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All about Making Conversation

Talking with other people is something that we all need to do, on the phone, in person, on the computer and just about in everything we do and where we go. Learning about how to make conversation and how a conversation can be over with is important for those who come into contract with more people every day. Learning to express yourself in a good manner and with good clear voice (even on the computer) can be very important for success and for making friends. To learn more about how to converse with others and how to express yourself I have listed a few tips and ideas on expressing yourself here. 

To make conversation with someone that you donít know, make casual eye contact. Staring someone in the face or in the eyes is going to make someone uncomfortable and make them want to stop talking to you. Casually taking your time in talking and looking around while you are talking with them is going to make another person feel more at ease in talking with someone new.¬†

Allow the other person lots of time to respond to questions. One of the easiest ways to start a conversation is to ask a question, and talk about the others person or their interests. If you want to start a conversation, ask a question and allow the other person lots of time to answer you. Most people are often more comfortable talking about their selves before talking about any topic in particular. 

When you are talking with someone that you really donít know you will have better success in starting and keeping a conversation going when you talk about feelings or thoughts instead of facts or points that can be argued about. Even if you donít like what the other person has thoughts about or what they think, listening you will learn more about the other person and you will occupy your time when you are talking with others.¬†

Allow the other person to start talking about anything that might some to their mind. Allowing another person to start about something that they really want to say aloud will in turn allow you to offer your opinions or advice about something in exchange. Keeping a conversation going is just as difficult as it is to start one if you are not on your toes and answering someone when they ask you a question. 

Donít be too quick to offer too much personal information. Sometimes telling others about your twelve children, or your rough time at work today is a turn off as someone else could feel as if you are being whiny instead of just making conversation. If you are talking about your bad children or your childrenís best grades, and another person doesnít have this in their life, they could be uninterested in talking with you about this subject. Talk about something in the room, talk about something that you both would have passed to get to where you are to get someone talking without approaching subjects that are too touchy.¬†

What are some of the things that you could do to stop a conversation? 
If you are having a hard time stopping a conversation, you can just say excuse me, but I really have to go. Or you can say, oh hold on a minute, walk away and not come back.

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Making Conversation The EASY WAY ! Comments By: Matt Young on 2005-03-21
People just LOVE talikng about themselves, so ask them all about them ! At the end of the conversation, you've asked them all about THEM, and they'll walk away thinking to themselves (jeeez, that persons a good conversationalist) !

Not o0nly do THEY feel good, but you'll be making a new friend as they think you're interesed in THEM ! Now, TURN THE TABLES, next time you see that person, tell them all about yourself, watch and see HOW QUICKLY IT TAKES for them to want to GET AWAY FROM YOU...aren't we a selfish animal !!!

It's OK asking people about themself, but when we start telling them about us they DONT WANT TO KNOW.

LESSON: DONT BRAG - EVEN WHEN ASKED ABOUT YOURSELF, DONT OVER DO YOUR REPLY...keeps them guessing a bit, and leads them to ask you another question.


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