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Nail polish remover is horrible for nails.

Don't use regular nail polish remover on your nails. It dries and breaks them. Don't even let your manicurist use it.

There is a soak-and-rub-off nail polish remover at the drug store. I don't remember what the brand name is. It come in a pink nail polish type bottle. It is a little slower but it makes a huge difference to your nails. It is not drying.

However, I don't recommend nail polish remover at all because it makes nails dry and weak and causes them to break. I use it mainly on my toes.

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Nail Polish Remover Comments By: Anne on 2004-11-20
Nail Polish Remover does not damage the nails, providing you buy the non acetone remover.
It is the acetone that does the damage.

hmmm Comments By: becca on 2005-04-17
then why is it such a widely used product?

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