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Children and Temper Tantrums

Children have their own special way of expressing their opinions, thoughts, feelings, ideas, and their moods. Often a child will throw a little temper tantrum in a manner that is going to get your attention when you are out in public, and this is a little method that is used to get you to cave in as the adult, so they can have what they wanted, and they can make you feel that you have no choice but to give in. 

Where to children learn about temper tantrums?
A child is not really going to learn about a temper tantrum from anyone else, it is somewhat of a natural thing, a natural instinct that we are all born with, but one that must be harnessed or changed so that the child does not continue to act in this manner as they grow older and bigger. If you think about it, you most likely know some adults that continue to throw temper tantrums, and often they are not the type of person that is well liked, that is why controlling temper tantrums as a child grows is important overall. 

When are temper tantrums most often going to happen?
Realizing when and why tantrums are most often going to happen will help you avoid them, and control them. Temper tantrums are most often going to happen when a child is tired or when a child wants something that normally they do not get or are not allowed to do. Temper tantrums are going to happen when a child, or sometimes an adult, is trying to show how much of an individual they are, and how independent they can be or at least want to be. 

Dealing with Tantrums
If you find that you are faced with a tantrum at the most un wanted time, there are a few things that can do to help the situation. 

When your child starts with the wining or a tantrum, just walk away and pretend that it is not happening. Sometimes you cant just do this, like when you are out in a shopping center, but if you are in a place that this a appropriate, this will show the child that it doesnt matter if they are laying on the floor crying for what they want, you dont have to give in and their tantrum is not going to give them the results that they want. 

If your child is starting to throw a tantrum, crying or yelling at you in the middle of a store try not to rush to their attention. Just holding their hand and continue to walk along, let them have their fit but not giving them the attention they think it is going to give them even if you are embarrassed is going to be better in the long run. Giving the child all the attention they want and talking them out of their tantrum may make you feel less embarrassed but in the end you are not doing yourself any favors. 

When your child is throwing a tantrum, dont offer excuses or accept the blame when strangers or people notice what is going on. Just about every adult is going to know what the child is really doing, throwing a tantrum until you give in, and they will not say a word no matter how you handle the situation. 

Often times when you are in the car, in the house, at someones house or just on the go, your child is throwing a tantrum because they are tired and they dont want to behave anymore. Allow your child to go to sleep. Lay them down to watch tv or put them in a chair where sleep will take over and they can get the rest they need. The tantrum is the last bit of energy that they really have so they will fall asleep rather quickly and the problem will pass.

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