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The Guide To Chores

Does it seem almost impossible to get your children to do chores? Does it seem like pulling teeth would be easier than asking your child to do even the littlest task? It is very important for you to have your child or children take on some responsibilities around the house. Chores give children a sense of accountability that will be carried on, not only later in life but also in the everyday activities such as school and sports, which are part of their life today. 

Do you seem to need a little help in getting started? I have a few ideas and tips to get your children helping in no time at all.

First off practice what you are preaching! If you’re wanting your children to pick up after themselves then set the example and pick up after yourself. A double standard will never work so be sure that if you want coats hung up and shoes put away then set the lead and make sure that your coat and shoes are stuck in the proper place. 

Start off early! If your little guy is old enough to play with the toys than he is most likely old enough to put them away. For instance your 1 ˝ year old is playing with some blocks and seems to be done, encourage him to place the blocks back in the container upon which they came from. Try to make clean up time fun, younger children like to sing songs or make it into a game while cleaning up. 

Have a clearly marked chore chart so there is no fighting over who does what. Assign chores that are appropriate for the age of your child, you wouldn’t want a eight year old child outside cutting the grass with a lawn mower. Gradually give more responsibilities as your child ages. Be specific about what you want done. For instance, saying “clean up the living room” is too unclear as to what you would like done, instead say pick up the toys and put them away, then dust the furniture and vacuum the floors and furniture. This will tell them specifically what you expect them to do. Keep the chore chart in a well-viewed area. When a child is too small to read use pictures on his or her chore chart. 

Having your child help in making their bed, doing the dishes, picking up the toys, dusting and vacuuming will give them the helpful skills that they will need later on in life. 

Have a regular scheduled chore and reward your children with a simple snack or a hug and kiss. To encourage your child to do chores without being ask then try this and watch what happens! Take a simple jar and marbles, call this the overtime jar. Have your child place a marble into his overtime jar when he has completed a task that was not on his chore chart or was not asked to complete. When the child has 5 marbles he may trade them in for a quarter or dollar, you may also become creative with the offering a movie rental with every 10, or so. This will encourage added chores with out having to beg and plead for your child’s help.

Make your child accountable for his actions. For instance, if your child has had ample time to pick up his toys and has not done so take the unpicked toys away and have your child earn them back.

I know that you want only what’s best for you children, so why not encourage the responsibility and dependability that your child needs to carry on in life. It is not always necessary to compensate children for doing regular weekly chores it is their responsibility anyways, on the other hand, praise your child when he has completed his chore. Having your children do their share of the responsibilities will open up some free time for you to play with.

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