u want to keep the blister ) & hoping that afte3r repeating this a few times its worth my time .

Try it , but I'm no doctor, so dnt write ridiculous comments about my remedy , either like it or u dont

Education is the best medicine Comments By: Not a Doctor on 2009-07-20
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Herpes vaccines are currently being investigated and it is felt that an effective vaccine may be available in 3-5 years. Vaccines will only function to prevent the infection in new patients. Those who already have the simplex virus disease will probably not gain any benefit. Some vaccines have been tried to prevent the HSV occurrence, but so far had no noticible effects. These include the smallpox, Polio and Lupidon C vaccine.

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The Amino Acid Lysine Controls Herpes

Is it true that the amino acid called lysine, is good for herpes outbreaks?

Yes. Supplementation with free-form lysine has shown to be beneficial in controlling herpes along with a diet high in lysine and low in arginine. "This suggests that physicians in a position to study the effect of lysine in herpes simplex infections should do so. It appears to do no harm and may be a useful therapeutic measure."

Tissue culture studies have demonstrated a beneficial effect on viral replication when the amino acid ratio of arginine to lysine favors arginine. The opposite, preponderance of lysine to arginine, suppresses viral replication and inhibits cytopathogenicity of herpes simplex virus."

L-Lysine appears to be an effective agent for reduction of occurrence, severity and healing time for recurrent HSV infection.

What foods are high in lysine and low in arginine?

Fish, chicken, beef, lamb, milk, cheese, beans, brewer's yeast, mung bean sprouts and most fruits and vegetables have more lysine than arginine, except for peas. Gelatin, chocolate, carob, coconut, oats, wholewheat and, white flour, peanuts, soybeans, and wheatgerm have more arginine than lysine.
(See Nutrition)

What are Lysine's Method of Action?

Nine proteins have been identified in the enveloped herpes simplex viron. In addition to the capsid proteins, the naked virions contain two additional proteins (VI and VII). Protein VII is an arginine-rich protein of the viral core. It is also known that the proteins synthesised by the herpes simplex virus infected cells contain more arginine but less lysine, methionine, phenylalanine, tryrosine, and isoleucine relative to leucine than the proteins synthesised by unaffected cells.

L-lysine 390 mg. was given orally at the first indication of onset of herpetic oral lesions in eight patients and vulvar lesions in two patients, with uniform rapid resolution of the lesions. This suggests that physicians in a position to study the effect of lysine in herpes simplex infections should do so. It appears to do no harm and may be a useful therapeutic measure.

The amount of lysine required to control herpes varied from case to case but a typical dose to maintain remission was 500 mg daily and active herpes required 1 to 6 g between meals to induce healing."
Genital herpes is an STD caused by HSV-1 or HSV-2, although, genital herpes is mostly caused by HSV-2. Genital herpes is a contagious viral infection affecting primarily the genitals of men and women. Genital herpes is characterized by recurrent clusters of vesicles and lesions at the genital areas or below the waist. A person usually gets HSV-2 infection during sexual contact with someone who has a genital HSV-2 infection. Transmission may occur even if there is no visible outbreak if the infected person is shedding. While generally not dangerous, it is a nuisance and can be emotionally traumatic, as there is no cure.

Cold sores or HSV-1, the Herpes Simplex Virus Type 1, can also cause genital herpes. HSV-1 infection of the genitals can be caused by oral-genital or genital-genital contact with a person who has HSV-1 infection. So having oral sex with a person who has a cold sore can cause genital herpes, having had contact with the cold sore. Keep in mind, even if a cold sore is not present, there might be asymptomatic shedding or transmission. Genital HSV-1 outbreaks recur less regularly than genital HSV-2 outbreaks.

Genital HSV-2 infection is more common in women (approximately one out of four women) than in men (almost one out of eight). This may be due to male-to-female transmission being more likely than female-to-male transmission.

Genital herpes has reached epidemic proportions in the U.S.; 500,000 are diagnosed each year. One in five American adults has herpes, but only one third of those inflicted are aware that they have the virus. Many people don't relate their symptoms to herpes, since they have either very mild or no symptoms at all. Over 50 million cases are currently estimated to exist in either the active or dormant stage.


Theory of Cause: ...Dr. C.N. Look

Herpes simplex viruses include two distinct but closely related viruses, namely, HSV-1 and HSV-2. Both viruses can cause genital herpes. Roughly speaking, HSV-2 causes 90% and HSV-1 causes 10% of all genital herpes. Herpes simplex virus is a linear double-stranded DNA virus. HSV-1 and HSV-2 share approximately 50% homology of their genetic materials and they even express type-common surface antigens. It accounts for the high degree of cross-reactivity and the technical difficulty in differentiating the 2 viruses. On the other hand, HSV-1 & HSV-2 antibodies offer some degree of cross protection. Cell-mediated immune responses is more important than humoral responses in determining the severity of HSV infections. Hence, AIDS patients often have chronic and severe anogenital herpes. Genital herpes is usually transmitted by sexual intercourse. Direct inoculation of virus occurs through contact with infected secretions or mucosal surfaces. Orogenital contact with a partner with type 1 herpes labialis can also result in genital herpes. Asymptomatic shedding of HSV is the most common mode of transmission of genital herpes infection. It is estimated that more than half of the HSV-2 genital infections are asymptomatic.


Transmission is caused by close oral, anal, or genital contact, including intercourse, masturbation, kissing, or any direct skin-to-skin contact which allows for the transfer of bodily fluids.

A person is considered contagious when prodromal symptoms, active sores, and healing lesions are present.

Herpes is potentially contagious when no symptoms are present. That is, a person who has genital herpes is potentially always shedding active virus.

Approximately 1 in 6 members of the general infected population is thought to shed active virus occasionally without symptoms.

Some people do not get typical blister-like sores but harbor active virus in their saliva, vaginal, or penile secretions, and can shed the virus without knowing they have herpes.

Lesions can occur deep inside the vagina where they cannot be seen or felt, but can readily transmit the virus.

An uninfected individual has about a 75% chance of contracting herpes during intimate contact with someone actively shedding virus.

Oral herpes can be transmitted to the genitals, and vice versa. Symptoms are similar.

Auto-inoculation: An infected individual can spread the virus to other parts of his or her body by touching an area shedding virus and then touching, scratching, or rubbing another susceptible part of the body. Towels are especially conducive to this.

It is possible for a person to contract genital herpes if the partner with oral herpes performs oral sex. Oral herpes can be transmitted to the genitals, and vice versa. Symptoms are similar.

Environmental surfaces like toilet seats may be a source of contagion, but there is no evidence that this poses a real threat to the general population. Experts differ as to how long the virus can survive on its own. The primary cause of infection remains intimate contact.

BEST CURE !!!! Comments By: ROSEY on 2009-07-17
if you could spare a little bit of crack it will work just fine. i mean the good stuff,not the street grade. i mean PURE (for immediate results.) Now if your lucky to wake up the next day dont look in the mirror. the sore will still be there but the pain will be gone. this cure is now being used for medicinal purposes in case you get caught, you could mention tat to the POLICE
I agree with Hannah! Comments By: Lovely Locs on 2009-07-27
All of the OTC medicines are good, but what about the times you don't have the money to get it? Just have a blister? NO! I am an advocate of home remedies. The last time, before this time, I got a fever blister, I BAPTIZED it with rubbing alcohol. Ok baptized is a little bit on an exaggeration, but I began patting it down and rubbing it with alcohol and after that, placing carmex on it. I did that for two days and day three it was nearly gone to where I was ok going in public and I was teaching at a high school at the time. We know how teens can be.
I feel this method can work for I have one again now 8 months later. I went one day without my own method and that little sucker came back with an attitude! What ever method you choose to use be consistent!

DO NOT POP Comments By: sexilipz on 2009-08-09
I've suffered with fever blisters for years.. I can't say I know of any quick cure tip.. sorry. But after reading these posts I have learned soeme new things that I don't think I'll try. PLEASE.. if you get anything from this.. DO NOT POP the cold sore.. it hurts terribly.. swells.. takes longer to heal and YES.. they will spread! The liquid in the blisters is HIGHLY contagious..
Good Luck all... I woke up with one this morning.. sigh :(

facts Comments By: May on 2009-08-17
I suffered from fever blisters, always in the same place on my lip, growing up, when I got too much sun. When I was about 24, a friend of mine got Hodgkins and would get terrible fever blisters that never seemed to break the surface. She told me her doctor put her on acyclovir. Ever since then, as SOON as I feel the twinge, I can take 800mg, three times a day, of acyclovir for about 4 days and no one ever knows the fever blister was ever there. I've been blister FREE for years! Recently I went to Mexico and got sunburned. Sure enough I felt the twinge and was without medication. Thursday it broke while still on vaca. I went back to the old school treatment of warm salt water, heavy salt, gently scrubbing to dry the blister. I had scab by Saturday. I then Qtip with hydrogen peroxide about every 2 hours and apply vitamin E oil from the capsules, to keep the area moist. I go from blister to healed in less than a week. HOWEVER, I will never again travel without my 800mg acyclovir!!!
Take Lysine! Comments By: Kari on 2009-08-23
My brother and i both suffer from fever blisters. sun exposure and stress give me a fever blister! I take 1000mg a day of lysine. and when i feel a blister coming along i take two lysine in the morning and one at night. i follow up with abreva at night and dry it out with a dab of alcohol once a day. since taking lysine i have found a significant difference in both the duration and the severity of the blister. But I have one now from a day at the beach and Ive had a small red dot on my lip for almost two weeks now. Not sure whats up! very sad i cant smooch my boyfriend!
heat? NONSENSE!! Comments By: JO on 2009-08-24
ICE IT BECAUSE THAT ACTUALLY WORKS, if i could rate this less than one i would.. for cold sore sufferers look on legitamate sites providing information on them that is written by doctors/researchers and wat not.. the virus thrives in a warm environment that is where it best develops

even so, simple common sense.. wen you bump ur head and it starts to swell.. do you not ice it in order to reduce swelling.. think about it!

what i tried Comments By: michelle on 2009-08-27
when i woke up this morning i had a huge fever blister so i looked on here and tried a few things because i work with the public and was worried about reactions so i washed it and burnt a needle poked it drained the stuff out and put calamine lotion on it while i had the calamine on it i took a clean butter knifeand heated one side with a lighter and applied it to waited awhile and then washed it with soap and water and it looks better already i guess i will see by the end of today
Lysine Comments By: Kateseroonie on 2009-08-28
I take lysine as soon as i start to feel that irritating little tingle in my lip. I take 1 lysine as soon as it pops up and put abreva on it. usually this clears it up with a few hours, no lie. the sooner you catch it the faster it will go away. Also, if you are taking lysine everyday to help prevent it. DONT! Your body becomes immune to medication that you may take on a daily basis.
ugh...another blister! Comments By: anon on 2009-09-03
the only thing that works for me is a combo of Carmex & Lysine. together, they work great
I use Denavir 1% Cream and it WORKS! Comments By: Jenny on 2009-09-06
Denavir 1% Cream is only available through a prescription and it really does work. All you do is apply the white cream to the fever blister every 2 to 3 hours. There have been many times when I applied the cream at the first sign of the tingle and the fever blister disappeared completely. I always apply the cream at the first sign of the tingle and I'm very strict about applying it every 2 hours. The fever blister is usually dried up by the end of the first day and scabs over quickly. I wish everyone luck dealing with these nasty little sores. I've tried many products over the years and Denavir has been a blessing.
STUPID COLD SORES Comments By: Staci on 2009-09-09
Urg... Im just starting my first day of college tomorow and I got a cold sore! Ever embarassing when your trying to make a good impression. Ive tried prescribed perscriptions, they suck. Ice just made it worse, and salt and water soothes the pain for a few minutes. I feel helpless and UGLY.
Fever Blister Cure Comments By: LP on 2009-09-11
I have had fever blisters every since I was a child and especially after having Stomatitis at age 11.....They are brutal, gross and hurt, unbelieveably, not to mention its ugly factor. I have tried EVERYTHING since 11. Abreva has worked to some degree, in the past few years, however, very expensive for the amount given. I switched to Calamine and that did well, with cleaning w/ Alchohol before. I have one now but have found a burn creme called..BURN JEL PLUS.....Applied this evening...will keep U posted...but am TOTALLING feeling the effects....no pain, numb, but tingling.....Thus a burn/blister on lip right???????I think I might have found my cure....here's praying!!!!! :)
Easy prevention Comments By: LongTimeSufferrer on 2009-09-29
I've been getting cold sores for about 20 years now and they suck. I've tried all the cures - sometimes they work, sometimes they don't.

