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Biting Nails. Stop Biting those Nails!

Your nails are a source of beauty on your hands, and it reflects your overall appearance. Your nails are also a source of dirt, bacteria, and germs along with everything else you have touch all day long! No matter how many times you wash your hands, there are trace remains under your nails. Biting your nails means you are putting these �things� into your mouth no matter if you realize it, taste it, or even see it. 

To stop biting your nails, or to make another person stop biting their nails can be difficult. Biting your nails becomes a habit that many people will do when they are nervous, bored, tired, upset, aggravated and for many other reasons that we don�t even know or realize. 

Making yourself stop biting those nails you have to make a conscience habit of what you are doing. You need to stop, breath and put your hands away from your face when you find yourself going to bite those nails. If you find you are already biting your nails, and you realize that you are already doing it, put them down and stop as quickly as possible. 

If you have a hard time getting those nails away from your mouth, paint your nails with nail polish. Every time you are going to bite your nails you will realize that you are going to chip your nail polish when you are biting your nails so you need to stop biting your nails. Another thing that you will find is that there is nail polish that tastes terrible. There is nail polish that tastes bad so when you put your nails in your mouth, you are going to taste that terrible taste, and you will take your nails out of your mouth, preventing you from biting them more. 

If you need to keep your mouth busy when you have a hard time, an aggravated or terrible feeling, that you are going to bite your nails, use a piece of gum to get your fix. Chewing on gum is going to prevent you from putting your fingers in your mouth, as your mouth is already busy. 

Another method of keeping your fingers out of your mouth is going to be using an emery board to file your nails every time you want to put them in your mouth. When you file your nails, you leave all types of dust on your nails that will taste terrible in case you get the urge to put your nails in your mouth. Using the emery board is going to help you occupy your fingers and your mind when you want to bite your nails most. 

Instead of putting your fingers in your mouth, reach for a lollipop when you want to occupy your mouth. There are many reasons why we find that we want to bite our nails, but a lollipop is going to help you put a stop to putting your nails in your mouth, as your mouth is already occupied and busy when you need it to be most. 

Cut your nails short, and keep them short. This leaves you little to chew on. The less you have available the less you will want to put your nails in your mouth to bite on them. 

Use fake nails. Fake nails are longer than your normal nails would be. You can�t bite or chew on fake nails just because they are so hard. Prevent your biting your nails by using fake nails that will keep you from wanting or enjoying biting your nails any longer. 

Keep a rubber band handy so when you find the urge to bite your nails you can play with your rubber band and occupy your hands. Occupying your hands with a rubber band, a rubber ball or something similar is going to help you stop biting your nails as often so you can cut back and stop biting your nails for good.

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