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Potassium permanganate for athletes foot and toenail fungus

When I was in college I had a bad case of athletes foot. I was instructed by the school nurse to soak my feet in a solution of potassium permanganate. That was 40 years ago. I haven't had athletes foot since. I think the same treatment will work for toenail fungus. Your feet will turn brown for several weeks, but when all is cleared up, the fungus should be gone

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Potassium Permanganate KMnO4 - The Best Comments By: Dave Wilson on 2006-06-21
Potassium Permanganate is the best treatment for athletes foot that I've ever tried. I wish I could get some now but no one seems to sell it anymore.
Potassium Permanganate for athletes foot Comments By: Peter E on 2006-07-06
It's cheap and it's very effective and available on order at most chemists. In my case the Co-op.
It works great Comments By: anon on 2006-09-25
I had a bad case of athletic's feet, my chemistry teacher recommended potasium permanganate, and it worked great. I never had it since. It is been 20 years.
Where to buy it Comments By: Anon on 2007-05-03
Most places that sell water treatment equipment sell it. It's used in water filters to remove iron. Caution: it's usually sold as a very concentrated powder which will need to be dilluted in water.
Company that sells it to chamists Comments By: christopher hartley on 2007-06-24
thornton & ross - is a company that sells the stuff to chemists. . . http://www.thorntonross.com/products/all-p-t.html

But I don't know if they sell direct..

U. S. Army's choice for foot care Comments By: Stan Z . . . on 2007-10-25
In the military (Army) I developed a nasty case of athlete's foot. Our medic gave me some purple powder to dissolve in water and soak my feet. Athlete's foot was gone in 3 days.
It took 40 years to come back. Sure wish I can get some Potassium Permanganate again.

How do I use it? Comments By: Trek Gal on 2007-11-13
Can someone advise me how to bathe the feet in potassium permanganate? How much to use? How long to soak? I am going on a trek and it has been recommended to me to toughen up my blister-prone feet.
How to use Potassium Permanganate Comments By: Queenbee on 2008-02-25
Keep a separate bowl for your footbath and a separate towel, to prevent spread to your loved ones. Almost fill bowl with warm water add about 10 small crystals, allow to dissolve completely. Soak feet for a) 10 mins x2 daily or b)15 mins x1 daily. Do this for upto 14 days if necessary, as symptoms subside reduce to x2 weekly. (Remember fungal infections may appear to have gone but are still there, so don't stop treatment too soon) If you have sweaty feet you can also follow this regime as it has a drying effect.
Pot Permang for fungus. Comments By: JL on 2008-04-23
I keep a very small bottle half full of water with a layer of PP crystals on the bottom. This is then a saturate solution. I use a q-tip to take a drop of solution to swab on the spot of atheletes foot. PP is available from E-Bay.
The "Old-Timers" trick to toughen up soft spots on skin is to soak in the water from dill pickels. The alum soaks into the skin and forms a callus. It is an old baseball pitchers trick to toughen up fingers, and I know of a harp player who used it on her finger tips.

where to get it Comments By: connollyandphillips on 2008-05-19
Brilliant stuff, hyperdrug (pet drug store)sell it online at 1.42 per pot.as its also very good for fishponds , gets rid of fin rot
[email protected]
drop us a line with you requirements and well supply high quality fine crystals ideal for all ailments of feet and used by koi hobbyists,very easy to dilute in warm water as a soak or treatment dip.Used in all animal husbandry and very very effective.Drop us a line!!!


i have bought from this site and was happy with service and speed of delivery along with fine quality of product..good luck ..oh its usedby survivalist and survival schools for all sorts of solutions from treating foot infections and starting fires etc in the wilds

YOUR TIPS ARE REALLY GREAT AND USABLE Comments By: cheryl on 2009-01-16
After looking up foot/feet problems and sourcing remedies on the web,I found this site, Tipking...that actually worked and proved its worth.It put forward a solution and a location. Spot on ,I visted the site mentioned
http://www.potassium-permanganate-online.com/ and found it easy to use and product great on purchase, just my feedback to your site for the tips you give. Keep up the good work.My feet are fantastic with very little effort ./.again.

war time tips for potassium permananate Comments By: Babs on 2009-03-22
The reference to feet turning brown reminded me that during world war 2 we used this product to make our legs looked tanned, instead of stockings which were almosr unavailable
Potassium permanganate Comments By: Nigel on 2009-03-26
Would this be any good to use on a dogs feet that in prone to being skinned due to running that fast and stopping.
PP and garden worms. Comments By: Russ on 2009-05-05
If you're an angler who needs a good supply of garden worms for bait, mix PP with water in a watering can and sprinkle on lawn. It iritates the worms' skin and brings them to the surface quite quickly. Saves all that digging!
potassium permanganate Comments By: skinny on 2009-05-14
I think Pp is great stuff,,I know breeders who use it to 'seal' the wound when removing dew claws from puppies....I to have used it for my feet,,,lol,,,keep it away from sugar,,,
the amount to use in powder form Comments By: nic on 2009-05-20
hi i am going to try this on my feet
since having my large toe fused i now suffer with sweaty foot.
i have today got my potassium formanganate only it is in powder form so how much do i use,
i hope you can advise.

