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Motivational Strategies. Tips to help motivate

Finding yourself in charge of other people can sometimes be difficult if you don�t know how to manage these people. You could find yourself in this situation when you are in charge at work, when you have a school project that you want to succeed or even a church project that you are working on. Motivating people is difficult but in this article I want to give you more ideas about how to motivate others and get the results that you need most. 

If you are counting on others to make your project a success managing others is important. Every person really is different so you will need to use several different ideas all at one time to make your strategies of motivating people really work for you. What I mean is that what may motivate one person is not going to motivate another person exactly the same way. Use these tips and ideas and change them to meet your own particular needs. 

Try to understand why a person is interested in working on your project. Do they have to? Where they told they have no choice? Are they a true believer in what you are working on? Learn more about who you are working with and what everyone is there working towards to help better understand what is going on and how you can motivate others more. 

If you don�t succeed in talking with or motivating a person using one method, move on and try something else. Sometimes if a person is only working with you or for you because they have to it can be difficult to get them going. Sometimes you have no choice but to let this person just put in their time and get on with your project hoping for the best. These are the type of people that you have to push along in order to keep your project on schedule. 

When always using the same types of motivational strategies on the same people you won�t have a great amount of success. Always working with the same people on projects of what matter to you most will require that you change what you do and how you work with others. Change what you have to offer to those who are working with you. Such as, allowing others to have some amount of responsibility, change the responsibly that you give to each of them so they continue to feel good about what they are doing. 

Learn to praise people more often. Say thank you, your welcome, say �you did a good job� aloud so everyone can hear it. Send a thank you note, give a present or give a gift card for the job well done. 

Let those who are working on the same project to set deadlines. Make them feel as if they are making the decision about how the job gets done and when it has to be done so that they feel as if they are in charge of what they are doing and how they are doing it. 

Help those who are working along with you on a project to express their ideas, goals and thoughts. When everyone feels as if they are contributing and they are just not working on something they feel as if they are more needed and more important. This is important to many people. 

Listen. And then listen some more. Sometimes all people want is to be heard. This can be very motivational as you become a soundboard for those who are working towards one goal as a team. 

Help others to work through problems that arise while working on the same project. Try to keep it on the professional level or what ever level you are working on, but helping others when a project arises shows that you are a leader that is able to work together in a group. 

Express and clarify what you want. When people realize what they are exactly working towards they are more motivated to get the job done now and done right. 

Give those who are working with you lunch, a snack or some other type of goodies when you are working late or when you are working on a project at an odd time. 

Set up babysitters or a time for exercise so that those you are working with get a little time for stress relief.

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