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Time off work. List of Excuses for time of work

Each and every one of us who has to work every day does have a point in our life when we need to �reach for more�. Reaching for more in your life is finding a little personal time, taking a little extra time so you can get your personal work done, or just to take a bubble bath. There are all types of jobs that people want to take time off from, you don�t have to walk out of the house to work there are all types of jobs � the bottom line is if you are working too much you need to take some time off for yourself once in a while and enjoy life. 

Do you need a good excuse to call off for the day? How about some of these!

  • I stubbed my toe and have to get a splinter removed from under my toenail. 
  • I rocked over the cat last night and have to take her to the vets. 
  • My mother in law is in the hospital. 
  • My car just won�t start. 
  • I locked myself out of the house last night, and didn�t get in until this morning. I am bushed. 
  • My computer is on the fritz and I have to fix it right away so the children can get their homework done. 
  • The washer over flowed and I am drying out the carpeting. 
  • The stove caught on fire last night so I am waiting for the repairman.
  • My hot water heater broke; I couldn�t get a shower and come to work. 
  • I am snowed in. 
  • Someone plastic wrapped my house last night and I am waiting for the police to arrive. 
  • I am not coming in today; I am having a really bad day. 

Perhaps you are already at work but need a really good reason to get out of work. Try one of these:

  • Call yourself on your cell phone, and have the secretary page you. Then you can say your child�s school or day care is on the line and you need to pick up your child right away. 
  • Start crying in the office, no one will question you. 
  • Have someone stop in your office, and you have to leave with them right away. 
  • Tell one of the other coworkers that you are sick in the early morning, then in the mid morning make like you are sicker and have to leave to get some rest. 
  • Make yourself throw up in the bathroom when others are in there, no one will question you then. 

If you are on your way to work, but just can�t seem to want to continue on there for the day: 

  • Call the office and tell them your car broke down. 
  • Call the office and tell them you are in the police station as you witnessed a shooting. 
  • Call the office and tell them you are at the doctors as you passed out in your lawn and your neighbors found you. 
  • Have your spouse call you off at work; you are at the hospital with a relative 
  • Have your spouse call the office and say you are in bed after being up sick all night long 
  • Be sure when you call the office you say you are sick, and talk in a muffled voice when doing it!

Why is taking a day for yourself important every few months?

Taking a day off for yourself, that you are just going to relax and do nothing all day is important so you can relax your mind. You will find that it is one of the best days when you take a day when you are supposed to be very busy, and then you do nothing instead. You will be refreshed and your mind is much more clearer. You realize how much more there is to life and you focus on enjoying life instead of just the hum drum of working each day.

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