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Ice cube and window cleaner to remove ring

Submitted by The Bazmyster

Allow an ice-cube to melt on both sides of the finger - this should take about 5 mins. Then spray some window cleaner on the finger and gently rub in. Remove the ring while turning it from left to right. Believe me, this works and is less sore than amputating.

Visitors comments

Ring Removal Comments By: Bob Lee on 2005-02-20
Did what was needed.
Use soap Comments By: Anon on 2006-07-07
I personally think....even better tip than this is to just use SOAP. Wash your hands with soap, making it much more easier to slip the ring out.
Hand Over Head - Hand In Ice - Windex - Voila! Comments By: Pleased101 on 2010-11-05
Thanks for the Hand Over Head for 10 Minutes - Drop into IceCold bowl of water for a couple minutes - Spray Windex around the ring and finger & VOILA! I thought there was no way this ring would come off my finger unless I cut it off... Don't Give up! I did it all within an episode of "Modern Family" 11/04/2010 - I'm pleased. Thanks again to all who urged this method!

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