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Beautiful glowing facial skin

Submitted by Emma L P

Buy an ordinary but fairly good quality facial soap (T-zone, Clean and Clear, Witch....) then buy a body scrub and mix a little of both in your hand.

Use this to wash your face normally (it may hurt because of the scrub bits but will be worth it!) then rince face with cold water and marvel at how soft and glowing you are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Visitors comments

Yep. Comments By: RoadRunningVixen on 2005-09-05
I do this all the time. been doing it for months. Make sure the scrub has exfoiliating beads in it. It feels sooo good and you look fresh every day.
soft skin Comments By: davina on 2006-06-19
i do this and its reli good wen u hav spots it lets the pores breath and make sure u thouroughly rinse so they can , when u have spots do not cover with make up this will only block pores and wont let the skin breath allowing more spots to appear.
And what better and cheaper exfoliant than baking soda Comments By: Leslie on 2008-07-16
I add a pinch of baking soda to my cleanser and it works great.
bad for your skin Comments By: Dermo_girl on 2010-11-02
Wow this is soooo bad for you skin. Never use soap on your face, use a soap free face cleanser. Never use a body scrub on your face, it is way too harsh and will cause your skin to produce more oil. A face scrub should never hurt or scratch your skin


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