For me, I recognized a pattern of behaviors in my life that resulted in eruptions. They almost always involved bouts of no sleep, drinking binges, drug use, too many cigarettes at a party, etc.

I used to get an outbreak at least twice a year. My recent outbreak a few days ago came three years after my last outbreak, and I can tell you why it took so long.

1) I quit smoking. Cigarettes deplete your vitamin C in a big way. Vitamin C is crucial for your immune system and you just smoke it all away.

2) I quit doing recreational drugs. I had my last hurrah on New Years Eve 1999/2000. No nothing. Only beer for me.

3) Sleep. Your body needs a regular sleep schedule. It doesn't have to be eight hours but it should be regular. I tested out my natural sleep time but going to bed at a reasonable time the night before a day that I didn't have to wake up at all. I noted how long I slept before my body wanted to naturally wake up. That was going to be my new required sleep time. For me it's about 7 1/2 hours. I know that when I grow accustomed to being in bed by midnight at the very latest, I have a higher chance of getting an outbreak if I stay up until 4am.

4) Diet. Fried foods seem to be a bad idea so I stay away from them whenever possible. We know that certain foods are higher in Lysine than others, so try to incorporate them into your regular grocery list. I always say, if you don't buy it, you won't eat it. So don't let yourself buy the stuff that's bad for you, and only buy what's good for you. When you get a craving for food, you'll only have the good stuff in your fridge.

I'm not religious, but I took each outbreak as a sign from above that I wasn't taking care of myself. When I look back at my outbreaks, I realize I was to blame for nearly every single one of them.

Medicines and vitamins are a cheap way out. Look in the mirror at how you live your life and you may find there are some changes you can make that will make you a healthier person overall.

FEVER BLISTER! Comments By: Meredith on 2009-09-29
Why in the world would some one say put heat on a fever blister. Its in the name, "fever" means hot.. duh i mean thats prolli the reason you got one. Why add more heat to it ..
SOMETHING THAT ALWAYS ASSISTED ME... Comments By: Drea on 2009-10-09
i was born with an every now & then fever blister issue... typically right after being sick, high stress time frames, or a wonderful stint of chapped lips! finally, in my many adventures, research, & quests to try & help my undying, ever returning cause, i found that simply carrying around my small ABREVA pump (as expensive as it can run) in my purse & at the first feeling of tingle, burn, tightness, etc i dabble a little finger tip full on my lip & within the next day, i'm golden! no worries, no issue, no blister! don't know about if this method of prevention is solely based off of level of severity, but doesn't hurt ot try... if it works, i'm so very happy i could help!
ABREEVA.SUCKS. Comments By: JayBay on 2009-10-19
ok, i do not know what you all get fever blisters from, but i get them from onions and the sun. those are the only two things. and i get like 5 per year, which sucks soo badly. they are embarrassing for a teen girl in high school, i know because i am one. i have tried many things and NONE take them away quickly. (although rubbing alcohol for 15 minutes did seem to have the tiniest effect). i just wanted to comment and say,
ABREEVA DOES NOT WORK. PERIOD. IT IS EXPENSIVE AND NNOOTT WORTH THE MONEY. especially if money is tight for your family, like mine. thanks:)

Fairly fast relief Comments By: Reta on 2009-10-21
About the best thing I've ever tried for fever blisters is Curasore. It dries them up and makes it feel cold (because of the ethern it. Good stuff! Buttermilk is also good to use on them.Just dab a little on several times a day.
common sense and a common problem Comments By: MD blister. on 2009-10-23
I am a physician and I also suffer from fever blisters. I see the problem from both the scientific side and the 'oh my god this sucks so bad' side as well.

first a little background-
Fever blisters are caused by a virus. Herpes Simplex 1. Not the type of herpes generally involved with genital herpes (type 2) although they can cross to the genital area. (So don't even think about it when you have an outbreak- not that anyone would let you). If you get fever blisters, you have Herpes Simplex Virus. period.

HSV lives in your nervous system. More precisely, in your brain. It travels down your cranial nerves during an outbreak and causes the immune response of blisters around the oral area, typically where the lips and skin meet. This sucks.

How can i get rid of these things?

As of now there isn't a cure, and i don't see anything to wipe these guys out coming down the innovative pipeline. That means you have to deal with these little bastards living in your brain. Scary huh?

Although we can't wipe this virus out you can do a lot to minimize it's impact in your life. It's a lifetime battle and one that is worse for some of us than others. The severity and frequency of HSV outbreaks varies dramatically between people. Here are some general tips though:

Prevention- taking steps to minimize outbreaks is the best treatment. Increasing your immune system by living like your grandmother told you to pays dividends. Eat well, lotsa vit B and C, and good sleep helps keep your immune system up. Lysine at 500 to 1000 per day may also help decrease outbreaks.

Avoid known triggers. This is a personal thing with people having different triggers- sunburn, stress and lack of sleep are common culprits.

Treatment- any treatment is much more effective if started as early as possible. Virus reproduction is exponential, so if you start the battle early you have a lot better chance of keeping it controlled b/c they don't have the overwhelming numbers yet.

Acyclovair, Valtrex and lysine by mouth and abreva topical is the best cocktail I can come up with. Each works a little although none work a lot in my experience. This represents a multilevel counterattack on the virus. The virus mutates with time and adapts so the success of this varies between individuals and maybe even for an individual with time. Also take double the recommended dose one time to start to get to a high level early which is critical for success. You will not be able to get these things on a moments notice typically so you have to get them and have them ready to go with the first tingle next time. I recommend keeping the starting dose of each in a bottle in your car or purse so you always have them close by.

Also chill out, relax, go hide, meditate, pray, sleep, whatever. I think lowering stress levels makes a difference. Also remember, although it is awful, it will pass and you aren't the only one with this problem although i know it seems like it.

Remember to do no harm. All the ice, honey, tree oil and so forth is ok to try because it can't hurt. I would stay away from heat and pointy objects if you can help it. I do pop them occasionally because i can't stand it, but it's probably not a good idea. Camphophenique at this stage in the liquid form is the best drying agent i have found and then neosporin after crusty to help healing. Ibuprophen is really good for mouth pain, 800 3x day with food.

Try to stay positive. People have worse afflictions. Live healthy and treat early.

I have three fever blisters Comments By: Kasey. on 2009-10-23
I have three fever blisters right now, they spread because I kept putting all different kinds of medication on it. I still don't know what exactly works but I recommend you don't touch it at all at first, just let it heal on its own. Always wash your hands. I've had things like this for about four years and its terrible, they really affect your self esteem. Some people say put rubbing alcohol on it which dries it and others say put petroleum jelly on it which moisturizes it, so should I dry it out or moisturize it? Oh, and does it have to scab in order to heal?
*ETHER* INSTANT..ALMOST! Comments By: Blister Baby on 2009-10-26
I'm 41 years old and grew up with a hippie father who also happened to be a chemist. I got a fever blister when I was a teen, and I remember him telling me to go to the drugstore and buy a little bottle of Ether. I went to buy it and the pharmacist knew exactly what it was for and gave it to me. Back then you could ask for it without a prescription. I went home and dipped a Q-tip in it and put it directly on the blister and actually watched as it turned white and dried up! I did it over and over (every 5 minutes)for about an hour, and the next morning, it had dried up and was already itching because it was almost completely gone. I've never had anything work like that before, I've used Chap Stick, Vitamin E, salt, heating it, icing it, all of the above on various occasions, even HerpecinL and the virus killers that are on the shelf, but I think that they are mixed w/ something else that makes them not as effective as the "active" ingredient in it, which is ETHER. Read post from pharmacist above. Hope you can find it! Maybe a compounding pharmacy....???
Fever blister remedy -Denavir Comments By: Roxy on 2009-10-27
Denavir is by prscription only. But it's the best . Dries it up super fast. Sometimes it takes just a day. If it's a really bad blister it takes 2 days. This cream is awesome!!!
What is not a good idea... Comments By: Blister Girl. UGH. on 2009-10-29
If you can catch it when it is still tingling, apply abreva and i swear it will reduce the blister size by 40%-ish.

I had this crazy idea today to apply a hot green-tea bag to the area. Now everything is red a splotchy and the puss pockets are bigger. NOT.A.GOOD.IDEA.

I think I may go fecth some Curasore and alchohol. Those sound like good idea.

i hate them Comments By: ben on 2009-11-05
I've lived with these things for ages they are embarrassing and they really bring my self-esteem down so much. Sometimes i would rather take genital herpes than oral cuz oral everyone sees them. ill try some of these remedies but i know that they will only work for just a little while thanks anyway
I hate them so bad :( Comments By: Jynna on 2009-11-08
So im 17, and ive been getting them ever since i can remember. I have 3 right now as i type. I was suppose to be hangin out with a guy i really like today, but i had to cancel on him. I got mine yesterday, i tried ice, it will numb it..but didnt really help. I did alchohol, and it kinda helped. And i have abreva..but its just not workin for me. Salt hurts like hell..didnt seem to do much either. I woke up this morning and the bottom two are pretty much dried up, but my lip is swollen terribly and soo painful. The one on my top lip is not workin with me, it isnt popping or drying up. I have school tomorrow and i cant afford to miss anymore. Im soo depressed and feel so ugly. Help.
USE RELEVE - BEST EVER Comments By: anan on 2009-11-08
As soon as you feel a fever blister coming on put releve on it no stop. Several times an hour all day at the first sign of tingling. This will cure it in a day and you WILL NOT have any painful blisters. All the other meds take days to work. I found this in the food store pharmacy section looking for abreva which takes days. It was more expensive but definitely worked now my husband and brother in law swear by it and I haven't had a fever blister since.
campho-phenique!! Comments By: anon on 2009-11-10
I've been sick the last few weeks and woke up two days ago with a horrible fever blister on my lip. Without thinking, i popped it and then it spread into what looked like an achne-rash under my lower lip--EMBARRASSING!! i've been trying every remedy I could find, and nothing worked. finally i spread campho-phenique all over it and within an hour it started to calm the redness and ease the irritation.
Plain Old Asprin Comments By: Fred on 2009-11-18
Take maximum amount as directed as soon as you feel that tingle. Continue dosage for at least 24 hrs. Stops outbreak in it's tracks. It's cheap, it works.
This really works!!! Comments By: Pam on 2009-11-24
I have used this method for 30 years and it never fails. Crush a Lysine tablet or scrape off enough powder from it and dab on affected area. It will heal quickly, and stops the growth when you feel one coming on.
ashleypie Comments By: ashley on 2009-11-26
get some golden grain liquor, a q-tip and some L-Lysine. crush up the l-lysine and get the q-tip soak the golden grain and spread it over the affected area , then put the l-lysine on it. then take about two shots of golden grain to kill it from the inside.
Sounds Yucky, But it Works! Comments By: Trena M. on 2009-11-28
I know it sounds yucky but ear wax will keep it from getting bigger and blistering up. When I was a kid, my grandmother dug in her ear and put it on my mouth I wanted to die. I couldn't do anything in fear of her wrath. I had to endure her periodicly putting more on it durring the day and I had to grin and bear it. When I went to bed that night I noticed that it had not gotten bigger and had in fact started to dry up. We always thing that the old time cures are a joke but she told me back in the thirty's there wasn't very many treatments for poor people. She said her family used ear wax or urin from a baby. I am 41 now and when I feel that tingling sensation I immediately dig out some ear wax. I can't prevent them 100% but I can keep them from making me look like a monster. All who suffer should understand one thing. Not every solution will work for everyone. We have to try what works for us.
stupid fever blisters Comments By: KK on 2009-12-08
Im a highschool student and so when I get them, of course it goes around as a bad rumor. I have been getting these monsters since 6th grade and I get them from extreme temperatures (really hot or really cold). This week it has been in the single digits with a wind chill of -25!!! but then I woke up with a 102 fever this morning, and with a new fever blister.
There isn't a lot of cures to get rid of it in a day, but I can usually get rid of mine in about 2 days.
1. I use abreva like my life depends on it.
2. I sterilize a needle and pop the fluid out of it.
3. I use Hydrogen Peroxide and rubbing alcohol to clean it out. (yes it burns but it helps)
4. I put a lot of abreva on it and neosporin works really good on top of it..
5. before you go to sleep cake the abreva on so there is a white glob on the sore, and put vaseline or neosporin on it.
Make sure if you go out in really warm or cold weather you should have chapstick with you, don't lick your lips in the cold it makes it worse.
Hope this helped.
It helps me:)

SPELL CHECK ... Comments By: Jenni on 2009-12-09
dont ya just hate the anal people that have nothing better to do than spend precious time correcting others...it must be WONDERFUL to be so perfect!

