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Keep rabbits from eating your flowers and vegetables

Submitted by Avery

Keep rabbits away from vegetable gardens and flower decorations by planting marigolds around them. They look good but keep rabbits from nibbling everything (plus you don't have to get your hands full of rabbit blood-ugh!)

Visitors comments

Marigold's., are you kidding? Comments By: Frustrated in Michigan on 2005-06-05
The wild rabbits in my neighborhood are dining on my marigold's!!
ridding your vegatable garden of rabbits Comments By: P. Davies on 2005-06-07
The only way is to use body hold traps. This works or a home made rabbit "gum". All else is a waste of your time and money.
You're right, forget those flowers! Comments By: Lorry on 2005-06-10
Blood meal (dried blood) has NEVER failed me! Buy it at your local gardening store.
Blood meal as good as the weather Comments By: Anon on 2005-12-05
Blood meal works great unless it rains. You have to get out there before the bunnies to put another helping down or your flowers are gone.

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