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Don't buy really expensive facial cleansers

Don't buy really expensive facial cleansers. These usually have horrible chemicals in it which to get rid of the dirt, burn it. A quick wash with soap and a rinse with water is all you really need.

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Facial cleansers are a GOOD thing Comments By: Jordana on 2005-04-08
If all you want is to get your face "clean," by all means use soap and water. You can do the same thing for your hair, as most health books recommend, and see where it gets you. Regular soap is pretty harsh for skin on your face, far more so than a good cleanser.

If you want clearer, nicer looking skin or anti-aging benefits, shelling out some extra dough for a good skin care program (not just a cleanser) is essential. Probably the stuff from Wal-Mart WILL burn your face. It sure as heck did nothing for me. Mary Kay skincare isn't cheap but it has gotten me even better results than Estee Lauder, which is probably the MOST expensive. My skin looks absolutely fabulous after 6 weeks of timewise for oily skin from mary kay... I highly recommend it!

sorta.. Comments By: bee on 2005-10-12
i kinda agree. however, regular soap isnt good for your face. it will leave a nasty waxy resedue, and you need something a bit more gentle for your face. mary kay has also worked great for me, but be sure your using the newer formulation (it's clear with micro beads. the old formulation was whitish yellow in colour). the older formula gave me a rash and made me break out, but the newer stuff was very nice. clean and clear gentle foaming clenser or neutragena (sp?) are less expensive alternatives.
not a dermatologist Comments By: steph on 2006-04-21
I saw on Oprah we all need to use a cleanser and moisturizer with alpha or beta hydroxy. My skin is oily and it looks great now.
What? Comments By: Jennifer on 2007-06-13
I don't know what the other commenters are talking about, if they have done any scientific research, but using soap on your face is BADDD!!!! The acidity will strip your skin and lose the vital water, and essential sebum that your skin needs to maintain a youthful appearance, no matter what your skin type (i.e. oily, dry, etc...)if you strip your skin now, you will see it later in life if you continue thru wrinkles, etc...
As an esthetician, and an obsession with my own skin, you should be using a product (exspensive is not better) that is a ph level of 4-5.5, the same as your skin. I hope this helps.


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