Fever Blisters Comments By: Jazmine on 2009-12-17
I hate them so much but I just use abreva to keep it small and not any BIGGER. Im only 12 and in the 7th Grade so when I have one like now I just make up an excuse such as i Fell and hit something hard or I hit myself in the face and people will just start to feel sorry you (LOL)!
I know exactly what causes my fever blisters Comments By: ostamos on 2010-01-04
I have been getting these things since I was a child I am now 46 I read in a home remedies book something about L-lysine that if your L-arginine level gets elevated higher than L-Lysine then you may get them. Within the last two years I have noticed that I broke out after I ate stuff such as pistacios, almonds, mixed nuts, cashews, pumkin seeds, greek honey and sesame seed candy and sunflower seeds. Today I woke up with two of them I determined it is from the new oatmeal breakfasts I have been eating lately which gives me tons of energy and orange juice and liver and steak & lobster for New Years and and poppycock with cashews. All these things have more L-arginine than L-Lysine. I had one in December from Pumpkin Seeds from Thanksgiving. I refer to a website called Herpes Nutrition to get the amino acid information. It is almost impossible for me eat anything that has protein without getting a blister. I hope this may help some individuals to maybe know if this may be their problem also.
OJ Comments By: shannon on 2010-01-11
OK, So I have always wondered why I got fever blisters, and recently I have been about 2 years without one. I drank Orange juice yesterday and low and behold I have a fever blister. I believe it triggered it. I havent drank oj in along time and the day I do is when I get a fever blister. I usually just cover it with alcohol and then carmex.
You really can not go wrong with carmex. I found it to be the cheapest and best way to get rid of one.

been getting fever blisters for awhile Comments By: ko on 2010-01-12
been getting fever blisters for awhile. one started to pop up last night after a morning oj and lets call it extra "hormones"for the month. started icing it for 5 minutes at a time, but when i woke up this morning it had grown a bit. started icing it, again 5 minutes at a time. alcohol and and salt seem painful so i opted for calamine lotion and so far it is working like a charm and the plus side NO PAIN! i always used abreva but was not impressed with the "shortened" healing time. this is the first time i have used this method and feel this will be my go to method from no on. i do take lysine and a multivitamin, but as said in previous posts don't want to develop an immunity towards lysine so i take it close to my time of the month when my blisters are more likely to appear.
This worked for me Comments By: John on 2010-01-16
I didn't believe it at first but I had to try this remedy and it worked. My buddy L Ron Hubbard told me this quick remedy and it worked well for me the past two times.

I probably have only had fever blisters 4 times in my 30 years of existence. But as I sit here reading these comments with a 3 day old fever blister on my lip eating a peanut butter sandwich I realized something that rang true. 1. my outbreaks occur at times when I have been drinking alot of OJ and eating Peanut butter (like right now =( ) And 2. if I don't catch them with alcohol when they first start to form I have to resolve it the hard way.

The hard way.
First you have to get big ball of ear wax. this is a little hard but what I found works is take a warm shower and let the hot water sit in each ear for appx. 3 mins. Afte the 6mins get out of teh shower and get a qtip. Now you can use the qtip to gather alot of wax from your ears. It needs to be in a ball about the size of a dime.

Now you need some additional supplies.
Garlic in powder form
Baking soda
pepermint oil

What you do is poor a little pepermint oil in a small cup, mix in the baking soda and stir. When it starts to dissolve you want to then mix in the ketchup. Next drop in the ball of ear wax. Now microwave the bowl for 30secs. When it comes out the mixture should be warm enough to melt the ear wax. If not put it back in that step is important. Now that the ear wax is melted the last mixing step is to mix in the garlic powder, not alot but a little more than a pinch. Now get a qtip and dip it in this mixture and spread it all over you infected area and make sure it stays covered for appx 5 mins. After the 5 minutes comes the hard part. To completely rid yourself of the blister you have to take the mixture into your mouth and slosh it around making sure to get all the inside of your mouth covered then spit it out. Lastly wash you mouth out with warm water and use the toothpaste to brush your teeth.

Its a longer process but try it and you will see the light.

This is how I cure mine... Comments By: mizzmoxxie on 2010-01-20
The minute I feel my lip tingling and itching, I take my first Lysine tablet (500 mg). I do nothing else... I wait about four hours and I take another Lysine (500 mg) tablet...then I take a wet washcloth and heat it in the microwave (about 20-30 seconds) When it comes out, it should be hot enough that you can barely hold it in your hands. Fold it up and put it on the sore, whether it's blistered or not... Mine was blistered. The hot rag caused the blister to fester up. But it did not pop. I took another Lysine (500 mg.) I also applied Lysine ointment and Campho Phenique to the area. At this point, I went to bed. In the morning, my eyes were a little mattered up..my lip is slightly swollen, but not any worse. I take another Lysine (500 mg) I begin applying an ice cube (I put in a ziplock bag to keep it from making my lip too moist). I apply it until the ice feels like it's burning my lip. I take it off and wait a few minutes. I repeat this step for about half an hour. In four hours, I take another Lysine (500 mg.) At this point, I look in the mirror and my blisters are gone. It's as if my body fought it off and the blisters went down. The Lysine is the BEST against fighting these. My problem is, I missed a few days taking mine and got into the tanning bed, which caused an outbreak. This won't happen again. I plan to take a daily Lysine, but not any more than that as I do not want to build up too much of a tolerance to it, should I need it in the future. Hope this works for you. Oh, and don't do the nail polish remover thing. If your blisters pop, try rubbing alcohol...which will burn, but will DRY out the ooze. Best of Luck.
Try Zilactin Comments By: j bowers on 2010-01-23
I don't know if there is really a remedy to cure fever blisters...I can tell you that it is best to leave them alone!!! When you first feel them tngle you should use Zilactin. I am not sure if you can buy it @ Wal-Matrt or the drug store anymore, they did sell it. You can get it from your dentist. Lots of dentists have samples. Thats were I get mine. Valtrax does work to reduce my accurances but its not a cure, sadly. Good luck all. I know its depressing to get these things!!
i hate these things Comments By: Hermina on 2010-02-01
I'm taking L-Lysine. one per day. I also use Abreva. I had then woke up with another one, just like that. I was mad. Its healing now but I'm afraid it's going to leave a scar or spot like getting a pimple....I don't know about applying heat but I think the Ice Cube is the trick if you can catch it early but when you go to sleep, one can pop up and you wake up and BAM you got another one. I use Bactine to clean mine. peroxide works too. you do want to get that fluid so you do have to pop it. I use a tooth pick and cleaned it with alcohol. once its popped, clean it again with Bactine or peroxide to kill the germ. Zinc oxide cream is good too. I put it on at night. Abreva i used during the day. i just hope it doesn't leave a scar or dark spot.....
praying for a cure Comments By: brandon on 2010-02-15
I have been dealing with fever blisters for some time now and I have tried alot of different things. I get them by stress, and usually after being sick. I work around a bunch of guys who make comments when one is present and it does nothing but make matters worse. sometimes they go away fast and sometimes they go away slow. I try not to touch it and fingernail polish remover seems to be best for me. Other than that PRAY!!
Got rid of one...and now another Comments By: Linds on 2010-02-16
I recently felt the tingle coming on so i broke out the abreva and put it on like crazy! The fever blister still showed but it was more like a little red sore than a blister. I thought i was in the clear until i went to a family gathering the next day and realized that i was getting another one right next to the healing one! I went home and started the abreva again and this time it didn't work. Freaking out because my birthday party is 3 days away I got on here searching for a solution. Reading the things about when people eat any kind of nut.... i totally agree with that! Stay away from them! i was eating pistachio nuts at my brothers house when the second outbreak started.
So now i'm sitting here with toothpaste on my mouth ( I put alcohol on it first) praying that this works.
I heard that if you mix toothpaste and salt (a lot of salt) together, apply, and let it sit for 5 hours that this helps it dry out and you sore will be gone in about 48 hours. i guess i will try that when i get home from work tonight.
God bless all of you that have to deal with this. I know how you feel. It's so depressing.

Different ways to treat Comments By: Anon on 2010-02-18
There are many different ways to treat cold sores/fever blisters. I've been getting them since I could remember and they are definatly a pain. Ugh. As Im typing I have one on my bottom lip. SOO, I've tried mannnnyy different ways to get rid and what works for me is when I feel one coming on I IMMEDIATLY take valtrex and apply ice to stop it from growing any larger. Then all throughout the day I apply campho-phenique with drying action. Then before I go to sleep I put baking soda toothpaste on it. Then the next day it's usually very small. What I do to really dry it up is jump in the pool. The chlorine dries up the fever blister really well AND it pops while in the water. Which is great because the chlorine then goes inside the blister. BUT PUT ON SUNSCREEN BEFORE HAND. And don't stay out too long in the sun cuz then the process works backwards. But when I get out of the water I apply campho again thruought the day and it's usually gone by the third fourth day. Hope this helps at least one person.
antibiotics Comments By: sarah on 2010-02-22
antibiotics and lycine worked on mine in 2 days! but everyone is different! it didnt get hudge and pop, it just dried up and went away!
Clorox Comments By: Chris on 2010-02-23
i havent had a blister in years until now and now i remember how painful these suckers are, anyways i just want it to go away so yesterday i attacked it with Clorox disinfecting wipes. I put the container in the refridge and pulled out cold wipes every hour. The cold wipes help the pain. I am also putting CamphoPhenique.
THIS REALLY DOES WORK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Comments By: Carol on 2010-03-02
Two days before my baby's first b-day party I get this tingle in my lip, before I could even stop it, there it was this HUGE FEVER BLISTER!!! I mean it was about an inch on my lip. I was desperate to try anything. So I tried rubbing the salt on my fever blister just like it said (and yeah it really burns) but well worth it:in 2 days it was almost all the way gone. This is way better than 2 weeks. I also started using Zovirax with it. Thanks for the tip!!!!!!!!!!!
Ban deoderant Comments By: jon on 2010-03-06
My grandmother always tells me to put ban deoderant on my lips as soon as i feel it. The "canfer" she says drys it out. This does help give it a shot
**THIS WORKS FOR ME** Comments By: Blister Queen on 2010-03-09
Yes it may be true that EXTREME heat may kill a GERM (ex:in nursing homes they may clean urinals and bedpans with extreme heat to CLEAN them) HOWEVER...have you ever wondered why HOSPITALS and NURSIN HOMES are usually COLDER than we would keep our temperature at home? This is done to PREVENT THE SPREAD OF VIRUSES AND GERMS. Therefore the ONLY reason you might apply a hot compress is ONLY to bring the blister to a head so you can pop it. I know people say do not pop it because it will spread, that may be true, but this is what i do for mine...mind you i woke up with 4 blisters on my lips this morning and my lips looked like i just had botox pumped into them.
1. rub entire area with rubbing alcohol to sanitize the area (if you are out of rubbing alcohol something like germ-x or whiskey...vodka...moonshine will work fine to clean the area.
2. apply a numbing gel to area if sensitive to touch (oral gel works great...also anal ease (yes i know ANAL EASE??? but it IS a NUMBING gel!)
3. Heat a safety pin with a lighter (killing germs)
4. Hold a tissue close to the blister. (some may only make one hole with the pin but i make several small pokes completely around the blister and sometimes it may be possible to remove the top layer of the blisters skin (even better) MAKE SURE TO KEEP TISSUE CLOSE ENOUGH TO CATCH ANY FLUID DRAINING FROM BLISTER SITE.
5. Apply direct pressure to blister to soak up any excess fluid inside. (kind of like a zit you want to get whats below surface level)
6. Soak a Q-tip in Hairspray (yes hairspray...it contains Ether and alcohol) and apply it directly to the blister. I apply pressure with the qtip and small circles to exfoliate that area of skin making sure the hair spray soaks in good.


7. Immediately apply numbing gel with q-tip. I use the anal ease because also it contains ALOE
8. Apply Ice to Reduce swelling.

