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Never trust anyone period! (not just men)

Submitted by shannon

Not just men, but women too! Never get your hopes up, and never fully trust anyone, because the moment you do, they will let you down.

This can also include your girlfriends, given the opportunity, they will mess around with your boyfriend (yes,this is true) women are just as bad as men.

I cannot believe how naive some people are,

The same applies to your family, just because you are their blood doesn't mean those shady tendencies won't come out at some point, I am not saying all people are bad, because there are SOME who are not, but the majority in itself, is out to get whatever they want, by whatever means possible.

Dog eat dog... world, I have learned at a very young age to expect the worse from people, that way I am not surprised by the outcome. do not keep your head in the clouds and you won't get hurt.

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True, true, true Comments By: TipKing on 2005-04-23
Never trust anyone... AGREED!

Trust is earnt and is always up for re-evaluation!

oh please Comments By: danielle on 2005-04-27
i have many friends i can trust and they have never let me down..i consider myself ucky..you seem kind of self-ish..dont loose hope
Not just men????? Comments By: Mark Leeper on 2005-04-28
I tend to find that people who are untrustworthy run pretty much 50-50 by gender. In my experience men who have been wronged by women tend to just move on. Women tend to broadcast it.

When a man complains about women he is considered a sexist. When a woman complains about men it is perfectly acceptable. I see a lot of bumper stickers insulting men, I remember ever seeing only one insulting women.

I am curious how people would have reacted to your posting if you had said "not just blacks" or "not just Jews."

Trust is not about other people, it's about you. Comments By: Renee on 2005-04-28
Accept responsibility for your life.
Trust is a personal trait we have within. We can't know if someone is trustworthy. Based on experience (trust earned) we feel more secure in taking that risk of trusting. Keep in mind that people will live UP or DOWN to expectations. If little is expect of someone, you're right, you probably won't be disappointed. I prefer to expect the most from people and encourage them to do the best they can.
When trust is breached, we are left with gaping wounds, and often a person lashes out at others to protect themself from others getting too close. But if we don't allow ourselves to heal and trust again... well that's a very sad and bitter life to live.
Sidenote: Trustworthyness and trusting is not gender specific. Let's be human about this.


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