Its a great versatile chemical with many uses Comments By: PPonline staff on 2009-08-03
see our ad at the top of the page www.potassium-permanganate-online.com

Try us, others have. See our web site and info and links etc,well worth a visit if you require some PP.
Sorry UK only and Europe.

[email protected]

Ode to the purple stuff! Comments By: Jane on 2009-09-17
I was born with a birthmark on my toes that bleeds when it becomes abraded. I suffered throughout my active growing years, because my mom had to cauterize the birthmark with painful silver nitrate sticks to keep it from bleeding. It was torture. Then, in the late 70's a brilliant doctor suggested Potassium Permanganate, which slowly and painlessly makes this birthmark tough and resilient to the constant wear and tear of walking around. I've been soaking my foot in it for years. Thank goodness for the purple stuff!
combustion Comments By: des on 2009-09-20
To the people taking some on treks,

Remember PP reacts with any sugars. If PP and sugar is mixed and sealed in a paper bag, it will combust, we used to use it in the Army during jungle patrols to start signal fires. so be warned

potassium permanganate Comments By: s. foot on 2009-11-08
can be found in many chemists. I used it years ago for foot infection and had to go back to chemist to get more recently.
Where to find potassium permanganate in the US Comments By: moodymama on 2009-11-09
Lowe's Hardware store sells it in the US. Call before you go to see if your store has it in stock and if it does not, you can order it online or through the store. You can check other hardware stores as well. A large container costs about $33.00 at Lowes in Fall 2009.
How do I mix the powder Comments By: Tess on 2010-03-19
What's the method for turning the powder into a foot bath for Athlete's Foot? How much powder to how much water?
Toenail Fungus From Last 8 Months Comments By: Shabber Vasan on 2010-06-22
I Have Toenail Fungus From Last 8 Months.

Fungal skin Infection Between The Toes & The Fingers. Tried many Cream But No use.

Finally One of My Friend & Skin specalist Dr. Recommended Potassium permanganate. And Guaranteed It Will Clean Up In 15 Days. Its 3 Days & I M Feeling Better. Hope It clears Up In 15 Days.

Yes, KMNO4 is good for eradication of fungus on foot Comments By: Dr. A. Leow on 2010-06-26
Yes, potassium permanganate is effective in the eradication of fungus on foot.

Dr. A. Leow
University GT Popa of Medicine and Pharmacy at Iasi, Romania

Potassium Permanganate Where? Comments By: Anon on 2010-07-19
My local pharmacy has been able to order in for me for years, I use for ageing/dyeing. It comes in 1 pound jar for about 5.
Athletes foot Comments By: Ray bhagirathy on 2010-09-07
I have a really bad case of athletes foot have it for 13 years will potassium permanganate work for me .
Potassium Permanganate in Ireland Comments By: Liam on 2010-09-16
Id really like to give this stuff a go, but where can you get it in Ireland because the chemists say they don't sell it..
mags Comments By: mags on 2010-11-01
I went into Boots today and was offered what I can only describe as a designer make at 21.00 :-0 for a tiny jar. Went over the road to a local chemist Lloyd's where I was offeded own brand for 1.25. Happy days :-)....I am in Scotland
Caution! Comments By: rasilaverie on 2010-12-30
Never mix potassium permanganate (KMnO4) with any sort of alcohol or peroxide, and always keep away from heat!

I use permanganate in a lab setting and have never heard of this tip. I'm definitely going to give it a try!

A cure to feet infections Comments By: Frank.Hounder on 2011-01-19
PP can be purchased from designated drug stores and pharmacies. It is usually in fine, crystallized form, which has to be diluted in water. Just a tiny pinch of it to add into a basin of water. Confirm if it's pink(NOT DARK PURPLE) before soaking the feet in. Dries up weeping sores, kills the bacteria and gives immediate comfort. It acts as an oxidizing agent, therefore, of it's drying effect.
Codeys fluid Comments By: SUSAN MORRIS on 2011-01-26
Potassium Permanganate, known it all my life as codeys fluid. My dad had a small jar of the crystals used to put a small pinch of it in a bowl of water to clear up Athlete's foot, it always did the trick, For years i have suffered from a fungal infection of the ball of my feet and toe nails, had every cream and lotion you can think of, Mycil cream , powder, Hydrocortisone in every strength, trimovate, fusidin, e45, to name a few, then my G.P. GAVE ME POTASIUM PERMANGATE tablets one to be dissolved in water every night for a month, low and behold the solution worked and for the first time in 6yrs i am free from the discomfort and itch that goes with fungal infections, relief was brilliant and will be using it once or twice a week to stop a recurrence.
how to use it effectively Comments By: hubert on 2011-02-28
i am also suffering from fungal infection on the sole of my feet. i managed to get some potassium permanagante, but i do not have any idea how long do i soak my leg in it to be effective. And do i wash my feet after soaking in it? or do i leave it to dry with the potassium permanganate? kindly please advice thanks a lot.
potassium pomangonate is still for sale Comments By: adam on 2011-10-20
i have brought some of this potassium pomangonate today at tesco stores chemist for a small jar its only 1.28p hope this helps people finding this

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