I will do this several times today. (you do not have to repoke the site with the pin unless it swells back with fluid. I scrub it with a clean q-tip before applying more hairspray. Some people may only do this once however i choose to "just make sure i have removed all the fluid and the hairspray has gotten as deep as it can to dry it up.
Tomorrow they will be in the drying process. I will keep applying ice ONLY if the lips pooch a little and keep lips moist with chapstick or carmex to prevent cracking of the lips.
***I hope this works for someone, but keep in mind it WILL cause some pain.) But usually things are worse before they are better!***

I do believe in taking something orally to prevent fever blisters, I just havent found what is right for me.

fever blister Comments By: mike2009 on 2010-03-10
If you feel a fever blister coming on go to the grocery store in the vitamine section, it is called Lynsin, take a few, and the sore will go away, may even stop it.. I take this if I feel one coming on...
Fever blister cure Comments By: Mel on 2010-03-12
I have started using Spirits if Camphor. It dries it up and they heal much quicker!!
my way Comments By: o jones on 2010-03-31
i typically have outbreaks when im under stress. since its a fever within your body i take tylenol to make the fever go down, and switch up between peroxide and the highest proof of alcohol on it. in about 2-3 days its usually gone
walgreens!!!!!!! Comments By: mike b on 2010-04-08
walgreens has a cold sore/fever blister 2 pack applicater. at first sign go buy this product! i am 24 years old and have had the blisters since middle school and have literally tried everything. i do take lysine pills everyday and i don't get the blisters quite ass often but i do still get them. the walgreens stuff comes in two little vials, you break one open and rub the applicator on ur lip til it's gone. you will almost instantly feel relief as it drys (but not overly dry) it out and stops it from growing any further. the second vial is a just in case vial for severe cases (like mine). i get them to where my entire bottom lip is all fever blisters. This stuff is truely a blessing and i swear by it. It is wqalgreens brand and sells for $13. I stock up on them and probably have about 20 of them at my house. I feel all of your pain when it comes to these things and i absolutely hate having them. I would not take the time out to type all of this if it wasnt close to my heart. I promise u will not be let down. godd luck!!!

[email protected]
feel free to send me thank yous upon using the medicine haha

Rx precribed remedies and Home made Comments By: Dr. Green Thumb on 2010-04-16
well i used salt, hot sauce, and vinigar/ 100% alcohol..

Leave it on for a hour the swelling wont be there period and the infection will be stinging some, but the pain means its working.
(if you can't tolerate pain use Rx Medicine)

Old school Comments By: ear waxs on 2010-04-24
ear wax, my antie told me years ago to use ear waxs that works,
SIZE REDUCTION Comments By: xxdav1dxx on 2010-05-10
Hi, I have had my fever blsters since I was a teen. WOW! These are some ugly things. I'm a gay guy, and everytime I get an outbreak, I hate going in public because of what they represent. I had a nasty blister. I tried to pop it. The next day it multiplied into 4 BIG blistes.After reading 80% of the confessionals on here,I tried some remidies. Ice soothes it, but did nothing for the healing. I put alcohol on a cottonball and applies it to the swollen blisters, and I didn't even feel a burn, then i mixed salt with the alcohol, and let it sit for a few mins. They seems to flatten out drastically. Ether.. I have no idea what that is, but I cheaked my hair-spray and sure enough, it's the second ingredient, so after i washed the salty mixure off with soap and water, I applied the hairspray a few times. I felt nothing. My lip got sore again. So I iced it, the swelling went down. Then I applied some milk of magnesia, that REALLY HELPED to dry it out, but after 5 applications in a 10 min time, the color and redness had gone away. Yes I take L-Lysene when I have an out-break, I can't tell if it helps, but it dosn't hurt. I dabbed more alcohol and salt, it didn't seem to do anything, so I washed it off amd added some toothpaste. The size is gone for now. All of these worked. I really like the shape and color of my lips, so I am not attacking myself with any heated object (pins, knives, spoons, etc...) So far this is what i know, DO NOT POP IT WITH YOUR FINGERS, get lots of rest, more than normal, take L-Lysene, alcohol and hydrogyn peroxide and salt dry it out (to help it to heal quicker) and ice to calm down any inflamation or swelling. All of these really work. I spend most of my exsess money on shoes, so buying expensive meds makes no sence to me. GOOD LUCK AND MY PRAYERS ARE WITH ALL OF US LOOSING THE BATTLE, BUT STILL FIGHTING
So gross...I know Comments By: Tiff on 2010-05-11
First of all, Thanks. There is a lot of different options here. I know that not all of these work for me but to each their own, right? Maybe different things work for different people. I have had fever blisters for as long as I can remember, I also got it from my mom. I do not think you can really make them go away but what I have found helpful is to put alcohol as soon as I feel them tingle. If I still feel them getting bigger I use something called Zoverax. I get it from my doctor. It does nothing for the itching but it seems to work better if you put it on as soon as soon as possible. The other thing you can buy at Walgreens, it's called zilactin...it is alcohol based but it has pain meds. and it forms a protective shild that covers and keeps it from speading. I like this best because it is cheaper and it helps with the itching.I woke up with 3 HUGE ones this morning so to late to do much anything to stop it now. I will try some of these remedies.
They will NEVER PERMENANTLY GO AWAY !!!!! Comments By: Snowball on 2010-05-15
Fever blisters are HERPES !!! They are a form of the virus HSV1- this is herpes simplex virus 1. As we all know herpes is permenant and most of the time the virus lies dorment in our body, meaning that we are not having an "outbreak." For most of us that is infected with this virus has had it since we were very young and will never know where it came from. When you are having an outbreak DO NOT KISS ANYBODY, DRINK AFTER ANYBODY, DO NOT TOUCH IT WITH WASHING YOUR HANDS AFTER !!!! it is highly contagious !!! I have found that using neosporin works well and the fever blister will typically be gone in 2-3 days.
Baby Powder Comments By: RN on 2010-05-18
I get a fever blister every year during the Summer. :( Baby powder does the trick for me. It dries it right up. :)
SALT AND TOOTHPASTE Comments By: CRYSTAL C on 2010-05-27
NO HEAT Comments By: Amber on 2010-06-02
So i've never gotten a heat blister before. I got sick and i slept with a heating pad and woke up with a monster on my lip. I decided to put some Abreva on it and cover it with a bandaid for an hour and then let the heat blister get air and it went away the next day. I'm a premed student and in my anatomy class we've learned about viruses. Heat only irritates the sore not helps it. If you want to try treatments try cold sore medicine or things you use to clean open sores
Dry that sucker Up. Heals way faster Comments By: Amanda on 2010-06-04
It is an ugly embarassing gross monster on my lip and it comes back at least 3-4 times a year. Especially when in the su for more than two hours.
My remedy is to use Ice to calm the swelling sensation. I take IBProfein for pain reliever too. Dry the hec out of that Yucky Sore using rubbing alchol ( OR Nail Polish remover). Yes it burns but figure the burn is it killing the virus. Keep Drying it up with rubbing alchol ( I use nail polish remover) for the next few days. Several times a day.
KEEP YOUR LIP DRY. So Ladies No Lipgloss , lipstick,chapstick. I know I have tryed to hide it too but it just makes it worse. Before you go to Bed Mix Peroxide, Crushed asprin, and a dash of vinigar if you have it and form a paste. Put that on sore and leave it on over night. Take off extra stuff using rubbing alchol ( I use nail polish remover). Or IF you dont have any of those items Toothpaste or even nail polish works to leave on overnight.DRy DRy Dry is the Key!!

Ice Pack Or Ice in Zip block Bag
Rubbing Alchol or Nail Polish Remover
Nail Polish

Fever blister cure - the only one that actually works Comments By: Jerry on 2010-06-06
Put it on following the directions at first indication. Blisters will never develop if you get it on as soon as any redness or feeling occurs.

This is the real deal...KILL Herpes Simplex Type 1 finally! Comments By: Patricia on 2010-06-24
No more crazy and painful 'advice' on how to get rid of your fever blisters! This is the best thing to get rid of these embarrassing, hideous things that we get sometimes. This product is EPA approved, odorless, tasteless, colorless and non-toxic. This will not burn and numb anything. IT JUST WORKS!
Check out my website to learn more about what this product can do! You won't regret it!

LISTEN!! Comments By: shay on 2010-06-24
i am 13 years old and i always get these stupid fever blisters yes i know they suck.. i have tried alot but the thing that happens to work is ICE put ice right when you feel it coming...after that when i actually get one because i didnt stop it i clean it good and i get a Q-tip and dip it in proxide and it bubbles and white stuff comes out but thats when it is working.. then it drys up and looks like a skab but keep putting peroxide on it till its gone just 3 or 4 times a day then with in a few days 2-3 it will be gone ... PS... do NOTTT EVER EVER pop the blister it WILL spread and NEVER put heat on it it gets WORSE!!!
NEVER HEAT!! Comments By: shay on 2010-06-24
vicks rub seems to work to!
Owch! D: Comments By: Ellie on 2010-06-25
Okay, so i did feel a tingling in my lip 2days ago, so i but on chapstick. WRONG MOVE! I woke up with these odd looking tiny bumbs ALL over my lips. Then i put some abreva and carmex on, fallowed by a hot tea bag! They feel better but are not gone? Idk what to do. Plz help? )":
TRY THE HEALTHY APPROACH Comments By: PAX on 2010-06-30
doggy kisses and ice Comments By: patience on 2010-07-07
Well,I know it may sound a little off, but if you have a feaver blister get a dog to lick it. It may sound gross, but it works. Then after a hour or so, put ice on it for about ten minutes. It WILL NOT go down right then but give it 2 or 3 days, and its goen.
Cold vinalla and ear wax Comments By: Savanna Johnson on 2010-07-05
I get these little monsters on my lips and all i do is ethier put MY OWN ear wax on it as much as I can this will reduce the size day by day or use cold vinalla it comes in a bottle that you use for cooking look up for where to get it because i got it from mexico and it works fine DONT PEEL THE SCAB OFF OR APPLY HEAT DO NOT TOCH IT AT ALL ENLESS YOU ARE APPLYING MEDICENE.
Denivir's expensive, but it works. Comments By: Blistered and Lame. on 2010-07-08
Alright, I read nearly every one of these comments and it comes down to a few thins-
1. Lysine. I've had people try this along with my own mother and it didn't work for her.
2. Abriva. It works when you first catch it, but it's TERRIBLE when they're blistered sores already.
3. Earwax. I've never tried this and I don't plan to. It sounds plain disgustin.
4. Calimine lotion? Never even heard of the stuff.
5 (My favorite and the most uncommon as it seems). Denivir. It dries up the fever blister completely within a day if put on at first sign or 'tingle', and is usually gone within a few days.

I didn't catch mine quick enough this time. I've got three HUGE ones on my lower lip after a really stressful night. I'm also sick with some type of cold also. I've got Band Camp in less than three days and I'm a French Horn player, so I cain't play at all with these nasty thins. I'm screwed. But you don't need to be. Put disinfectent- alcohol, Sea Breeze, etc.- at first 'tingle' and apply Denivir afterward, it works wonders. You'll have no problem within two to three days.

[email protected]
If you wanna comment on this :) good luck and bless you unlucky people who are suffer's likewise.

PRODROMAL PRODROMAL PRODROMAL Comments By: amanda on 2010-07-11
So I got HVS1 from my stupid ex boyfriend. I have almost always perfect skin so the transformation from clear faced to herpes lip was so noticeable. I have found to be ultra paranoid about the prodromal period because it sooooooo important. As soon as I feel the tiniest tingle I start this routine....

Isopropyl Alcohol 91%--- I fold a napkin the width of my lips and soak it in alcohol then purse it between my lips and do this SEVERAL times with several clean paper towels. I would rather have chapped lips for 1 night rather than a cold sore for 14.

In between sessions of rubbing alcohol I use Lysine+ (quantum clear lip cream) and then smear my lips in vicks.

Sometimes I then use aquafresh toothpaste for 15 minutes every 6 hours. (the lauryl sulfate DOES kill HSV1).

I swear by campho phenique if and when a persistent monster breaks surface (so far iv only had two break surface)....but i know I have definitely prevented wayyy more.

I also use quadriderm after I feel like an upcoming sore has stopped.

I eat tons of yogurt and whole milk. Brocolli *which is known to help* and take L-Lysine and echinacea supplements. I have yet to fork out the dough for valtrex but one day i may.

I also am on a strict gluten/sugar free diet. I also eat no processed food (that i can help). Alcohol, stress, carots, tomatoes and the sun are my triggers.

