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Band-Aid. Here is a temporary Band-Aid

Submitted by Victoria V.

For a small bleeding wound, tear off a piece of clean newspaper and apply it to the wound. The newspaper will stop the bleeding. Leave it on for a few minutes. Moisten with water to remove the newspaper to prevent new bleeding, as the newspaper will stick to the wound.

Visitors comments

Ink would infect Comments By: Anon on 2006-01-12
Wouldn't the newspaper ink get into the wound and infect it?

TipKing says: I think that the sender of the tip is suggesting this an an emergency. The ink may well not be good but it could be better than leaving a wound open to the air

temporary bandaid Comments By: Lynne G. on 2006-09-27
The ink used in newspapers is soy-based so I've heard. It might irritate the wound but I don't think it would infect it. It might help to keep the wound clean and dry which is the secret to healing.

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