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Reasons Why Managers Fail

Are you in charge or are you just allowing things to happen? Managers make or break their place in the workplace, but if you have been in a managing position for some time now you might want to read this article to learn more about yourself, what you have been doing and to get insight into what others think about how you are really doing your job and if you are failing at your managing job. 

Despite all of your training and what you feel might have been working for you and your position in the last few years, now and in the future you will have to make changes to what you do and how you do it with those working for you so you can get an edge on success. There are a number of manager and production managers that are not very significant in their jobs 

If you are in a management position, you will soon learn that you must do things that are contradictory sometimes playing favorites without showing that you are playing favorites. Offering benefits to one who is doing a great job, while offering excuses to another why they are not getting the same benefits at this time and it can all be difficult to manage. 

What is important is that you develop a style that you are comfortable with. If you want to be hard nosed but in reality you are not a hard-nosed person, this can be a difficult position to keep up with over the long term. Develop yourself before you try to work on and develop practices within the workplace. 

Remember and continue to think about the many choices that there are for any one situation. While you may feel there is only one position to take for a situation this does not mean it is going to be the right one or that there is no other way. Take a deep breath, think for a minute and then continue with the decision making process for the best possible answer to come to you. 

As a manager, act as if you are obsessed with details and facts of any given situation. If you need time to make a decision or for delegating problems, ask questions which will show you want to know the details and that you need to know the details so it will help you make a decision. Follow this same strategy for all projects that you are interested in and for those that you are tackling, this will keep your need to know all the details high and your people will make it a habit of reporting to you more often. 

Managers often fail because they don�t act as if they need to know from the get go, it can be difficult to change later on in your career, but still can be done. 

Give your full energy to each day. Managers and top producers often fail when they show others that they are not going to give their full time to their job or career. If managers are not giving their full energy to the workplace, employees are going to feel the same way and act the same way, leading to lesser production and more moral problems. 

Learn to specialize. When managers are specialized in an area it shows you have a great interest or specialty in one area. Create the atmosphere that allows employees to become specialized in something that they do. Effectively giving employees each a specialty to learn as effectively as you know your own, will mean higher production and someone to answer questions when problems arise. For example, specialty in music industry, specialty in customer service, a specialty in returns or a specialty in handling insurance problems. 

Effective managers promote sharing between employees. Yes this is a contradiction in regards to having employees be specialized, but at the same time, sharing of the most important information gives all the employees opportunity to realize what is going on in the business, what changes could be taking place in the business, and what others are working on for the good of the business. 

Effective managers allow employees to work separately but still as a part of a team working towards one goal. Making the business a team effort is an ongoing process as people change, employee�s change and the business itself is constantly changing. Work to keep up or you as a manager can be left behind as an ineffective manager.

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