Lance your fever blister Comments By: Lucky on 2010-07-15
On my way home from work yesterday I felt a familiar itch and tingle on my lip. I looked in my rearview mirror and was surprised to see a small blister had already formed (I usually detect them much earlier). However I wasn't concerned and in fact I am sitting at home, relaxing in my big fat chair and with no trace of a fever blister. How is that you ask? Well after many years of experimenting with numerous things, including the MAJORITY of remedies listed here, I decided to use a little logic: Herpes is a virus and it is in the blood. So I decided to prick my blister with a lancet which is a very small needle diabetics use to check their blood sugar level. I then squeezed my lip to purge the blood. Wow! Immediately there was less itching and pain. Since that day I have perfected the process, which is to " lance" the blister at it's perimeters and the center too of course, then squeeze and purge for at least 1 minute. Unfortunately this means you have to stick a needle in your lip multiple times; so this is not a solution for the squeamish. Also there may be a problem obtaining the proper lancet. Most seem to have a plastic pull off tab with an exposed needle underneath. Not good since the user controls the depth. If you accidentally go too deep it will hurt like #%#**#*. The one I use is spring loaded. My guess is that it penetrates about one sixteenth of an inch. So easy and you barely even feel it. I have access to these at my workplace but you should be able to find them online. I don't know the brand name but they are rectangular and orange yellow in color. The end that contains the needle is red. If I help just one person with the nightmare of fever blisters I would be totally thrilled! So just be tough and lance it!
Bleach Comments By: Katie on 2010-07-23
I'm 45 and been getting fever blisters for years and the only thing I use is bleach. When I notice the tingle I will apply bleach to the tingle area a few times a day and that will stop the blister from forming, but sometimes I may not get the tingling and a blister will form and if that happens I will pop the blister and use bleach. May sure you get the bleach down in it. It will burn like hell but you will see a HUGH improvement the next day. Hope this helps some of you.
ugh!!! Comments By: Jessamyn on 2010-07-23
okay so i woke up thinking it was going to be any other day. i was on my was to my grandmother's house and i looked in the mirror. i saw a bump on my lip and got this tingling sensation in my lip. i was so freaked out because i didnt know what it was. i was especially scared because in a few days i was going to register for middle school. my mom said that i probably had a fever blister so i looked it up when i got to her house. it said it was caused by like herpes so i was so angry. right now and for the last about like 7 hours i have had ice on it. ive drunk lots of wate. ive put alchohol on it. neosporin. lotion with aloe vera. but idk i hope it gets better. im scared to pick at it. all i want is for the sweeling to go down. i wanna go and try to to put toothpaste on it or some acne cream to see if itll dry it out. SWELLING PLEASE GO BYE BYE:( THIS IS MY VERY FIRST FEVER BLISTER AND I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT I'M SUPPOSED TO DO.
Tried Them All! Comments By: Vonne on 2010-08-27
Usually the lysine (strongest you can get in the vitamin section) taken every 4 hours with extra strength excedrin (also every 4 hours) will nip the fever blister in the bud if you felt it coming in time. Make yourself wake up to continue the every 4 hour thing during the night or it will sneak back up on you. Keep doing this for 48 hours. AND if you can get the doc to prescribe the valtrex for you (they know it works for fever blisters too)just use it when needed, not every day! Then it works better! Knock on wood-I haven't had a full blown fever blister in 6 or 7 years.
Apple Cider Vinegar Comments By: melody on 2010-09-02
All of this info has been helpful. Paul, you are completely wrong!! We are not clueless, just looking for a few more remedies that other ppl may have tried. Heat does kill the virus!! I have a fever blister due to running a high temp for 3 days (103). I have tried everything, Abreva, heat and now Apple Cider Vinegar. The Heat stopped anymore from rising, the Abreva really has not done much, except help take the itch out. The Cider thpugh, has really helped dry it up but I am looking for it to be gone!! I am going to try the baking soda, making it will aleviate it. Good Luck to all. Even you Paul....
dnt pressure the blister Comments By: anon on 2010-09-09
i woke up yesterday wit the first feelings of a blister tingling small bump on my lips, used the warm butter knife in the morn didnt do much applied acitop (fever blister cream), over nite woke up and it was worse.used toothpaste the whole morning, started work at 1 i tried to hide it wit lipstck, lip gloss and it looked like it was getting worse especially the pain. been reading these comments and i just needed it to dry out. seeing as though im at work reached for my hand bag took out my deodarant spray and been applying for the past hour and its kinda drying up already. i had dat yellow watery stuff on it and im sure by the time i leave it will be dry. the best thing is the pain not so bad compare to 2hrs ago.... if it aint gonna kill you why not try it.
Buttermilk Comments By: Anon on 2010-09-09
Buy a half gallon of buttermilk(I read somewhere that fever blisters are from an intestinal virus) drink a cup every couple of hours at the first signs of tingling sensation...don't deny it or question yourself, just drink it! Cover the blister with plain vasoline to smother it. It works for me.
salt,vingar,lemon,juice all works Comments By: DERRICK on 2010-09-26
salt water,salt lemonjuice,vingar all works i want to thank u guys for good tips its really works i grade yall an 'A'.
getting rid of a fever blister Comments By: lee on 2010-10-07
peroxide works the best try not too keep moist the blister strives for moister peroxide dries it out in just a few days..
Prevent Cold Sores/ Fever Blisters if you have the virus hiding in your spine (Dormant) Comments By: Tom Burriss on 2010-10-09
If you want to prevent Cold Sores / Fever Blisters all you have to do is follow these steps. 1- Eat a diet with bulk. This prevents constipation which brings on fever blisters. 2- Stay hydrated. Dehydration brings on Fever Blisters. 3- Wear Chap Stick. Dry / sunburned lips bring on fever blisters. 4- Avoid getting an injury to your lips. Injury, even a light blunt to the lip can bring on fever blisters. 5- If you have stomach problems avoid spicy foods or whatever makes you have indigestion. This can bring on fever blisters. * If you do happen to have one of these symptoms, do not worry. Only when you combine one of the above five instances with one or more will you actually get a fever blister. i.e. If you are already dehydrated and you get sunburned lips, you will probably get a fever blister. Or, if you are constipated and you eat something spicy that your stomach has trouble dealing with you will probably get a cold sore. It could be a combination of 3 for you. The main point is that if you keep these scenarios in mind all the time, you can prevent fever blisters from occurring. I have for 15 years after I was given this information.
Let God Heal It! Comments By: Beth on 2010-10-10
All of the remedies for these stupid things are ridiculous! I am gunna let the real healer take care of mine....God! He is the only one Who can cure!
THIS WORKS!! Comments By: JASON on 2010-10-10
I AM SOOO HAPPY.A friend i met a month ago introduced me to this african balm.Its called abonike.Sad thing is that its not found here in the u.s.but i think you can order it online.Used it on my sore,after 15 hours it started healing.But it burns,not even valtrax does it.Wish i could help you guys.
Pop in your mouth Comments By: Anon on 2010-10-10
i have this really weird pop in my mouth can you tell me how to cure it?
please your my only chance

Stridex Pads they are only 2.00 at drug store Comments By: Lynn on 2010-10-12
Yes the same thing you clean your face with will disenfect the virus at least clean it out good and kill bacteria which will help clear it up. They are in a red and white little jar and are pads that each have the pads with the medicine on them. Just use one at a time. Not only does it clear up acne but it will help kill the virus and heal it up by disenfecting it killing the bacteria.
always nail polish remover!! Comments By: manders on 2010-10-15
this is the first time i havent used it cause i was out of town... and my lip is hugely swollen so embarassed beyond belief :(
Get Rid of Fever Blisters FAST!! Comments By: Anon on 2010-10-25
All you need is a cotton ball and some clorox. Soak the cotton ball in clorox and mash it on the blister so that the liquid comes out. The clorox will dry the blister up and keep it from spreading any more.

This may dry your lips out for a little while, but atleast the big nasty blister will be gone.

Ugh Comments By: hurtin on 2010-10-26
I've had them since I was a kid. I usually only get them about twice a year now, and usually it's pretty small, but this one is much worse than normal.

Usually, I will get one bump... I put some 'Lip Clear - Lysine+' on it, and it goes away pretty quickly. This time, I have a whole patch of small blisters on the underside of my lower lip. I'm going nuts.

After reading some of these for suggestions, I'm trying this: clean affected area with Listerine, run sterilized needle across blisters to break them open (because they are hurting quite a lot right now from the pressure), clean with Listerine again. Dry with toilet paper. Apply Nail Polish Remover with q-tip, cover with application of Kanka to seal the area and help keep from spreading. Use hand sanitizer on hands.

I guess I'll see how that goes... but I can testify that the Nail Polish Remover seems to have reduced the pain. Normally, just breaking the blisters causes more pain.

4-step INSTANT HEALING!!!! IT'S AMAZING AND WORKS FAST! Comments By: cookiecake on 2010-11-01
I have had a lot of fever blisters, and this stuff works better than the expensive medicine!
step 1. Rub affected area with an alcohol pad. This sterilizes the area and kills germs.
step 2. Apply carmex for cold sores. It noticably numbs and begins to heal in five minutes.
Step 3. Apply a lotion containing at least 15 spf, aloe, and vitamin E.This prevents future fever blisters and heals the affected skin.
Step 4. Lastly, apply a dab of petroleum jelly and rub the ingredients deeper into the fever blister. The petroleum jelly protects and soothes the affected area, while rubbing speeds up the healing process.
Well, there you have it! four easy steps to healing a fever blister fast! You can apply these whenever a fever blister is present on your face, but when swelling is first seen is the best time to apply. It worked for me! Hope this works for you!

pain pain pain Comments By: SIERRA on 2010-11-02
ok so u people talk about poping them and heating them HOW???? mine hurt just trying to rub meds on it i want somthing to take the pain away i am 14 and in hs it is very embarassing i skipped school today because i have 7 small ones and 2 huge ones all on my top lip. i have had them from age 3 i hate them!!!!i have tryed so many things and nothing seems to help. my grama got e valtrex so hopefully that will help but i want them to hurry and leave. it is haard for me to eat and talk my lip is huge!!!!!!! i am made fun of all the time by kids sain i have herpes i know it is a type of herpes VIRUS BUT ITS NOT WAT THEY THINK. abreva does not help so far i cnt even find any thing to help a little wit pain nor swelling!! this is horrible they are soooo ugly and just EEEEEWWWWW
THIS WORKS!!! Comments By: Anon on 2010-11-02
Ive been getting them for 30+ years and tried everything listed on this page...to the point where I basically said "it just has to run its course". BUT..GET THIS..Last night I felt the tingle late in the night but had nothing to put on it. I woke up this morning and decided to masturbate, and then rubbed my semen on it. IT WORKS, IT'S COMPLETELY GONE 8 HOURS LATER! Im guessing the spermatazoa cells must have infiltrated the virus and maybe killed them? *shrug*
SALTPASTE Comments By: anon on 2010-11-08
well i have a fever blister and im using salt and tooth paste it works i guess you sleep with it for at least 6-8 hours its really gross but it works
Not sure how to treat Comments By: Allison on 2010-11-12
I have had fever blisters and cold sores as long as I can remember, and usually take Lysine when symptoms occur. However, these fever blisters crept up on me during the night. So, now I am trying to treat these bad boys.... I have tried Lysine by itself, then the toothpaste and salt combination (THIS MADE THINGS WORSE!). Now I have moved on to the tree oil, as it appears to have helped many. If this does not work I will go to aloe Vera. Anyone have any other ideas? I feel like I look like a monster!
valtrex/lysine Comments By: niki on 2010-11-15
ive tried the salt thing.. only made my cold sore worse, so i would just say use valtrex. only problem w/ valtrex, is it doesnt always work due to various types of cold sores and valtrex not working for the type of cold sore that you have and also the timing of when you took the valtrex in relation to when your cold sore started. (usually the situcation goes like this: you wake up with a cold sore starting to form and your just like, "oh no," so you take the valtrex, but at that point it might just be too late.) so best thing to do is get a valtrex daily prescription and take one every day so cold sores wont even start and/or take the lysine. never tried lysine, but obviously it works considering everyone says it does
try this before anything alse Comments By: Kendra on 2010-11-15
ok so i tried the above thing and it hurt like hell, however i called my dad who get fever blister and sun blisters really bad, he said to poke a small hole in your blister and then take tissue paper a someting like that, not rough a gentle sqeeze out the puss and ect, then take a cotton ball, i used a make up remover pad, and put rubbing alc. on it, the highest % you can find, i used 95% what i clean my computer screen with, it doesnt hurt to bad but it does sting, i have done it twice today, one in themorning and one at night, and my fever blister is dried and dissapearing fast, the redness is still there a bit but i have faith thath it will be gone shortly, i really hope this works for you, things little things are the worst
This works for me. Comments By: B on 2010-11-21
After reading soon of the comments above , adding heat to something that is already really hot just doesn't seen very logical. I have been plagued with outbreaks since puberty. Mine are no longer on my mouth but my nose and ony back. My allergist and docter are clueless. My affect my entire sinus cavity and cause severe swelling in my neck and around my eyes. I am fortunate to know my trigger: oranges, pineapples and any other tropical fruit with high acid content. My grandmother sells herbs in her small Amish community and told me about olive leaf extract. You can find it at a vitamin store.
It is a pill and it works at boosting your immune system and helps fight viruses. L-lysine helps for me only if I take it everyday. It is a battle to keep them away, and it something that you have to fight everday!!!!
When I do feel one coming on I apply ice as much as I can, take a fever reducer and take lysine and olive leaf extract every hour. If I catch in time a blister rarely forms. If one does I keep doing the same thing.
I wash my hands constantly and never touch the infected area with my bare hands. Something about the oils in my skin makes it even worse. This works for me I can only hope it will help someone else.

