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Want colored eyeliner but don't want to buy any?

Submitted by Mary K

Want colored eyeliner but don't want to buy any??? I've got a tip: First, wet an eyeliner brush. Then using an eyeliner brush, drag it through any color of eye shadow. Apply to eye-line. The eye shadow may seem to clump up on the brush at first, but it'll smooth out as you put it on. it especially looks good in layers. but again, it is up to you.

*If you don't have an eyeliner brush, use a small paintbrush, it works just as well, only it has a longer handle*

Pinks look especially good for the afternoon or a night out.


Visitors comments

Not a good idea Comments By: Anon on 2006-01-29
I really don't think this is a good idea, the colour wouldn't last and it would would be easier to buy an eyeliner, they are extremley you know!
Actually it works VERY well and lasts forever Comments By: Tkb3abby on 2006-06-02
I've been doing this for years. I use a very dark brown Covergirl "single" eyeshadow. It lasts all day (and night, if you forget to wash it off) and one eyeshadow will last for a year or more. One additional tip...be sure you sanitize your brush so you don't contaminate the eyeshadow.
nope Comments By: Ever on 2009-06-06
that dosent work at all it's just like putting on wet eyeshadow dont do it i beg i beg
ehh? Comments By: kayla on 2010-07-30
this will only work with really good eyeshadow. with cheapy eyeshadows it doesnt show up very well, the clumps wont smooth out, what does show up of it wears off easily and quickly, and the clumps get in your eyes!

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