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poor hunks vs Rich hunks

Submitted by tip QUEEN!

Now all my girls out there we know you all intrested in boys right now, so heres a little advise that my great grandma told my grandma, then my grandma told my MOM, then told me. That it is just as easy to fall in love with a rich man then a poor. I know they say dont marry people for money, but guess what hon, love don't pay the bills!

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I am so Lost! Comments By: Shannon on 2005-04-22
How about depending on yourself a little to get things you want?

If you marry for money, when the well dries up and the man don't want you no more, you will not know how to take care of yourself, and you will wind up homeless behind some drug store building pushing a shopping cart while wearing men's shoes and talking to yourself.

It is nice however to have some one who is stable, so all the weight does not fall on you, so you can handle your own business, but to marry soemone for money, and become "Their ball and chain" that is just ridiculous.

We are not all cut out to be Donna Reed's, some of us have plans of our own, and want to get "big" on our own.
And call our own shots.

well guess what... hooon Comments By: Married for Love on 2006-05-08
I've been married to my husband for 6 years and known him for 11. We were unemployed and on food stamps for a year. People like you would've never given him the time a day and, thank God, because now my hunk is all mine and now he's filthy, stinkin rich!!!!

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