help!!! Comments By: brittany on 2010-11-27
i just do not know what to do anymore i have tried everything. i do not want to go to the dr and get medicine cus i already live on enough meds. i have asthma diabeties broncitus and i am cursed with fever blisters, oh wait and lets not forget that i'm only 15.i've lived with all of these my whole life except diabeties that was a recent discovery. i'm a girl and i have a boyfriend of 2 years that comrs home from mississippi today and this is not how i want him to see me, swollen puffy,and gross, and thats only my lip.someone please help!!!
You're getting it all wrong....take it from me...the fever blister Queen! Comments By: JJ on 2010-11-29
After years of suffering from fever blisters, I have FINALLY found the cure.....I recently had surgery and my MD had me on Vitamin C everyday 2 weeks prior to surgery. Well, for 2 months, preceeding the beginning of Vit C, I had a blister everyday. As soon as one would be gone, another would pop up. I was using Valtrex, to no avail. I was about to go to my doctor and have her put me on a prescription, that's how bad it was getting. So when I started the Vit C, I had a blister coming up....but by the next morning, it was gone. I swear, I have never had anything work like this....and I've tried it all. Since vit c helps your body fight viruses, it is only natural for it to help fight the herpes virus that causes the blister. Think about it, vitamin c helps throw herpes back into a dormant state! I missed taking my vit c yesterday and guess what? I felt a fever blister coming on tonight...so I ran and took the vitamin c and the tingling was gone within 2 hours....no lie! It's really worth a try!
Lysine Comments By: All_Knowing on 2010-12-01
Get some Lysine found in the vitamin section of your local store and start slamming them. Actually if you take one a day you will or should never get a flare up again. Alao Abreva helps. Keep putting it on 2-3 times an hour. OR if you can stand it, get a QTip and put some alcohol on the end and keep dabbing the blister. Will dry up quickly.
ice doesn't work Comments By: Vincent Gil on 2010-12-04
I've also had fever blister's my whole life and that's why im on this site. Anyway, I have tried Holding ice on the area for 10 min. I've tried doing that numerous times and it never works. Actually it just seems to irritate the area even more once you take the ice off. Right now im trying some thing similar to the "this works" comment. I burst the sore's with the tips of my CLEAN fingers. The only difference is that i'm packing powered charcoal on the sore and not salt. Charcoal is supposed to absorb toxin's and that's why im trying it. U guys can find charcoal at alot of store's and it's usually used in a pill to ease upset stomach. U guys can try it. I'm gonna put some triple anti-biotic on after i remove the charcoal.
Bleach & Baby Powder Comments By: LadyHelper on 2010-12-09
pop that fever blister,scrape & push out the culprit which tends to be liquid yellow/clear fluid. clean with peroxide! Now for the tnt.....dab q-tip in bleach and soak that spot. Notice you will see it kicking a$$ nuking any traces left of it repeat twice within 5 mins blow dry it pad it down with baby powder to dry it out ;)
Aloe Vera Comments By: Kaylah on 2010-12-12
I have been getting these things since I was in elementary school. No over the counter medications have worked. I have recently started putting aloe Vera on them and it really dries them up! It will also stop one from coming up if you feel an outbreak coming. I still want to figure out something good for scabs. I have used campo phenique scab relief and it works okay.
again Comments By: Michelle on 2010-12-24
Well I have one to night.don't now what the hell brought it on. I get one about once a year,some times they heal fast some time they don't. Get desperate some times like now.I had my husband buy abreeva for 20$ it's the holiday so stores are closed and it's the only thing I can think of. Let me say I don't usually waste that kinda money on this because I don't have it. I usually use carmex and hydrogen peroxide to dry it up. What I have learn from some of you is get a rx from a Dr and I will try that. Thanks.. I don't feel a lone or desperate as much anymore. Xmas and a happy blister free new year.
Viroxyn does work well for most Comments By: Lisa on 2010-12-27
I have been in the dental business for 29 years, and in the past 10 years I have used Viroxyn or other products which contain the active ingredient,Benzalkonium Chloride.Once you fist start to feel you are getting a fever blister, rub the Benzalkonium Chloride on the area. Nine out of ten times it never erupts.
GO AWAAAAY!!! Comments By: JoJo on 2010-12-22
I've taken L-Lysine and havne't had fever blisters in about a year - it helps more then anything for me!!! And if i feel the tingle i'll hurry up and pop 2000mg into my mouth and it usually goes away before it ever develops!!! But i was recently VERY sick and got the worst case of fever blisters EVER!!! my entire left side of my lip is so full of blisters it's caused my entire lip to sweel up!!! and i have a little cluster in the middle of my bottom tip!!! So i have ugly blisters and look like a duck!!! Right now i'm using Releev(unknown product i found at walmart $17) and Abreva!!! i'm hoping by using them together it will heal up the quickest... i'm also using Aloe vera!!! So i apply Releeve and let it sit for an hour, rins my lips with water and pat it try, then abreva, rinse, then aloe, repeat!!! this is my routine and i hope these suckers are gone QUICK!!!!!! It's as PAINFUL as it is ugly!!!!!!
What helps me Comments By: Christine on 2010-12-26
I have gotten fever blisters since I was a little girl. Stress, sun, burn on the mouth, bump on the mouth all cause me to get one. What works best for me is the prescription jell, ZOVIRAX. I start putting it on the first second I start to feel the tingle that always precedes the breakout. It always minimizes the breakout and heals everything that much quicker. Ice can numb the pain a bit as well. Good luck to everyone
never pop them! Comments By: Ms. Optomist on 2010-12-28
I've had these since I'm a little kid and tried everything. The best I've found so far is dependent what stage you catch it in.
Itching: Lemon slice on the lip (don't try if the wound is open)
Closed Blister: Lemon slice, or any medication (Abreva, etc) accompanied by DMSO. This can be ordered online and is a delivery system for the other medication. It actually goes through the blister withour breaking it.
Scab or broken blister: Aquaphor

Through any of these stages, keep your body alkaline. DRINK MILK, have cheeses and foods high in lysine. Avoid foods high in Arginine such as coffee (sorry guys, herbal tea for now), nuts, chocolate, and wheat. Other herbals that help are zinc, olive leaf extract (an anti-viral), goldenseal (500mg), lysine (3000ml) and Calcium to name a few. Use these herbals as outbreak response, not preventative or your body will get used to them and it won't work when you need it to. Good luck to anyone who reads this and has a cold sore, it's a horrible virus.

this just worked! Comments By: Julie on 2010-12-29
have been getting blisters forever. I have tried several things...but I believe that the blister is just a virus and can be killed and prevented from blowing up. I felt a tingle two days ago and could tell it was going to be monsterous right before new years. I went and got the bleach and put it all over the tingling area. The next day i got a tiny little bump barely noticeable then following that soon after I got another little bump barely existant right underneath it. I went for the bleach again. Burned a little but I have two small little scabs on my lower lip that are not swollen at all and barely noticeable. Way different to what I have experienced in the past. So happy the bleach worked tis time....GOOD LUCK
Fever Blisters Comments By: Charles Sutton on 2011-01-01
Had 'em all my life except for the last 10 years. I have been taking 6 grams Vit c and about 4 grams L-Lysine daily. Haven't had an outbreak until I stopped taking them to try out something else. If you put pressure on them when they start tingling, they won't come out. Then I take BHT ( I know this is bad stuff, but it stops the herpes in it's tracks)
type 1 viris Comments By: Charles Sutton on 2011-01-01
BTW fever blisters are extremely contagious. They can be spread by kissing, even to genitils. I got mine at age 5 from using a towel my mother used when she had an outbreak.
Baking soda and salt!! Comments By: Beth on 2011-01-06
Ook , in the natuyre of my job I find I have had these a couple of times, this time has to be the worst. Baking soda(bicarb soda) cheap, readily available and dries the blister very fast. I've been putting it on for two days every couple of hours and leaving it to dry on.This morning I managed to take the dried bit off leaving the wound, which I am now bathing in salt water hourly. Is working like a charm. If your mouth cracks or swells from using the salt and soda, Try some aloe vera.
Baking soda and salt!! Comments By: Beth on 2011-01-06
Ook , in the natuyre of my job I find I have had these a couple of times, this time has to be the worst. Baking soda(bicarb soda) cheap, readily available and dries the blister very fast. I've been putting it on for two days every couple of hours and leaving it to dry on.This morning I managed to take the dried bit off leaving the wound, which I am now bathing in salt water hourly. Is working like a charm. If your mouth cracks or swells from using the salt and soda, Try some aloe vera.
L-Lysine Comments By: anon on 2011-01-06
I've had fever blisters since I was very young. I use Nature Sunshine L-Lysine. Tryed other brands but this one works for me. When I get a blister I take 30 pills and its about 6 months before I get another one.
Fever Blister gone ..... so far. Comments By: ANON on 2011-01-07
Well I just tired what was put down on "2day fix for the ugly mouth" All I felt was tingling and couldnt see anything. So I put ice on it for what felt like an hour. ( sorry I didnt keep watch on how long ice was on) I let all the ice melt. When that was done my whole upper lip was tingling, but I am guessing that had more to do with the blood flowing back, it's been about 20 min ago and the tingling has gone away. and the fever blister tingling so gone too, I am hoping this means I have stop it. I am keeping me fingers crossed and checking the mirror often. Thanks for the ideas!
Omg I have 3 fever blisters this worked! Comments By: Evgania on 2011-01-08
I putcarmex an herpecin hl 30 an it just soothed it so I decided to put my acne medicine on it because it has alcohol In it it is like liquid clearisil this dried my cold sores out I then headed a butter knife on my stove an put it on my cold sores then I took the sharp side an scrapped them an they started bleeding I then put more alcohol on them an then applied ice gone the next day!
Iodine Tincture, Lysine, Acyclovir, Reduce Stress Comments By: anonymous on 2011-01-09
Iodine Tincture- apply on blister. Lysine- helps tissue repair. Acyclovir- for internal elimination of the virus. Reduce Stress- take some time off to heal yourself and take a multivitamin daily. Use all these ingredients and reduce your stress. Exercise moderately, reduce sun exposure. Have a positive attitude.
What works for me Comments By: tlori72 on 2011-01-13
I've read most everyone's opinion and things work for different people. Not everyone is the same (obviously). Although I read a few posts about using heat, which is highly not recommended, just ask any Dr and/or pharmacist. I've used the Zovarx and the Aclyvore (it mostly dripped down my chin though), which is expensive, and have actually had better results with using Abreva and peroxide while taking the L-Lysine. I get these annoying blisters every winter and sometimes during the summer on my bottom lip only, thank goodness, and have been getting them for as long as I can remember. I haven't been taking the L-Lysine lately b/c my Dr recommended not taking it while trying to get pregant but once I deliver and am done breastfeeding I'm going back on it b/c when I took it I never had any blisters at all anymore. But, until then, I use Abreva at first little tingle and at first noticed spot/blister I use a q-tip and will keep dabbing the peroxide on it until it stops "bubbling" or burning. I will be honest it sometimes can burn really bad but it's well worth it. If I get any swelling I hold a piece of ice on it until the cube is melted and it does reduce swelling dramatically. I will use the peroxide and abreva back and forth 4-6 times a day and most times it is completly gone by day 3 occassionaly by day 4. I do have a bad habit of opening the blisters (I always hear to not do that) before using the peroxide but it seems to heal faster when I do that. Hope this helps others. I know how annoying these things can be.
you crazy Comments By: katee on 2011-01-17
lol did you even TRY your own tip?
Alcohol, Salt & Campho-Phenique Comments By: Christina Cordero on 2011-01-20
Trust me this works, I woke up day before yesturday with this big monster on my lip.I went straight to CVS & bought alcohol & campho-phenique.
1. you pop the blister with a clean needle.
2. use a q-tip with alcohol to clean off the popped blister.
3. wet another q-tip & then put it in salt then using the q-tip clean the popped blister.
4. get a sterile gauze pad with alcohol on it & hold it to the fever blister

after all this keep applying alcohol using gauze through out the day & i promise you it will be gone.
it burns like hell but to me its all worth it, it's only been 2 days & mine is COMPLETLY GONE ( almost forgot use ice in between for the swelling )

hope it helps Comments By: rockstar :) on 2011-01-25
I've been getting fever blusters my whole child good looks gross but I went to the doctor she let me know it was due to stress an fever an here's another way it comes out LAME . But lysine or herpecin works good takes it away Usally same day instead of hot hot things towards your mouth iv tried it all also I poped it yes it'll hurt an let it drained the puss an washed it with antibact soap out calamine pink stuff fried it out also buy heat will make your lip swell !

