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Shopping and Returns. Tips for returning bought items

Shopping is a part of life, we can�t possible make and grow everything in life that we want unless we only worked for ourselves. In your busy day you shop for fruits, vegetables, clothes, lumber, milk, bread, fixtures for the house, furniture, cars, gas, and most likely something to drink. Think about things that you buy, what you get in your day that you buy with money�� and sometimes there are things that you aren�t happy with when you purchase them. For one reason or another there can be something wrong with your purchase, something could be defective, or it is the wrong size, or just doesn�t fit right, so you must return the item and get your money back or at least get another item that you can use. 

I am the type of person who just hates having to return anything, unless it does cost a lot of money. But I have found that when I have bought something, even if it only cost a dollar, and I really am not going to use it, it is only in my best interest to return the item. I hate to have junk in the house, stuff I am not using, and returning items that don�t fit, that are the wrong color or that are defective, I found that in return, I am not only saving on space, but I am saving money. So, with that, I want to tell you more about how to return items to stores for your best interest. 

First thing first, no matter what you are buying or why you are buying it keep receipts, warranties, guaranties and a log of major purchases with when you bought these items. What many companies are counting on is that you are not going to save your guarantee information and when your television doesn�t work after two months, you can�t return it. Or when you purchase a set of tires, and you get a flat for no reason after five thousand miles and you don�t have the receipt or proof of purchase, how are you going to be able to get a new tire? Saving your receipts and your warranties in a file cabinet or a file system is going to help you when you need it most. 

When you have receipts for something you have purchased, it is much easier to get a return with it. When you don�t have a receipt, some stores will not honor your return, and many will state this in their customer service areas. 

Keep your facts straight. Knowing when you bought an item, for sure, and why you are returning an item is going to make the person�s job easier when you are returning an item. Every company has a policy when accepting returns, and if you don�t follow their policies, they don�t have to give you money back or another item in return. If you have worn the jeans and washed them, tell the cashier, but then explain why you are returning them, they don�t look the same after washed, or the color faded or etc etc. 

If you find you have to return an item and a cashier is unwilling to help you and you know that your receipt is good within their time frame for returns, and you really paid a lot for this item, ask for a manager. Don�t give up if you are dealing with a cashier, sometimes they just don�t have the authority to take care of your needs properly as a manager could. 

When you are returning an item, always keep an open mind to store policies, sometimes their policy is to offer you a product of similar value or the exact same product if they have it in stock. Money is not always an option either, often times, stores are turning to giving gift checks or store cards so you can use your money to purchase something else in their store with the money from your return. This is a way that stores protect their selves from thieves, who return items after stealing them from the store. So, while you may have purchased something with your money and don�t want it, you may not always find yourself getting a handful of change, but something in the line of a product instead. It is worth your time to take back items that are defective, but always explain what is defective so the store can fix it before reselling it or sending it back to the manufacturer for the best solution.

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good Comments By: Samatha on 2005-04-09
This articles gives me the encouragement to return stuff instead of throwing in my closet....

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