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Brown Eyes Make up Tips

If you are looking for a new and exciting way to express your style, and you have brown eyes, we have the tips and ideas for you! In this article, I am going to tell you how to make your eyes stand out, and how to where your make up so your personal style will look great on you. 

When you are thinking about revamping your personal style, you should realize that there are different shades of brown. Some people have very light brown eyes while others have the deepest darkest shade of brown. With the lighter shades of brown you can use more shades of deep red but with the darker shades of brown eyes, you should stay with a paler light shade of red for coloring. 

How much eye shadow you need is also going to be determined by the shade of your eyes. If you have the lighter shades of brown you can use a darker shade of coloring on your eyelids with out appearing too pale. 

If you have the darkest shades of brown, almost black eyes, you will want to keep away from the darkest colors, and look for lighter paler shades so your skin does not appear too light. Darkest eyes and dark shades of eye shadow will make your appearance paler, sometime very white or ghost like. 

When applying color to the lids of your eyes, using various shades of color will make the color seem deeper and more vibrant. Using one shade of eye shadow on your eye is going to give you a shallow look. The more colors, such as three shades of blue or at least two shades of pink on your eyes is going to give your eye lids more depth and a better overall appearance. 

For those of us with very dark eyes, it is important to think about your eyebrows as well. If you dont have very full eyebrows, you will want to pencil in or color in your eyebrows a little darker. 

A fuller looking eyebrow is going to give your eyes a much bigger over all look. Although brown eyes can be full and large looking already, the eyebrow that is broken up or thin can make your eyes seem smaller than what they are in some lighting conditions. For your best appearance, find an eye brow pencil that is very similar to the color of your hair, or your eye brow, and fill in with a little coloring there. 

The type of eyebrow pencil that you want to purchase for the best and longest lasting color for your eye brow is one that is not too soft when you are using it on your skin. The softest touch, the softest colors are going to fade faster. The pencil or possibly pen that you are using to darken your eyebrows will last much longer. 

The shade of your eyes is going to determine how you apply make up and how you are going to change your overall appearance as well. If you have a smaller eye, that is very dark, you want to use paler shades, of various types without heavy eyeliner to make your eyes more rounder and bigger. 

For bigger eyes, that are any shape of brown, using eyeliner is going to focus on the shape of your eye. If you dont like the roundness of your eye, do not use the eyeliner on the entire outline of your eye, but only in the corners to make the shape of your eyes change a little, at least by appearance. 

Dark eyes with dark and bushy eyebrows should be brushed so they lay a little flatter. The flatter thinner, eyebrows are going to give your eyes more shape, and your brushed eyebrows are going to make the color of your eyes stand out more. If you have a hard time controlling your eyebrows, consider adding a little hairspray to your fingertip and running it over your brow, or you can use gel in the same manner. 

If you want to accent your brown eyes, add a little brown eyeliner to your bottom lid, this is going to dark your light brown eyes, or appear to darken the color! However, if you have a very dark brown eye that you want to lighten a little, try adding a golden honey color to your lid, this helps to lighten the color of your eyes a bit.

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