Pop Em!!!! Comments By: SummerTime on 2011-02-02
I always heard it was bad to do but if you pop them with care then it actually speeds up the process. Its day 3 and I already have scabs.... Sterilize a needle and pop them one by one. Apply a tissue with pressure till all the liquid is gone soak ur lip in peroxide for 45 secs. Repeat for a couple hours till the blisters look empty... DO NOT KEEP THE BLISTERS MOIST....
Good luck hope it works for ya

deal with it. Comments By: anon on 2011-02-04
how about you just go have lip surgery, get your whole top lip replaced with plastic like micheal jackson, that works.you know he had cold sores ! you ever seen him with one !
pah-leez. Comments By: patsy on 2011-02-04
you cannot kill a virus. viruses are NON-living!! (:
SALT Comments By: Sara on 2011-02-06
I have gotten sores for years 1 to 2 a year, If i feel it coming on I will use an antiseptic topical spray, which started for relief and many times it prevented it from coming out. However not always. I recently, last week, went on vacation in south florida and day one from lack of sleep the week before I felt it. I had my spray because i have kids so i need it often for boo boos. The next day i was fine. The third day i broke out. I went swimming in the ocean and that night it was dried up and barely noticable. The following day same thing and by night it was a tiny scab. Unbelievable! I believe it was the salt after reading all of your posts. My daughter who is 20 gets 1 about every other month. I brought her back a gallon of ocean water.
MY 1 DAY SLIGHTLY PAINFUL 1 TIME CURE Comments By: PeeWee on 2011-02-28
not really a cure but it does work...ive done it for years and have never had a fever blister pop out more than the beginning little bumps you get...use hot water...well over 100 degrees...i used a regular thermometer and it went to 109 degrees but i didnt want to break it because its not meant for such high heat...i dip my face right under the faucet and try to target the area or push it out with my tongue...its good to start with slightly hot water to get ur skin use to the heat....ive never had a blister from the extreme heat so you shouldnt have to worry about that...i burn it on and off for like 2minutes 3 x's a day and after that it dies and instantly starts to heal up rather than continuing to grow and pop out more
Acyclovir prescription Comments By: Diane D on 2011-03-08
Ask your doctor for a prescription for Acyclovir. Take it (pill) the minute you feel the burn or tingling and it will NEVER develop. I take it once a day for three days and keep the rest of the prescription for the next time so I always have it on time. Don't bother with home remedies or over the counter when you don't have to.
A few ideas Comments By: Anon on 2011-03-12
fever blisters are a virus. You can get them from being in the sun to much or if you have been sick with fever or if you have had a stomach virus or if you have had your lips tattooed with permanent ink.

put ice on it. use valtrex or other RX prescribed also Lysine is great.

Here is one new one for ya. Using Monistat topical is also a great relief. I didnt believe it myself when my neighbor told but but it really did work.

Mine Last 4 Days! Comments By: Marie on 2011-03-14
I have struggled with these nasty lil things since i was a child. I get them perhaps 1-2 times a year. I hate them so much but i found a way to speed up the healing process. I used abreva but unfortunately it doesn't work on me. So i do not use heat. Even though it is a great idea it only seems to make mines worse. DO NOT pop them! I use ice when i first get a tingle, apply alcohol and also campho-phenique cold sore treatment. Its like $3-$5 bucks at your local drug store. I alternate from campho & to rubbing alcohol. It wont cure it over night but the swelling will go down. Also the campho-phenique dries it up super fast. I apply it every hour. Mine popped up last night & now its almost all dried out. Hope this helps and i know how frustrating these things can be.
Liquid? Comments By: annon on 2011-03-15
What is the liquid (made of) that is inside the fever blister?
cold sore/ fever blister cure all Comments By: cj on 2011-03-16
I am 45, female, and have tried everything for cold soes/ fever blisters I will tell u from experience nothing works......until i was desperate on one desperate day when i woke up and had multilple funky blisters on my lip,,,I went amd got my big bottle of bleach, swabed a cotton ball with it like 3x times that one day and I PROMISE to you the next day BOOM it was drying up> I no the torture of this freking virus>>>> KILL IT WITH BLEACH IT WORKS,,,,,,
Lysol disinfectant spray and campo-phenique Comments By: Anon on 2011-03-17
I've suffered with fever blisters since childhood even taking acyclovir 400mg twice daily. I still get a few a year. I love the campo-phenique or however you spell it. It's over the counter at walgreens and usually near the chapstick. First and foremost Lysol spray...spray on a wash cloth and hold it on the sore as soon as the first tingle commences...do NOT pop the blisters!!! if you read on the back of the Lysol or off brand disinfectant spray you will see it lists HSV1 and HSV2 as viruses that it kills...it definitely shortens the length of mine. It's not the most pleasant thing to do though.
FEVER BLISTERS, I HATE YOU Comments By: J in Texas on 2011-03-18
Ughh...I have fever blisters now which is why I came across this site! I don't know what everyone else's fever blisters are like, but mine start out with the typical tingle and ultimately turn to lots of tiny bumps on my upper lip. It had been a while since I had an outbreak, so I'm totally bummed out now. For the most part, when I feel them coming on, applying Carmex usually will prevent them from getting any worse. But this time, Carmex isn't doing the job! I totally broke out. :( I'm still applying it like every hour. Maybe I broke out because I haven't had them for a while...it is warmer now since it's Spring. Ive had fever blisters since I was a kid by the way.
Hmmmm Comments By: Juli on 2011-03-18
I'm so confused by all the "fixes" here. I'm not sure I want to put vicks on my bottom lip or rubbing alcohol, nail polish remover or any of those things. I used to just get my fever blisters on the side of my mouth at the crack, but now they are spreading to my gums, my bottom lip (which makes it hard to drink unless I use a straw) and onto my hands. This stuff is very crazy.
What is safe, and what works Comments By: Anon on 2011-03-22
I wouldn't try to apply any heat, especially with something like a curling iron. That is insane. What does indeed work is using a topical cream like Zovirax at the first feeling/sight of a fever blister. Use this 6 times throughout the first day, then clean the area with soap and water. Apply ice until the entire cube melts, then use hydrogen peroxide over and over, at least 4 times, until you can't take it anymore. This dries up the blister. After that, ice it again, and apply more zovirax. For me, it completely reduced the blister to a tiny scab that is barely even noticable.
Satisfied At Last.... Comments By: Anon on 2011-03-23
After reading these comments on yesterday, I did try two new things. After suffering from these blisters since jr. high, I was glad to know I'm not the only one. Ice for the swelling helps. After bursting it this morning I put clorox on it as I have always done in the past. When I got to work I decided to put Lysol on it. By lunch time my lip looks almost back to normal. I hate I hadn't discovered the Lysol earlier. It works, but be careful.
fever blisters cure Comments By: sheri on 2011-04-06
hand sanitizer WORKS
ORANGES ARE TRIGGERS Comments By: Rich Houston on 2011-03-28
I ate my first orange in years yesterday. This morning I woke up with a fever blister.

Salt Works Comments By: Brandogrey on 2011-03-30
Salt works for me. I usually just put some on my finger and press the salt on the cold sore until it starts to burn a little... about a minute or two, then wipe off the excess salt with a napkin. If you are not in public, crush the salt (between two spoons) until it is a powder and wear it for a half hour. When it tingles, throw some more salt on it. I've tried all the over the counter stuff, but salt is simple and effective... dries that sucker up and takes that familiar tingle away! Pharmaceutical companies are just trying to get rich... salt works better than anything I've ever tried, I've had them since I was 12...
Bactine works Comments By: Craig on 2011-04-02
As others on this board have said, Bactine works. Apply with a Q-tip, rub it in, do not get it in your eyes. Simplest, least expensive method I've found. Google "Bactine and Herpes" and you can find more info on why it works, etc.
Fever Blisters Comments By: Lisa1966 on 2011-04-08
I have had fever blisters for many years. I would NOT recommend you "pop your blisters". The air outside is alot more dirty than the inside. Perioxide helps and neosporin will reduce scarring. Bee wax will help to heal slowly so it heals from the inside out, less scaring, bleeding, ect.
The BIG Bubble!! Comments By: BreBre on 2011-04-10
ok... i got this big bubble underneath my eye and i realli dont kno wut it is! i just got it today and im scared cuzz skools tomorrow!! idk if i should pop it or squeeze it or anything!! what should i do?? if u hav a answer put on ur title big bubble answer!! thnx u for the ppl who answered plz help me!!
It Works! Comments By: Larry on 2011-04-25
A combination is important. Try the following:
1. L-lysine and vitamin c
2. Preparation H, REALLY! It takes the swelling down.
3. Coloidal Silver (it actually kills the virus)

Thats IT!
Works for me!... :)

Herpaflor works for me Comments By: Buck on 2011-05-03
I take the daily tablets for suppression therapy. Use to take Valtrex. Herpaflor is cheaper and works about the same.
Oregano Oil Comments By: Briss on 2011-05-05
This is good before u get a blister, I recently got them I had them when I was young but just recently I begin getting them again> I am 25 I started a diet that dried my lips and I also been working alot not sleeping and working out alot the weather changed and those are all reasons to get them. My sister gave me a oregano Oil she bought at a nature store it cost 30.00
dllrs but well worth it, It cures it before it gets big it will dry it out If you drink the Oregano oil, it will even keep you from getting them again but i will warn you it taste horrible...

ZOVIRAX Comments By: Danielle on 2011-05-10
I have been getting fever blisters since I was 7 years old due to a horrible sunburn I got at the beach. Right now I am using Zovirax, it is a prescription cream and it is a life saver. I use this along with DMSO (and yes I know the warnings for DMSO). My fever blisters start clearing up by the next day, which is wonderful...I just wish I didn't get 2-3 a month and sometimes at the same time. I also use rubbing alcohol and campho pheniqe between applications of the Zovirax and the DMSO to help dry it out more. The salt thing works too but for me it takes a lot longer. I think different people react to different medicines and remedies so just try different things until you find what works for you. It took me until I was 19 to find something that worked consistently. NEVER NEVER NEVER pop it....the virus is highly contagious and will spread quickly, especially if youre already prone to it. I don't know about applying heat because my breakouts are worse when I get overheated. Also to help with the pain (it's not made for healing) bath and body works makes a lip ointment especially designed to relieve pain cause by fever blisters...I forget the name of it but it's in a green tube. It's amazing because it soothes the blister and smells good too. Hope this helps, good luck! :-)
People Comments By: sara on 2011-05-23
I understand that cold sores are painful and not attractive, but remember this is your on your face. People are telling others to put nail polish remover,heat, ashes,and even ear wax on the lips...Please educate yourselve.. Here are some causes for outbreaks:
Alcohol- drinking too much
Sun- sunburns can bring them on
STRESS- this virus attaches to sensory nerve endings.
If you need immediate relief GO TO THE DR. Dont try some of these things just because some other idiot told you it worked for the.(Its your face...)

dispren Comments By: sherene on 2011-05-24
hi guys i have been getting fever blisters all my life untill my aunt told me to use dispren you just lick it and put it on to the area that is affected you can put as much dispren as you want on the area it goes away after 2 days
DO THIS Comments By: Know what I am talking about. on 2011-05-25
I use abreva, ice, alcohol, and take a double dose of lysine and lots of B vitamins and vitamin C. My normal healing time is about 4-5 days, depending on how early I catch it.
I used to get one a month. (YEAH, WOT?) Now that I take Lysine and V-C every day I am down to one every few months. Usually I get one if I am very stressed or sick. Unfortunately, it doesn't take much to stress me out.

