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Stuck ring on finger

Submitted by Kathy

If you have a Stuck ring on your finger, try mayonaise, works every time.

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Fantastic! I could kiss you! xx Comments By: Georgefan2006 on 2008-10-22
My russian wedding ring was stuck after my fingers swelled up. After trying soap, washing up liquid, butter, ice and oil, I was thinking I would never get if off. I tried the mayonnaise and IT WORKED!! Thank you so much! xx
Relief - wonderful: it really does work Comments By: Bev Raw on 2010-06-26
I was really beginning to panic, which just makes matters worse and saw this tip. I had no mayo so tried Heinz salad cream. It shifted more than it had up til then and then BINGO! slid off. Fantastic - panic over. Many, many thanks.

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