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Tips 4 sexy flat abs,small waist

Submitted by honey

How do you get flat sexy abs and cute small waist? I'll show you how it's easy! Here are great tips:

*Sexy flat abs*
Everyday for 2 whole weeks do 30 sit ups a day! Put your feet under a couch and put your hands on your chest! It will work! I promise you!

*Stand up straight and do this great exercise!
Put your hands up and touch your knee cap. Do this 20 times a day! it will work!!

***tips how to get a sexy small waist***

In front of a mirror put your hands on your waist and swing side to side! Do this 20 times!

If my tips don't work for you please comment me and i will try to come up with lots of better tips but if you follow directions I'm positive this will work for you! have fun and eat right!***


Visitors comments

sexy abs Comments By: San on 2005-04-01
just wondering how much did you lose in either weight or inches in those two weeks
You forgot to mention that... Comments By: MiK on 2005-05-05
Those tips are not for all people...

only the ones who have no body fat...

sexy abs Comments By: anon on 2006-01-15
this tip is great. thanks a bunch, it works perfectly.
question Comments By: melissa on 2006-02-27
hwo much weight will u lose in a week

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