Releeve Comments By: Angela on 2011-06-05
I have used Releeve at first sign of an incoming blister and haven't had an out break in four years. It is sometimes hard to find this expensive little bottle and it isnt a lot of help after the bljster has already reared its ugly head, but it is a great preventitive........
My surefire cure. Comments By: debbie on 2011-06-05
In the past have had problems with fever blisters. And again this week got one. If it busts open dip a qtipin camphor spirits and dab on blister. Hurts like hades, but do it 3-4 times a day and cover with vicks vaporub like chapstik. L-lysine helps keep them from forming.

Preventative Comments By: anon on 2011-06-10
I used to get fever blisters every couple of months. I began using tea tree oil lip balm, and they have since decreased to once or twice a year. As far as getting rid of them, I would never use heat as that has always seemed to make them worse. Abreva used to help, but it seems every time I try something different, it works for a while and then loses its effectiveness over time, almost as though the virus builds resistance to every treatment used against it. In the movie "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" the father used Windex on everything. Maybe I will try it next!
Caffeine Comments By: JR on 2011-06-17
I used to get 6 or so a year. I finally figured out it was during times when I drank a lot of caffeine, usually in coffee. I quit caffeine and the fever blisters have stopped for 2 years except twice. I got one a year ago when I drank one cola. I also got one after golfing in Phoenix for 5 days in 100 degree heat. I should have applied sun screen to my lips. Try no caffeine, that helps for sure. I will use sun screen next time I'm in the sun for any extended period of time. Incedently, I drank a fair amount of orange juice when I got the last one after golfing in Phoenix for 5 days so I will cut way down on that. I will guarantee no caffeine has helped me and others but it is hard to give it up. Diet is important in many illnesses. Drinking cokes/dietcokes everyday is very bad for you in the long run. Try it and let others know if it works. I'm sure of it, plus it's no cost to find out. Just takes some willpower. Do you have any?
I hate em! Comments By: Kayla. on 2011-06-24
I drown mine in cura-sore but it seems like nothing rlly takes them away fast! To much sun..or sickness causes mine.
YEEE!!!!! Comments By: Michael Knight on 2011-07-02
hello, i have been living with this for past two years of my life and i got an OB yesterday.I know how desperate ppl can get just to make it go away. I was desperate to find something that would prevent it. I get OB's every couple of month. But today i found something that really helps me and almost made my cold sore on the lip go away in one day. i can even see the holes from which the fluid came out from and all the fluid got burned away, or what ever u want to call it lol. Today i tried alot of things so ima tell u what i did. First b4 i went to sleep i put some IODINE, burns but works really well and it stains. When i woke up, the the colour of it went away. then i started puting peroxide on it to dry it up. After i got some b-1 and b-12 vitamins and took 400 mg of b-1 and 4000 mcg of b-12. Also i took 2g of lysine 1g of vitamin C and 50 mg of zink which i take every day for preventative purpose. Iodine gave me one of the best results i think but then i discovered echinacea liquid extract! I would apply it on and take off of my sore for like 6 hours and it burned most of it away. This could also be ingested i guess, im not sure. 20 drops a day thats what i did 2 hours ago. Just consult with your pharmacist b4 u do anything like that. but i think it great cuz it could be used both ways. I know how this sh*t feels u ppl. Some ho gave it to me when i was 16. So keep your head up. I hope this info is useful
YEEE!!!!! Comments By: Michael Knight on 2011-07-03
hello, i have been living with this for past two years of my life and its been hell. I just got an OB yesterday. I know how desperate ppl can get just to make it go away. I was desperate to find something that would prevent it. I get OB's every couple of month. But today i found something that really helps me and almost made my cold sore on the lip go away in one day. i can even see the holes from which the fluid came out from and all the fluid got burned away, or what ever u want to call it lol. Today i tried alot of things so ima tell u what i did. First b4 i went to sleep i put some IODINE, burns but works really well and it stains. When i woke up, the the colour of it went away. then i started puting peroxide on it to dry it up. After i got some b-1 and b-12 vitamins and took 400 mg of b-1 and 4000 mcg of b-12. Also i took 2g of lysine 1g of vitamin C and 50 mg of zink which i take every day for preventative purpose. Iodine gave me one of the best results i think but then i discovered echinacea liquid extract! I would apply it on and take off of my sore for like 6 hours and it burned most of it away. This could also be ingested i guess, im not sure. Cuz the mixture i got was made in a different country, particulary russia. 20 drops a day...thats what i did 2 hours ago. Just consult with your pharmacist b4 u do anything like that. It also contains around 40% alcohol. I think it great cuz it could be used both ways. I know how this sh*t feels u ppl. Some low life gave it to me when i was 16. So keep your head up. I hope this info is useful
Fwever blister cure Comments By: Anon on 2011-07-05
I get one or 2 outbreaks on my lip or forehead every summer, I think the sun is the trigger for me. I put ice on the initial blisters until it stops swelling and I find Bacetracin or any ointment of that type helps reduce the healing time.

SKEPTICAL BUT IT WORKED!! Comments By: Brianna on 2011-07-07
I read all the comments here and decided heat wasn't really the way I wanted to go and ice didn't seem like it would help anything but the swelling. I have had an outbreak recently where I keep getting fever blisters back to back due to stress. I didn't have the typical tingling warning, instead I went to bed at night and woke up the next morning with a blister already there. By mid afternoon it was HUGE and painful. I usually use the HL-30 but it seems to make the swelling worse, but does help with the overall duration. I decided to try some of the remedies suggested. I mixed salt and water to make a sort of paste and put it on the sore on my top lip for 30 minutes and let it dry. I used the HL-30 for the rest of the afternoon. When I got home I mixed salt and toothpaste and left it on my lip for an hour (after cleansing the lip first). I then cleaned my lip again and applied lysol for about 5 minutes using toilet tissue. I rinsed and reapplied the toothpaste/salt mixture and left it on for another hour. It didn't seem to do anything and I was a little disappointed, however it did reduce the swelling. When I woke up the next morning I still didn't see much difference...until later that morning. The blister burst and when I cleaned it and started wiping it dry, the skin came away. I applied the HL-30 and an hour later you couldn't even notice where the blister had been unless you got very close. By that night, I could easily pass it off as having busted my lip or having a cat scratch, it was that minimal. I'm on the 3rd day now and when I applied lipstick this morning, you can't even see where the blister was. Hope it works for everyone else who tries it. I will definitely repeat the process should I get another one any time soon.
Fever Blisters Suck Comments By: Sendjin on 2011-07-08
I have had fever blisters for most of my life. But they happen summer or fall or spring and winter. I went to the beach and got a very very bad one on my lip. I been using zilactin. It seems to be working but now it looks like some one hit me in my face. What can i put on it to help in heal up. O and btw all the comment are very helpful and the people who had smart stupid comments. So yea know people are all different so this is why these different ways off getting fever blisters to go away don't always work for one another. Cause were different!!! Some people are so stupid.
thanks peeps Comments By: anon on 2011-07-14
im not sure what will work. but i appreciate the compassion one person showed here. its nice to hear someone say they know how i feel. not that i would wish this on anyone. im just letting it run its course. i was using hand sanitizer on my hands and thought what the hell why not. i heard someone say this spreads it. i believe thats true. because just a few hours later some tiny blisters popped up where i dont believe they would have otherwise.
i dont know why i broke out. i just had really dry lips and started putting chapstick on them and a couple days later my lip started getting fat.

Liquid bandages are an Amazing accident that I found Comments By: Dave on 2011-07-14
Liquid Bandages. Put a dab of your favorite medicine on and cover it in liquid bandage. I like to let it dry and apply a total of three coats to it because it just looks like a chapped lip. Try to keep it on as long as possibled. Change once a day. This does not particularly speed up the process, but it hides it, and makes it pretty tough to accidentally spread. Plus it pretty much stops the growth in its tracks. If the blisters pop, they will burn a bit when you put the liquid bandage on, but not very badly.
I did this, and one week later no one had noticed it, and it was gone. I love it. Thank God for accidental discoveries.

Healthy lifestyle only prevention... Comments By: Anon on 2011-07-20
I have been getting coldsores/fever blisters for years (30+) ... Usually after a stressful time/ drinking too much caffeine/ lack of sleep/ eating chocolate/nuts/ drinking too much wine/ time of menstruation.

Having read many articles, it seems the best way is prevention as there is no cure. So plenty healthy eating, avoiding food or drink triggers, relaxation. I try to eat healthy and exercise but now and then I forget or experience one of life's stresses and pop... another coldsore or two or three or more.

Two large ones popped out on my nose this morning which is why I'm on here. The triggers this time were too much coffee, chocolate, stressful situ with my car, lack of sleep.

I tried l-lysine supplements years ago and they helped for a while. They became ineffective after a year or two though.

Tried ice before and it didn't work at all for me.

I don't feel the tingle anymore so can't get them early enough. Recently the only thing that keeps them at bay and stops spreading is applying zovirax with a QTip and applying bio-propolis with another QTip over that. Bio-propolis is a natural substance found in bee hives. I apply this combination every hour. At night I cover the sore with a small piece of tissue and micropore tape to stop me from spreading them in my sleep (had started to get them on my eyelid).

The other thing that stops them spreading during an outbreak is getting enough sleep, relaxing, eating healthy. (Got one before a date once and was so stressed about having one I broke out in two more!!)

I have heard a vitamin B complex supplement helps to prevent them (good for nervous system and stress) so this will be one of my new strategies.

In terms of treatments, what my experience seems to be is that one treatment helps for a while (year or two) but then it becomes less effective so I have to switch to another.

Thanks for all the tips. Good luck to everyone!

Cold Sore Comments By: Anon on 2011-07-20
If you have a cold sore, to make it better. put a tea thing in water. Then take it out and put it on your lip do not take off the wrapper!!!!
!!! USE ZILACTIN !!! Comments By: anon on 2011-07-21
Zilactin is a topical ointment that not only seals the fever blister by suffocating it - (no oxygen, virus goes into remission) - it forms a protective barrier over the blister and medicates it - although you need to be prepared for a little sting!...it works. You may have to re-apply several times a day, but it definitely helps!
DON'T SUFFER Comments By: Imogen on 2011-08-08
Hi everyone
I studied aromatherapy and would highly recommend pure TEA TREE ESSENTIAL OIL, pls note, do not use premix oils. Apply directly onto the fever blister with a earbud for fast relieve and to take the evil blisters away. Good luck

dont worry so much about them. Comments By: Hate them under my nose on 2011-10-20
I really believe they are a virus that just has to run there course.
I think ice when they first come on makes alot of sense and immediately put on Abreeva or any over the counter drug. I think the whole secret to getting them under control is having the medication on hand when the first symptoms appear.
I am always at work and by the time I get home, it is already to late to catch them. I have learned to carry the medicine with me at all times and I have pretty good luck getting them under control if I can catch it early. This last time, I woke up in the morning with two big blisters right under my nose. I think this is worst place to have them.
I guess use whatever works for you and there are alot of good ideas on here.
Thanks everybody!!!!!

Prevention better than cure? Comments By: Bevan on 2011-10-20
Okay so Iv read some of these posts, some of these really stupid posts about concoctions of toothpaste and salt and blah blah as if u try nuke the thing(which is quite harsh to the lip and swear its slows down the scab and healing)So I Sometimes get really bad fever blisters, and there's a couple things iv noticed that cause this(obviously its in your genes but still) 1. Poor diet. 2. Body's rundown, or just before u get really sick. 3. In summer when your lips get dry in the heat and u lick them-> Bad idea. Yeah u can use topical ointments but instead eat right, get enough vitamins and keep some lip ice on you. And if by some chance u get that tingle, don't use toothpaste and all that, buy some ointment put it on, wait 15min, wash it off. put on again and again and agin and again and even when u think "ah, its gonna be gone in no time"-carry on using that ointment, 9 times of ten it wont even develop into a blister. Hope it helps.
What causes/what works Comments By: Craig on 2011-10-26
1.Sun burn/wind burn
2.dried/chapped lips
3.as I'm getting sick/right after
4.something scratching my lip. For example the little plastic rings that are connected to the cap of the bottles of water or soda.
If any of these things occur, take precaution. Lysine works sometimes in preventing and I saw the tea-tree oil suggestion and that's not bad, it just makes it feel a little better and dries it out a bit. Problem is, once they get going it's almost impossible to contain, you just need to let it run its course. However, Valtrex is the one and only thing that will keep them away. Sometimes even when they pop up and I miss the intial stage Valtrex will subdue it and get rid of it quicker. They have generic Valtrex now. Ask your Dr., they're cheap.


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